Dipty Gharat Usupso outlet , phoenixmarket city

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Hola Chicas,

As a shopping addict, I am constantly on a look out for the new products I can add to my lifestyle and closet. As a result, I try quite  a lot ! Some of them leave me impressed, some are just average. So, I’ve decided to carve out a bit of space on my blog to share my  experience shopping at USUPSO,Hope you enjoy!

Personally, I was very happy when I came to know about this Japanese brand Usupso venturing in India. This new outlet located at Phoenix Mall, Kurla impressed me as soon as I entered. The products displayed on the shelves looked quite attractive. Being a huge fan of Japanese products and USUPSO being  a Japanese brand, I decided to visit it.

However, I was highly disappointed when I came to know that the USUPSO has products made in China and only designed in Japan. Another, shop full of Chinese products, ugh!

Although, the products look good some of them are overly priced, considering the fact that they are Made in China. For instance, the purses and trendy bags are priced at around 545 INR to 1045 INR which is very high, the reason being the same type are available at Dadar market for 200 INR TO 400 INR.So,purses and bags at USUPSO a BIG No .

Now let’s talk about headphones, ear  phones and temper Glass. Despite of being made in China they are quite expensive. Since, all of them are made in China the cheaper versions are available at around 100 INR to 50 INR at Colaba, Dadar and Andheri. So again, if buying Headphones, ear phones or temper glass at Usupso , think again ?

Coming to Soft toys, although the toys look cute but again they are overly priced and cheaper versions are available everywhere including online.

I personally think that USUPSO is good to purchase Sunglasses, Scissors and facial wipes. The price of Sunglasses is reasonable starting from 345 INR to something around 1000 INR. I bought a pair of trendy sunglasses from 445 INR. Scissors are of good quality and reasonable priced. I think the facial Wipes are worth buying for 170 INR. Though, I am not totally satisfied with the quality but considering the price its  good.

However, if you are looking to purchase caps, mobile covers think again, because they are very expensive around 545 INR for a cap ?? 

Overall, I think they should reduce the prices, improve on the skills and behaviour of the staff (the staff is quite rude and takes hours for billing). I would give it a 2.5 stars out of 5.

I would love to know your opinions on this brand ...


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Dipty Gharat Usupso outlet , phoenixmarket city

Dipty Gharat Usupso outlet , phoenixmarket city
Dipty Gharat Usupso outlet , phoenixmarket city

Dipty Gharat Usupso outlet , phoenixmarket city

Dipty Gharat Usupso outlet , phoenixmarket city


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