Festive Faasos Navratri 2018 : Garba , food and much more

Hello Everyone !

Happy Navratri !!
Nikita Gharat with Choreographer of Nav9rang

Have you ever noticed how a dance  can instantly transform your mood? I know that it’s certainly true for 
me and dance will always amp up my mood. Garba dancing on latest songs evokes a certain spirit 
inside me that makes me want more…

What I love the most about having this blog is the fact that I get to share my thoughts and obsessions with 
those who are ardent lovers of fashion and lifestyle as I am. I love to tell you about the latest fashion and 
lifestyle  related discoveries and hearing your thoughts and opinions on it!

It is one of my  favorite things. I love Navratri  and it makes me think of the Goddess and her immense 
strength.  What do you look for during the Navratri season? For me it’s 3 things: dance, worship and good 
food.Festive Faasos has come up with a Royal Navratri Thali which includes Singada paratha, 
sabudana khicdi, sabudana kheer, dahi, panner makhanwala, tamatar ki subji, sabudana wada . 
The thali is fully yum and healthy as well.

Royal NAVRATRI thali

But what is so different this season, it is definitely the Festive Faasos event that has got me all dancing.
Festive Faasos gave me this opportunity to learn some great Garba moves from ace choreographer 
Siddhesh Jadhav of Nav9rang.

The main reason why I loved this Festive Faasos event was because of the fantastic garba workshop.
I have always had the passion for good food and dance .  I remember when I was very little, I’d go to a 
nearby ground to play dandiya. In fact, one of my favorite childhood memories was getting ready to play 
dandiya in nice outfits.

Though I’ve always been a fan of GARBA, this year in particular, garba feels much more good thanks to 
the workshop organized by festive faaso.The finishing touches to my dance moves make it more fresh and 
appealing !  Personally, I couldn’t be happier because aside from the fact that Faasos has always been 
famous for its yummy wraps this lovely event happened to be a particular favorite of mine, I must admit, 
I love it when I can shake a leg to the latest garba moves.

From food to Garba Festive Faasos was a NAVRATRI EVENT of the year.


Festive Faasos
Dandiya Dandiya Dandiya

Nikita Gharat with Choreographer of Nav9rang

Nikita Gharat with Choreographer of Nav9rang

Nikita Gharat with Choreographer of Nav9rang
Nikita Gharat with Choreographer of Nav9rang


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