Want a Healthy Skin and Fit Lifestyle Then Switch to Malaysian Red Palm Oil

Nikita Gharat at red palm oil at tajlands end

“Mary had a little Lamb , his fleece was white as snow , Palm oil makes boring food tasty and gives my skin a glow”

Hey Beauties,

Since , I am a complete Beauty, Fitness and Health Buff. I am always looking out for better cooking oils that make my food tasty and skin healthy. I recently came across the health benefits of Red Palm oil from Malaysia on the internet and so ,it was an absolute honour to attend the interactive session with the   *Minister of Primary Industries*, Teresa Kok ma’am along with the other dignitaries who enlightened us about the health benefits of red palm oil. It was great to know that red palm oil is very high in the antioxidants beta-carotene, lycopene and tocotrienols, a form of vitamin E, that is also said to be cardio-protective.
Honorable Minister of Primary Industries Teresa Kok Ma'am

This great informative  and interactive session organised by @thinkpalmoil at @tajlandsend cleared all the doubts in my mind about  Red palm oil .It is definitely something which can be incorporated in Indian cooking as it is free of trans fat, cholesterol etc. 
Honorable Minister of Primary Industries Teresa Kok Ma'am

Therefore, I thought about penning down a small jingle to sum up the  health , beauty and fitness benefits of palm oil with the following jingle 

“Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a  pail of water , Palm oil takes care of my health like mother care for daughter”

And this event  was even  more special for me as I received the Award for my jingles from the Honorable Minister of Primary Industries (Malaysia) Teresa Kok , Ma’am.
Nikita Gharat receiving the award from Teresa Kok Ma'am at Tajlands end

I would like to thank Hon’ble Minister of Primary Industries  (Malaysia) Madam Teresa Kok, for taking out time to meet us as well as the other eminent dignitaries like 

Datuk Dr Kalyana Sundaram - CEO MPOC,
Consul General of Malaysia in Mumbai - Mr Zainal Azlan Mohd Nadzir, 
Dato’Lee Yeow Chor - Chairman of MPOC 
Dr Ahmad Parveez Ghulam Kadir - Deputy DG Malaysian Palm Oil Board and 
Dr Bhavna Shah - Country Representative India and Srilanka - MPOC 

For more information on Palm Oil, you can visit their website www.mpoc.org

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star , 
How I wonder what you are ,
 Palm oil makes the food so good ,
 I twinkle like a Star in a Happy mood 

Some More pics from the Fascinating Event 

Me asking a question to the Dignitaries about the health benefits of redpalmoil

Nikita Gharat at tajlandsend for Red Palmoil event


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