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Scorpio Man Love, Lust, and ObsessionScorpio Man Love, Lust, and Obsession by Nikita Gharat
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think she has described, the Scorpio man point blank. What I liked is the fact that she has elaborated the Scorpio stare.

She let's the girl in love with a Scorpio man distinguish between love and lust. It is true that Scorpio men are known for the loyalty but they can also be brutal heartbreakers. This book helps in finding out whether you are with a keeper or breaker. Also, there are additional chapters such as Scorpio man and eros signs, which help in knowing "what triggers the particular scorpio man".

The book has detailed insight, I loved reading it. Recommended for those in love with a Scorpio man and also for those who are Scorpio themselves.

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Asteroid Karma in Signs and Houses: Why You Are Here!

karma साठी इमेज परिणाम

 Karma, the Sanskrit word means duty. I would like to cut the entire jargon surrounding it and come to the point. People have clearly misunderstood the word and created various notions. Karma seems to have become forbidden word. You get 3.5 times the fruits as per your karma. It actually means that you get the results of your performance. If you performed your duty well then you will be handsomely rewarded. In case, you didn't, you will be severely punished.  However, the severly punished part is so highlighted that people are totally afraid of karma. I have read the definitions and explanations associated with Karma and Asteroid Karma.  I want to make one thing clear that Karma doesn't mean that you were a criminal in the past, say your past life. Those who don't believe in past lives, I think they should. Also, they must understand that Time travels in all three directions and it's not unidirectional. That makes me come to an important point, Pluto is the planet of rebirth and transformation and you are reborn 250-270 years later when Pluto returns to complete the karmic cycle. Your at least one significant birth has this cycle and may be you are born into ordinary life this time. Nevertheless, if you are that Pluto soul then you will have a lot of karma to clear. It means duties to perform, debts to clear and things to understand why it all happened with you.

To know all that, Asteroid Karma 3811, count the 11 11 vibes as 3+8 is also 11. Therefore, Karma is fate decided by your free will that boomerangs on you. So, don't be afraid. There are a lot of criminals in this world both white and blue collared. But most of the time we find the average citizen screaming Karma while these people go out on luxe cruises. So, does karma affect only the ordinary?

No, it affects everyone. Unfortunately, ordinary people think Karma always means their sins or wrongdoings which is not true.  Karma is also your talent and the place where you can grow the most or get handsomely rewarded. Karma is the place where you can utilize those skills to kill the negative forces that are acting against you. Yes, negative forces are acting against you most of the time which create obstacles in your Karma or your duties and goals. They stop you from achieving success.

This is one reason why the white and blue collared criminals don't even let their negative karma affect them or at least delay the process. These people acknowledge their karma and take support of the forces that support them. This helps them.

Hence, don't think that YOU ARE A CRIMINAL OR WERE A CRIMINAL in the past when you see asteroid Karma placed in any area of your chart hugging any of your planets or even opposing, squaring them. Don't until, your psyche tells you that it's true.

What Are The Forces?
Snow White, Stepmother, March, Temptation

This is a particular metaphysical topic. But astrology is a science which is Metaphysics along with psychology. Note: Many Psychologists are astrologers. I don't want to get into the details of any debate. Still, the truth is that there are good (god's) forces and bad (devil's) forces. Your karma tells you on which side of the fence you are and who would be helping you. It also tells you that who will be acting against you.

So, now, am I mentioning about any paranormal activity? Okay, yes and no. Karma is about your past life's actions and performance. It is also an overview or report of your past life. Things that were left undone or couldn't be completed due to various reasons. It does speak about your performed duties and fulfilled ambitions as well as status too.

Let me explain you the forces as I've mentioned Pluto cycle of 250-270 years. Imagine you were born in the 18th century as a royalty. Your mother and father were supportive of your crowning as you were deserving. You could've really helped the country. But some evil witches like Rumpelstiltskin were against your crowning and maybe they had their own male versions.

They conspired against you and brought you down. Your parents died of a heartbreak and were possibly declared traitors. The evil people became rulers and 250-270 years later, you see their paintings hanging in the museum. You visit their castles which were actually yours and you get an erry feeling that someone is watching you. That energy feels really bad.

