Fresher's Party look - Creative, Soulful and Versatile

" Your Time To Shine "
Dipty Gharat - Fresher's Party Look

Hey my Sweet Loves,

I hope you are doing good ...When it comes to the Fresher's party look, you must leave no  stone 
unturned . I wanted to have soulful, elegant and a different look  to my fresher's party outfit .With all the  outfits related shame that society imposes on the female gender,I’m very happy that girls have started speaking about it ,quiet frankly. I totally support that girls nowadays are standing up for these issues and living life on their own terms.

That is why I tried to navigate a bit away from what we can call  " regular party outfits " to a more  
versatile type of outfit which is aesthetic, classy and inspiring.

To me, this look is not about just getting more likes but about creativity and soulfulness. Sheer dresses aren't easy to adorn let alone the fashion. It sometimes hard to find the right inner outfit to wear along with this, but when you find it , it is the best thing you can add to your closet - a classic outfit !

Since the weather in Mumbai has been lovely and quite Sunny. After the recent showers of heavy rainfall. 
I pulled out my  sheer dress to get in the spirit of the Fresher’s Party in my college.

When you adorn the sheer dress, you need to pair it with either black or pastels.The sheer dress  
stands out on its own already.This dress is a timeless essential for a modern girl like you and me, who is not afraid to take a step into the world of COLLEGE Life with full confidence and determination.

Get My look

Dipty Gharat - Fresher's Party Look

Dipty Gharat - Fresher's Party Look

Dipty Gharat - Fresher's Party Look
Dipty Gharat - Fresher's Party Look

Hope you guys enjoy this and I will talk to you very soon again!




Niti Chauhan said…
My fresher will coming soon and i have no idea about my dresse. I read your post and understand what type of dresses is wearing .Thanks for sharing because your post is helpful for me. I will booking my dress in Towing Des Moines online sites. Because this site provide many creative dresses.

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