Noodle Making Courtesy Mandarin DAY

Hey Loves,

Nikita Gharat with Chef Nidhi

Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend! I want to share with you today the secret of home made noodle making.
Learn Home made noodle making

YAY! We celebrated #MandarinDay with TABOO,the game, noodle making  and amazing food.It was fun filled #MandarinDay where delectable food from #MandarinOak was served over rounds of game , home made noodle making lessons and lots of laughter .The venue Of10 was perfect place for this fun filled event.
Learn Home made noodle making process

The noodle making session by Chef Niddhi Jain was a cherry on top of the pie.Chef Niddhi made noodle making not only easy to look but also an exciting affair. I could not believe my eyes when I made my very own noodles. It is a quick and amusing process.

Home made noodle making process
Dipty Gharat  Home made noodle making process
Home made noodle making process
noodle maker

First, we begun by soaking the maida or refined flour in water. Then making small pieces of the dough and rolling them like chapatis. Subsequently, making noodles out of it with the help of a noodle making machine. Isn’t it easy ?
Dipty Gharat with Chef Niddhi jain

We all had a fabulous time and played lots of games like jenga , taboo . I won in Taboo game.
Nikita Gharat Mandarin oak

Talking about the food of MANDARIN OAK. The noodles were amazing , the chicken fried rice was yummy. I think they need to improve the taste of the veg noodles.
Nikita Gharat Mandarin oak

The rating for the food is 4.5 out of 5.

Thank you for reading it, have a pleasant day.

Nikita Gharat Mandarin day at Of10


ritu kalra said…
Seems like you all had great fun playing games and experimenting dishes..I wish I too could have been there
Seems like you guys had a great time making noodles .
Yes, Ritu, it was really fun games n loved the workshop.

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