From your childhood, you were high on the pride for your nation and developed chivalry although brought up in a middle-class background. You have high ideals and stand up in the crowd. You inspire people. But you meet extremely bad teachers who suppress you all the time. Some, so called rich kids bully you because they can't stand the fact that you are extraordinary.

When they almost push you off the edge, you pray to god and a good teacher comes along who sees your potential.  You think god sent that person.  (I'm discussing high-school and middle-school because karma gets activated from a very early stage.)

True it is. However, another thing is true as well. That good teacher was sent by your past life's parents who still want to see you shine. The bad teachers and bully jealous so-called rich kids were sent by those who conspired against you in your past life. They may have become "Pischachya or  evil witches" due to their negative karma. They hate you by tooth and nail because in their life after they brought you down they did get the results of their karma. They may have delayed it but they got it served red hot on a giant platter. In their after life, (yay, it exists), Pluto or Mahadev made them Pischachya while your past life's parents were shifted to Punyatma (pious soul) lok meaning land.  You can call them angels.

Therefore, your past life's parents are trying to help you where asteroid Karma, moon, nodes, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune is situated in your chart. In that very place, the negative forces try to stop you. Asteroid Karma tells you in the nutshell what you will understand after going in great detail related to planets.  This asteroid is also the deja vu asteroid so pay good attention as I give the details of the placement of Karma.

So, as this asteroid deals with your past. It tells you the present life duty and rewards as well.

Asteroid Karma in signs and houses in your natal chart tell you why you are here. It is about past lives and present life karma. The house tells you what you were and sign tells you why you gave it up.

Karma in 1st house: You have to reach your goals on your own. You need to fulfill the duties by your sheer will power and leadership abilities. Your actions will bring you rewards. Use your attacks well and don't abuse your valor.

Karma in 2nd house: You can reach your goals through money and beauty. Your sensuality and banking attitude can help you fulfill your duties. A bank or beauty, cosmetics can bring you rewards. Use your money and financial ethics well and don't lose morals in the run.

Karma in 3rd house: You can reach your goals through communication, pr and writing. Your musical talent and talkative attitude can help you fulfill your duties. A media job, newspaper, sibling or neighbor brings you rewards. Use your communicative skills for the right purpose and don't get into gossiping or defamation.

Karma in 4th house:You can reach your goals through mother and motherland. Your family, culture, tradition and mother can help you fulfill your duties. Becoming the national leader, landlord, rich farmer, patriot and mother's dutiful son brings you rewards. Use your patriotism, national pride and love for mother morally and don't abuse it or hurt it.

Karma in 5th house: You can reach your goals through children, romance and stage. Your glamour, fame, acting skills, dance moves and love can help you fulfill your duties. Becoming a famous actor, lover, dancer, working with children and politician brings you rewards.  Be the ruler of your kingdom or empire. Be the center of attention. Be the most adored person. Use your acting skills, children, romance, pride and influencing attitude well and don't misuse it.

Karma in 6th house: You can reach your goals through medicine, healing, nursing, performing duties on a daily basis.  Your accounting abilities, animals, environment, co-workers, enemies, employer, healing and nursing talent can help you fulfill your duties. You win through adversity. You become a healer, doctor, nurse, animal activist, environmentalist and a conqueror by winning against your enemies. Just don't misuse your skills or be ignorant.

Karma in 7th house: You can reach your goals through marriage, law, partnership and fashion. Your commitment, fairness, fashion sense, partnerships can help you fulfill your duties. You become a spouse, lawyer, peacemaker, fashion model, contractor, divorce lawyer or judge by meeting multiple people. Don't partner only for material gains or abuse your relationship.

Karma in 8th house: You can reach your goals by digging out old graves. Your research, spying capacity, tantric knowledge, dead people, power, passion, mafia, sex can help you fulfill your duties. You become a secret agent, spy, recluse, mafia, taboo artist or tantric yoga. You gain rewards through someone dead or inheritance or powerful. Deja vu is feeling the energy of dead people when you go to places full of secret. Don't misuse your alchemical talent for the abuse of power.

Karma in 9th house: You can reach your goals through writing, religion, god, travel and adventure. Your curiosity, thirst for knowledge, religious understanding, teacher and mentor can help you fulfill your duties. You can become a sports star. Don't misuse your intellect to put down others.

