Special Screening Dhanush's The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir: Review

Today, at the #specialscreening of #Dhanush's #theextraordinaryjourneyofthefakir Cinepolis (Fun Cinemas) . It's an esoteric, adventurous and magical film. Great mixture of #Bollywood and #Hollywood#Indo-French and Belg combo. Must see movie- rating 4.5/5

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Ajatshatru Patel played by Dhanush is a boy brought up in the dhobi ghat of Mumbai. His mother is a single mother and little Aja is curious to know who his father is. He constantly asks his mother after meeting almost any man whether that was his father. His turns him down staunchly. However, for a lady from the poorest background, she has quite an impossible dream. That dream is to go to Eiffel Tower in Paris. She takes this dream to the grave and when Aja learns that his father was a French street performer, he decides to take his mother's ashes to Paris.
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Then starts the journey of Aja who with just a fake 100 euro note goes to Paris. During his childhood, he has mastered magic tricks and grows up to be a street magician. Although, his side business is stealing and selling expensive mobile phones of tourists. After he reaches Paris, Aja meets a con uber taxi driver, his love Mari and gets locked up in wardrobe. Almost, like life was real magic he goes on a journey to visit entire Europe meeting exciting people, then to Africa and then coming back to India.

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In the journey, where there is pain, shock, heartbreak, sudden windfall of money and then again nameless life; Aja remains calm. That's why he's the fakir. He's a yogi that sails through all experiences with the same expression that karma is everything. Your benevolence is rewarded and your crime is punished.


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