Get ready to step in Style during the Monsoons

Hola Chicas,

YAY, Its Raining!I feel like going out and getting wet but the question is what to wear ? It is really hard to find out what to wear during the Monsoons. Although, I love Mumbai rains very much, but one thing that worries me a lot is finding the right clothes to wear during this season. After pondering through my wardrobe, I have made my own style list that I would like to share with you all.

1. Get Flirty in the Rains 

Dipty Gharat Monsoon Style

Rains are the times to flaunt your skirts having tiny hemlines with pride. It is the right time to flirt when the cold breeze is flowing and everywhere there is pleasant aroma of wet soil. Isn't it the perfect outfit to wear and step out with your pals for an outing in the rains.

Dipty Gharat Monsoon Style

2. Drain pipe jeans to amp up the fashion meter

Dipty Gharat Monsoon Style
When it is pouring like Cats and dogs, you want to look stylish without getting messy. Then the drain pipe jeans are the best form of dressing for such a day. You can teem them up with a nice top and you are ready to soar the temperature in this cold weather.

3. Shorts perfect companion for the rains

Dipty Gharat Monsoon Style

Shorts are my rainy  day go to outfit for the comfort and look it gives to any ordinary top. It is the ultimate cool girl style suitable for all the girls.

This my style list for the MONSOON ,do share with me your own.



Ashutosh patel said…
Hi Dipty,
Great article and nice outfits.
I will keep your Karmic and past life love reading in the queue.

ASAP, I will read your book.
Thanks for the article!
thank you Ashutosh!Don't forget to give your review.

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