For example, if you have asteroid Karma in 6th house in Sagittarius, it means that you were a healer, nurse, dedicated employee, accountant or alternative medicine expert but you gave it up for spread of religion, travel, adventure, asceticism, sports or for becoming an author .
Similarly, if you have asteroid Karma #3811 in 1st house, Scorpio it means that you were a military leader, warrior, leader or fighter who gave it up after a trauma, psychological breakdown, death, transformation, black magic, powerful person, mafia or inheritance. 

Coming, to the second part, Karma tells you what you have to do to complete your life's purpose. The sign tells you what and house tells you for what. For e.g, for the sag in 6th house, tells you to become a sports star, author, religious leader, travel blogger for healing and nursing. It may be something like this that you nurse a sports star and heal him or her and tell her about your potential or he/she discovers your potential and you get your break. 

Karma in 4th house in sag means that you were  a family person, patriot, mother's pet and emotional individual who gave it up for spread of religion, travel, adventure, asceticism, sports or for becoming an author . In this birth, you have to gain back your mother, home or family, country through religion, travel, adventure, asceticism, sports or by becoming an author. It means that by writing a book about your mother, family, emotions, culture or country you get reunited with them. 

On the contrary, if you have asteroid Karma in 4th house in Capricorn, then you were a family person, cultured, traditionalist, patriot, mother's pet and emotional individual who gave it up for corporate leadership, unbeatable empire and patriarchy. In this birth to gain back your mother's love and family, you have to use your power as a corporate leader or status for the cause of the family, mother or country.  

If your asteroid Karma is in 5th house in Aquarius, you were a royalty, actor, child specialist or famous person who gave it up for humanitarian mission, group activity, social work, friends, scientific discoveries or a revolution such as democracy. In this birth, you are supposed to regain your status as a royalty, actor, child specialist or famous person with the help of your friends, group activities, democracy or humanitarian mission or social contacts.

Karma conjunct planets, you can read this for your natal position as well as transit and solar return. Just remember natal is permanent while transit and solar return are time bound.

Karma conjunct Venus: Duty meets desire. Your duty is to be desirable. Focus on being beautiful and materialistic. Focus on your love life. You can hug Venusian hobbies such as fashion, acting, arts, music and sensuality. You can become a goddess of desire like Aphrodite. You can be a love and money magnet. But remember, that you don't break hearts as it will boomerang. Your deja vu is getting into relationships that seem karmic. Some lovers come back to clear their due. They may be your exes or your past life's or previous lives' lovers. You may get rewards after clearing of love karma.

Karma conjunct Saturn: Duty, rewards, debts meet restriction and fate.  You are here to repay for your deeds. It is essential that you clear your past life's debts. You have to follow Saturnian themes which mean respecting tradition and boundaries. Be disciplined and control your urges as well as greed. Show that you can be slow and steady. You need to build from first brick till the castle is ready. Your corporation with your own sweat and blood. You get a deja vu when you see that you are restricted in a corporate or profession where you want to make it big. Rewards come only after hard-work.

Karma conjunct Uranus: Duty, rewards, debts meet innovation and uniqueness. You break the rules and create a new revolution. You get unchained and unrestricted. You don't follow the norm. Your duty is to be unique and rebellious. You are here to create mass movements and get down the monarchy or monopoly. Deja vu is breaking the order and rule of the day by creating your own new set. Don't mislead the masses and friends. You will get your rewards through experiments and revolution.

Karma conjunct Pluto: Duty, rewards, debts meet death, rebirth, deep passion and tantra. You are here to be born again. Born as the alchemist, you will know how to and where dig deep. Bringing out secrets, digging old graves and bringing the dead back to life is your karma. You become a tantric, kundalini expert and the most powerful person. Deja vu is felt visiting old dead castles and forts. You get rewarded through massive inheritance and rebuilding the dead. Don't abuse your power or get into black magic.

Karma conjunct Sun: Duty, rewards, debts meet identity, pride, wants. You are meant to rule in this lifetime. Something about you is karmic. Maybe you were not allowed to fulfill your karma in your past birth despite of being a good leader. You are asked to shine and be the center of attention. You are meant to influence and lead the people to a better establishment. Possibly, an old royal soul who has reincarnated to reach his/her own destiny. Don't waste your talents and abuse power.

