Solar Eclipse: The Change is Permanent

If the 2nd July's Solar eclipse in Cancer and the Cancer new moon is going to hit you directly then be ready for permanent change.

Solar eclipse, this one is a major eclipse, happen to bring out a permanent change. The beginning of a new history, end of old one and many small permanent changes. Before the eclipse takes place, you experience the shuffling or tremors. These tremors work like a suspense thriller move running towards the climax and then the ending. 

Solar eclipse changes the direction of your life. Sun is the source of life and when he's eclipsed, your life changes drastically and permanently.

Many wars fought on the eclipse day, brought a permanent change for the dynasties involved. It changed the life permanently for the people involved. There have been incidents where sinners have turned into saints and vice versa. If you are ruler then you can become a monk and if you are monk then you can become a ruler. 

Somehow, the eclipse doesn't let you think. It doesn't ask for your will. Sudden revelations, betrayals, wake up calls and hidden truths coming to light are some signs of a Solar eclipse. 

Solar eclipse is now paired with the new moon in the Cancer. The people who have personal planets and points in Cancer, Aries, Libra, Capricorn will be hit drastically. It can feel like a 1000 ice daggers ripping through your heart. New moons activate dark energies and entities. There can be astral attacks and attempts to enter your body without taking permission.

This article is not to scare you. It's to make you aware that during this period keep your will extremely strong. Only a strong willed person can dampen the hopes of the worst Dracula ever.

Solar eclipse also allows for the uncontrolled dark forces to gain power. These forces can be the ones who know you from previous births. They may have been helpless before but the eclipse is their day. So, take divine protection and pray to the god with him you connect. If you see god in nature then connect, if you god in animals then connect, go beyond religion and search within. You will find the divine to connect. "Om Namah Shivay", god is the ultimate soul, the atom or atman.

For those, have a trine, sextiles the effects might be easy to handle. If you are having an inconjunct then it can affect your daily routine, health and hidden sector. So, be aware.

Already, some revelations may be on the way for those facing the hard aspects. Cancerians may cling to their families, Arians will cling to their independence, Librans to their partners and Capricornians to their dynasties. The clinging will take place because, you'll know that these are the reliable things or people.

If the past 4-5 days have worked like a suspense movie or dramatic movie reaching towards it's climax then be the hero. Change the course, before the eclipse shuts down the "Sesame". If it gets shut then you won't be able to open it again.

Changes done by the Solar eclipse are irrevocable.  Hence, if there have been some shocks then come out of it and take quick action. Turn the tide your way.


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