Behrouz Biryani : Royal treat for Diwali 2018

Behrouz Biryani : Bhuna Murg Biryani
Hey Foodies,

Since,Diwali was round the corner,I decided to order online food from Zomato.The decluttering of the house and shopping kept me quite busy.I am a huge fan of Biryani, so when I had a craving for Biryani,I had to order one from Behrouz Biryani.I have been ordering Biryani from Behrouz for a long time.I am sharing with you today, the food review of Bhuna Murg Biryani that I ordered from Behrouz recently.

If you order Behrouz Biryani, you’ll receive a royally packaged box filled with yummy biryani, along with a Gulab jamun and raita.Something,I love about Behrouz Biryani is the awesome fragrance of the rice, spices and almonds as well as cashews.They can really handle a lot of spices,which is why there is a mixture of spices, dry fruits used in the marinade.

The fortune Basmati rice has a flavor that is totally its own, a really crave-able  taste that is unique. Yes, they use fortune basmati rice, it is mentioned on the package.It pairs so well with the Chicken ,balanced with lots of garlic,onions to give it some bite.As for the Gulab jamun it was totally yummy.

I think Behrouz has one of the finest Biryanis.I think the price is also reasonable.The Biryani which I ordered was for 300 INR.The quality is good and the quantity is generous.

Ordering from Behrouz Biryani is good option for all those Biryani lovers who  don’t have the time or aren’t in the mood to make it at home .The main reason is that the Biryani has a very classic taste.

Overall,it’s just SUPER YUM Chicken Biryani.With goodness of spices, dry fruits made with love and a royal touch, because  after all it is Behrouz!

I hope you all have a joy-filled and festive weekend!



Behrouz Biryani : Bhuna Murg Biryani
Behrouz Biryani : Bhuna Murg Biryani

Behrouz Biryani : Bhuna Murg Biryani

Behrouz Biryani

Behrouz Biryani : Bhuna Murg Biryani


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