Ganga Vihar - One of the Best Places for South Indian Cuisine in Matunga West

Hey Foodilicious people,

I usually visit Matunga west as my grand ma stays there,

besides I have a lot of friends over there. Ganga Vihar is located near Matunga west railway station. It is a family restaurant. It is strictly a vegetarian restaurant.  I had gone to the restaurant with my friends. 

Anbiance review 

The restaurant has AC and Non AC sections. Both the sections have nice comfortable seating arrangements. I preferred the Non AC section because the pricing is better in the non AC section . Obviously, because they do not include the AC charges. The service is fast and the staff is friendly. 

Food Review

We had ordered Idli sambar and chutney , Medu vada and Idli Vada . I was very satisfied with the service. The quality of the food was high. The taste was very nice.

Idli Sambar and chutney: The Idli was soft in texture and very big in size. Actually, one Idli is adequate . The Sambar was tasty and the flavours were awesome. It was rich in texture and again generous in quantity. The chutney was delicious and had the typical South Indian flavors which is the best part.

Medu Vada and Sambar and Chutney : Medu Vada is  delicious and crispy. The quality is good and the taste is yummy. I loved the Sambar and Chutney also. The entire dish had a very Southern taste. 

Idli Vada: I love the Idli and Medu Vada combination . I especially like it with the rich Sambar. The quality of the Idli and Medu vada is really good . 

Coffee: I had Nescafe. The Coffee was rich and delectable. The aroma was nice. The quantity was sufficient for two people. so, we had it one by two. 

I think , if you want to eat authentic South Indian cuisine , you must give Ganga Vihar a try. The food quality is good and the quantity is generous. The pricing is also reasonable.

Ganga Vihar

Ganga Vihar

Ganga Vihar

Ganga Vihar
Ganga Vihar


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