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It always looks  like we always have adequate number of them, but let’s be frank: we love White tees! They may  not be groundbreaking, but we all love them because they’re the only ones that can be worn anytime.

So, if you are looking for some fabulous outfit ideas with your White tee, you have tuned in to the right place. Sometimes,it just impossible to resist the White Tee, isn’t it ? When you are going for a brunch with friends or shopping at the mall,or walking endlessly on the beach it immediately becomes our passepartout item,perfect for our casual outings. So, let’s talk about how to give that White tee a fashionable twist.I am really excited to share with you some of the outfit ideas that can transform the simple white tee into stylish outfit.

1.Knot it - Sporty Chic
Tying a front knot to your white tee can immediately spice it up.According to the latest trend,  tying a knot to your white tee is the effortless way to amp up the style quotient. You can pair it with a blue denim capri, the  style must have that you must have in your closet. This is perfect for your outing in the urban areas, this combo gives a sporty vibe to your style. To complete the look wear a black cap with it .
Dipty  Gharat Outfitideas

2.Floral Shorts and White Tee : Bring out the Romantic Side
Who said Floral shorts are only for spring time? If you are a complete fashion buff like me, it is the coolest outfit for this season. How to wear it in style? Wear it with your white tee and bring out the romantic side inside you.
Dipty  Gharat Outfitideas

Are you still looking out for more outfit ideas using your white tee, don’t forget to follow dancingdivaniki on Instagram to find out the trendiest style tips.  

And don’t forget to Stay Stylish and Always Spread Love.



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