In synastry,

When Karma conjuncts Karma, it tells you that your mission is same on this earth. When Karma conjuncts descendant, it means that the Karma person is supposed to fulfill his karma through a relationship or partnership with you. Unlike other asteroids where the descendant person has a choice, Karma conjunct descendant doesn't come with one. Karma screams to have a relationship with the descendant and the descendant person is left with no choice but to fulfill it.

When Karma is in Capricorn, and he conjuncts your descendant then it means that this person brings power and status to the relationship. Something, you cannot ignore and let go. If he is in Scorpio then this person is a powerful person, mafia or tantric yogi or a completely obsessive man or woman whom you cannot ignore. 

Karma on angles, conjunct personal planets and love asteroids or even name asteroids cannot be ignored. Fate asteroids take it to another level. 

Karma conjunct asteroids:

Karma conjunct eros. You were born to fall in love. You were born to love in a crazy manner without caring for the consequences. In your past birth you ignored your love, in this birth you  are supposed to love and not let go. If you don't follow the karma that would bring you bad luck.

Simba's story is the story of Karma. Simba is a good soul and so is Mufasa, they cannot be criminals in any birth. Yet Mufasa is killed by his envious brother Scar and Simba has to flee from his own kingdom. However, it's Simba's karma (a duty he should perform) to return to his kingdom and his father's throne. 

Understand what asteroid Karma stands for and to know why you are here!!


I love your insight and all of this was so well written so just wanted to say thanks!
You are welcome. Do visit for more articles. Information is totally free!
gabrielle said…
Karma in Aries 6th or 7th house (Placidus or whole sign), trine Jupiter, opposition Ascendant?? I have trouble understanding
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your insight and making your thorough research available. I'm wondering if you will add what karma in the 12th house would look like, and what it would mean if there are no aspects to karma? I would also appreciate any guidance in finding that information.
Anonymous said…
This was really insightful. But I was also wondering if you could post what asteroid karma would look like in the 11th house?
Anonymous said…
Karma scorpio on the 4th house...
Madison Martin said…
Hi! I loved this take on asteroid Karma... I wish there was more easily accessible info on this asteroid.

I have a question involving karma transits.

Currently transit karma is at 0* Virgo conjunct my North Node at 1* Virgo. (Conjunct 11th house cusp)

This is also coinciding with transit North Node at 19* Gemini conjunct my vertex also at 19* Gemini. (8th house)

What could this signify? This seems symbolically karmic.

To give any further info, my natal karma is located in the 4th house, at 10* Aquarius conjunct natal Uranus at 10* Aquarius; transiting Jupiter at 7* Aquarius is beginning to activate that point by a loose 3* conjunction.

Natal Saturn at 3* Taurus is conjunct my moon at 5* Taurus (7th house) Which is being conjuncted by transit Uranus at 6* Taurus.

Thank you so much for all of your wisdom and time.

Sincerely, Madison
Tiffany said…

I am looking to understand my karma asteroid a bit more, hoping someone can help,

This is what is going on in my chart around the karma asteroid.

Karma- 26 degrees Virgo in the 12th house
Venus- 27 degrees Virgo in the 12th house
Moon- 28 degrees Virgo in the 12th house
Psyche- 1 degree Libra in the 1st house (not sure if this is considered conjunct since it is in another house but still within 5 degrees)
Unknown said…
Karma en maison 10 ? conjoint à mon NN en plus dommage pas d'informations dessus, ni la maison ni la conjonction.
Thank You, very interesting. I found my Karma next to Pluto. In libra in the second. And that degree is having plenty of objects all around my chart. It is funny, Ive pondered about death, sins, guilt, forgineness and such in my artistic work for years. And got my rebirth after that digging. And its great.
Anonymous said…
It'd be nice if there was karma in houses 10-12 in this article and i can't find interpretations anywhere else.
Yes, anonymous. I've been very busy with workload due to Covid-19 inconvenience. I will definitely upload the remaining part.

Just Saturn and Pluto not in a good mood these days.
Anonymous said…
what is karma in scorpio in 5th house?
Veronica said…
What would you say about me? I have karma conjunct astarte and my ascendant in scorpio all at 6th degree. I also have Nessus conjunct ceres and descending node in Capricorn at 13th degree. Would I be an example of someone who was a bad person in a past life and is here to heal it?

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