Nikita Gharat OOTD
As the monsoon fast approaches, finding something stylish to 
wear can get really difficult.

Hey Fashionista!

A quick hello from Alibaug, Maharashtra, and wishing you a great weekend ahead!

I love fashion. When I was ten, all I craved was a fashion magazine. Going  through the 
glossy images and reading about fashion and style was the only thing on my mind.  
Sometimes, also to escape from the mundane chores of the real world. Stylish outfits against fantastic  
backgrounds… it always inspired me to dream about that day where the world around me would 
be vibrant,optimistic and stylish.  

Style  to me is above clothes, it’s about imbibing confidence and optimism in the atmosphere around 
me. This playsuit is perfect for hot/humid weather destinations. I especially love the neckline .  It’s 
super comfortable and light that’s what makes it a perfect outfit in hot humid weather.

Nikita Gharat  in a Playsuit

Playsuit is quite popular in summerand rainy season.The onslaught of MONSOON probably gave me 
a little inspiration, and the hot temps have me wishing for outfits with some breathing space.

So, when I decided to go for a movie outing my OOTD was a playsuit paired with a beautiful Pink Hat.
The weather may not agree, but the calendar says it’s Monsoon  which means the shop shelves are 
loading up on dresses suitable for the rains. Celebrate the start of rains with something lightweight and 

Rain’s must-have piece? The comfy playsuit , of course. And this  style isn’t just for the young girls. 
They come in different shapes and sizes. Youthful and stylish outfit will make any one look good 
and fashionable.
Nikita Gharat  in a Playsuit  and a HAT

A beautiful hat  is like the cherry on top of any dress.Not only does it  protect your hair from sun damage,
but they look good as well! Pro-tip, go for the ones available in plastic , to avoid getting your head from 
getting wet this monsoon .

Thank you so much for reading :)




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