How To Wear: Lillian Retro Shoes

lilian retro shoes साठी इमेज परिणाम
Stylish shoes are the most exciting part of any outfit. For women with a vintage-inspired fashion sense, the right pair of retro shoes are a must have. Not only will they allow you to look the part, they also will give you a feminine and confident feel that ensures you will walk a little taller everywhere you go. 

Our Lillian Retro Shoes are one of our most exceptional styles. With a subtle but ultra-elegant appearance, these shoes prove to be anything but ordinary.

What They Are

lilian retro shoes साठी इमेज परिणामThe Lillian Retro Shoes are an incredibly wearable pair of pumps with a vintage-inspired sensibility. Made of a soft leather exterior, they feature a slight heel for a luxurious look that is further enhanced by their single strap and button closure. 

Available in Sage and Navy color combinations, they feature a stylish two-tone appearance that ensures that they enhance rather than overpower you personal sense of style. They are an easy way to give any outfit a retro-inspired sense of style while still being comfortable enough for everyday wear. 

Dress Them Up

When you want to create a polished look that is perfectly on point, these heels are the perfect fit. Pair them with a soft, silk blouse and a structured A-line skirt that hits below the knee. This silhouette will give you an authentic look that channels popular styles from the past and has certain sophistication that is sure to impress. 

Dress Them Down

While these shoes are beautiful for dressed up occasions, they also can be paired with more casual looks. Channel the look of your favorite retro style stars by pairing these shoes with the perfect pair of pants. A fitted blouse or bodysuit and a pair of menswear-inspired pants with an exaggerated wide leg will give you an incredibly feminine look that mimics the androgynous style of starlets like Katherine Hepburn or Greta Garbo. 

lilian retro shoes साठी इमेज परिणाम

Pair Them With…

When wearing the Navy / White color combination, opt for jewel tones to enhance their elegance. A floral top in a rich, fall palette, a brown or camel colored skirt, and a stylish pair of tights transitions perfectly into fall. Or, heather gray trousers and a vintage white blouse will crate a look perfect for the office and beyond. Pair the Sage / White color with other pastels tones for a bright and beautiful Spring look. A floral skirt, white top, and retro sunglasses give you a flirty, fashion-forward look that everyone will want to copy.


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