Mee Radhika Book Series: Book 1: Chapter 4: Gopikabai, The Politician

Madhavrao was little pale, having sort of fragile constitution. He was princely looking though but not as robust as his elder brother when was of his age. He was also a quiet child and obedient with curious honey dew eyes and having his nose inherited in right proportion from his mother and father. Undoubtedly, he had the Bhatt-Deshmukh stamp on his face.

Fair in complexion, facial shape of a cut diamond and look of royalty. But Gopikabai, did not treat him like one. Her purpose of getting pregnant and increasing the number of children was more, it seemed, to increase her clout.

madhavrao peshwa साठी इमेज परिणाम
The Young Shrimant Madhavrao I Peshwa
Maybe in her mind, she thought having many children and controlling them like a military leader would help her build her personal army. Perhaps, this army would become highly influential politically and may be at times do a coup against her disobedient husband Nanasaheb.

Perhaps, nobody would call or imagine Nanasaheb to be either philandering or disobedient. He spent most of his time fighting and winning conquests for Hindavi Swarajya to unite India. The only reason why he indulged in generous but harmless entertainment was due to his ever interfering and bickering  wife. 

She never seemed to pay heed to her husband's war wounds but kept her focus on who benefited due to her husband's generosity.
evil indian queen साठी इमेज परिणाम
Gopikabai Peshwe Bickering At Her Husband (Artificial Recreation)

Whenever her husband came home from a long tiresome battle, she would start relentless bickering about everything he did. It didn't matter to her that her husband never lost a war. It mattered to her if her two rather meddling brothers, got their fair share of the treasure or not.

Gopikabai's Marriage to Nanasaheb

Gopikabai was from the family of Sahukars, her father was a loyal sardar of the Peshwas. Need of money for a conquest or mohim, had allowed her to become the Peshwa daughter-in-law, in 1732. At that time, she was a little girl of around 8 years of age. However, it had been a rather disastrous deal as she had taken away the peace from the day of her entry. 

She was not even good looking except for her fair complexion, unlike her extremely beautiful and young looking mother-in-law Kashibai or the divine goddess like Rakmabai, first wife of Chimaji Appasaheb. 

Still, in the present times she was the most influential woman, second only to the main queen of  Chhatrapati Shahu I Raje. 

She used her influence well. If, Politics was under her husband's control, then home was under her. Young Vishwasrao was not particularly fond of his mother because of her constant bickering, manipulations and control freak nature.

But Gopikabai knew how to control him. It was her idea to push her most favorite son under the wings of his second paternal uncle Sadashivrao.

She knew Bhausaheb was a lonely soul and like his father was loving and caring. He thought of the family first without being biased about his own and others. Just like Chimaji Appasaheb, Bhausaheb was comfortable in the character of Laxman to Nanasaheb's Ram.

All types of biases were applicable to Raghoba who very well knew that he had nothing to do with the family. Somehow, he was conceived when the circumstances were turbulent in the Peshwa household. It made him prenatally, an insensitive person who was greedy, jealous and more like Mughal than a Peshwa. He hated his own people with bitter venom and spite. Perhaps, shadow of greed, power-obsession, deceit, conniving and absolute manipulation had fallen on him prenatally itself.

Being aware, that her son understood at a very young age this attitude of Raghoba, Gopikabai encouraged his love for bhausaheb.

If Raghoba was a threat for her dream of making Vishwasrao the next Peshwa, then Bhausaheb was the guardian of that dream.

Gopikabai allowed generously, which was not her nature at all, Vishwasrao to eat, sleep and learn with Bhausaheb. She knew, that her son was in the best company he could ever get and for this, only reason she could win his heart. 

As, there was no one in the entire family that the young Vishwasrao loved more than Sadashivrao.


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