Persian Darbar , Bandra - Food and Ambiance review

Biryani, Persian Darbar, Bandra
After a whole day shopping at Linking road,Bandra. I and my sister needed to devour on some tasty Indian food. Persian Darbar is a definite place to visit  if you are looking out for Indian or Mughlai cuisine.It is famous for serving Irani and mughlai cuisine. We placed the order for Biryani. Just like the name Persian Darbar  offers the best non -veg food which is not so heavy on your wallet as well. It is a multi cuisine restaurant.

Food Review
Persian Darbar  is famous for its Biryanis. Their  biryani has always be on my wishlist and I must say the one over here did satisfy my tummy.I always want my meat to be well -cooked, which is one thing I found here. The staff makes sure that the  meat is cooked to perfection The biryani is one of the best that I've eaten in Mumbai. The chicken is moist and moderately spiced. It definitely offers authentic Mughlai food . However, do leave some place for delicious desserts in your tummy. The must have is the caramel custard. It is fresh and delectable. Persian Darbar has a very large menu.Not only this, the restaurant has a variety of options for Vegetarians as well.

Ambiance Review
I loved the interiors, it makes you feel as if you are in Persia. The  walls are painted with picturesque murals and the colour themes are superb. They also have beautiful arches as well as nice patterns on the tiles to give the restaurant a royal look.

Persian Darbar is one of the oldest  restaurants . It has a variety of seating arrangements.The staff helps you with whatever suits  your interest. Parking is available, so you don’t have to worry about your car getting towed. However, avoid going to this restaurant on Sundays. It has a long wait time. The restaurant has an AC as well as NON -AC section. The lightings are dim in the AC section and it also boasts of a TV. The Service  is average, it needs improvement on that front.


It is a must visit restaurant for authentic Mughlai cuisine. I give it 4.5 stars out of 5.



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