IMBISS , Bandra - A Meat Lovers Paradise

Imbiss, Bandra
Imbiss, Bandra  Food review

Was  looking out  for a place to hang out for and to devour on some good quality  meat as I was in Bandra to meet my friends . After reading the reviews on Zomato, I decided to visit this place as I  was nearby. It is a small joint but very good on taste and quality . It has a dark Ambience  with decent seating arrangements . I think weekends must be crowdy. It is a best place for non -vegetarians.

Food Review
Imbiss is surely the  first place in Mumbai where I  think you can enjoy different types of meat dishes.  The ham is to die for and so are the Pork ribs and the chicken items . The meat is fresh and good. If you’re a meat lover like me you will love this place.

Imbiss has become my  favourite place due to the  superb food quality. Besides, food presentation is fabulous. They serve Delectable food., I especially loved the  pork ribs. But all the meat items are finger licking and yummy .

Getting a table is a little difficult since it’s always crowded but trust me it’s worth the wait. the joy of going to Imbiss and enjoying your meal till the last bite is definitely worth it.

I did not like the ham n cheese sandwich , which my friend had ordered. It was quite average.The spices  are perfectly blended . The meat is well cooked and of high quality.I personally feel it is better to avoid having a drink over here . Because the drinks are  expensive. Besides , it is a meat lovers hub.

The price point is quite reasonable for the meat dishes.  However, it is not recommended for Vegetarians .

Ambiance review
I would recommend seating outdoors as the interiors could get a bit noisy due to the loud music. It has a nice and cozy atmosphere. The service needs improvement, though.

I  had a wonderful time with my friends , it is a must visit . Definitely recommend it . I will give it  4.0 stars out of 5.


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