Top Catwalk Hair Trends: Know The Latest!

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Top Catwalk Hair Trends

Fashion is all about the season’s best hair and the beauty trends. The top catwalk hair trends  of the models on the ramp creates a pleasing impression among the women around the world. The stunning looks of the catwalk hair styles leaves you spellbound and defines creativity in an innovative way each season. Here’s a list of those amazing hair trends that change from season to season each year.
Top Catwalk Hair Trends:
  • Flowers in Hair: You can’t miss this trend, as it is included in a lot of hair styles for a bright look in almost all fashion events. The Valentino look of oversized halo braids worn with fresh cut meadow flowers woven into it was one of the favorite hairstyles from couture fashion week SS15. 2014 hairstyle trend from Berlin included blooming and colorful flowers hairstyles as well as hair accessories.
  • Perfect Curls: Curls add volume to the hair and they are an unforgettable ones among the top catwalk hair trends in every season. Models get the perfect curls, by  parting the hair at the center and apply volumizing mousse.  For getting as much volume as possible, their hair is blow dried with a medium round brush. Then the hair is curled in sections and hair spray is applied after it cools down.
  • Sleek Look: This smooth hairstyle is about to experience a comeback this season. The sleek hair gives a neat and glossy look and if a plait is added, it beautifies the look further. Hairdressers style this look without much difficulty. They part the model’s hair and then from the slimmer side of parting, plait back till the end and secure it with a clip on the other side.
  • Plaits and Braids: Simple yet very beautiful. Braids and Plaits have secured themselves in the race of top catwalk hair trends for all seasons. For an in-trend look, hairdressers use a generous amount of Moroccan oil for a wet look finish. Starting from French braids,  tousled braids to cornrows, they add a little extra edge to the hot couture look. The dual texture look is attained by parting the hair in sections and plaiting  the bottom layer. The top layer is left in an undone form and finished with a little bit of hair spray.
  • Low Ponytails: Pony tails never go out of fashion. But the ramp models always  sport some creative recreation of this hair trend. Hairdressers create this hair style by  wonderfully whipping and enriching wet hair with vitamin E through the mid lengths to the end. Model’s hair is then blow dried and brushed away from the scalp. By applying the whip they add moisture to the hair to get a matte, soft, smooth finish. Later securing the hair in place using a colored hair grip and brushing the ends of the hair to get the desired look.
  • Boundless Fringes:  Fringe has made an amazing comeback on the ramp. The illusion of sweeping bangs created just by a deep side partitioning  and slightly teasing the hair up in the crown area is sported frequently on the ramp.


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