Har Ghar Surakshit Courtesy Godrej Home Safety

Dipty Gharat at Home Safety DAY AT Godrej ONE

" Safety First"

When it comes to safety,there is nothing I hate more than worrying about getting robbed day after day,it constantly goes on in my mind,while shooting, writing  until it’s all over and I can go home:)

Have I locked the door properly, done this or that,it is too much than anyone one can take! It’s not that I think about safety too much but I feel it should be something that one must not ignore, because I do believe in the phrase “At the end of the day, the goals are simple safety and security”, but do they really have to be that dull? Well, I don’t believe they should!

When it’s all said and done, the key to staying  safe is consistency and from my experience, in order to be consistent you must think of the best name in digital safety and it is definitely none other than GODREJ LOCKSS, isn’t it ?

 My big three is safety, user friendliness and longevity. Because when I  go out to work I want to forget about my home safety and concentrate on what it is I am actually doing!:)

That is why When I attended the First Anniversary of Home Safety Day organised by Godej Lockss , HAR GHAR SURAKSHIT event, I was surprised and excited to see the latest gears to keep you safe.Yes, a safety gear! Using the latest technology and digitally sound lockss,Godrej has launched the home safety equipments,to keep our homes safe! 

The eminent panelist which included Mr. Shyam Motwani, Sujit Patil
Prakash Borgaonkar  and Rj Archanaa Pania Really throwed light on the issue of Home Safety and highlighted the contribution of Godrej home safety equipments in keeping our homes safe for over the years. 

I had real luck to witness the fabulous evolution of Godrej Lockss in terms of both contemporary technology as well as creativeness.I think Godrej has come up with the most modern and digitally safe line of home safety equipments. Now,I truly belive in their motto “Har Ghar Surakshit”

Thank you and  wish you an absolutely beautiful day, full of joy and without any worry of home safety . 


Take a look 

Digital Safety  equipments by Godrej

 Digital Safety  and home safety equipments   by Godrej

 Digital Safety  and home safety equipments   by Godrej

 Digital Safety  and home safety equipments   by Godrej

 Digital Safety  and home safety equipments   by Godrej
Mr.Godrej telling about home safety

RJ Archanaa Pania

Eminent Panelist

Godrej Navtal Lock

shyam motwani
Prakash Borgaonkar , help age India

Dipty Gharat at Digital Safety  equipments  event by Godrej


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