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Scorpio Man Love, Lust, and ObsessionScorpio Man Love, Lust, and Obsession by Nikita Gharat
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think she has described, the Scorpio man point blank. What I liked is the fact that she has elaborated the Scorpio stare.

She let's the girl in love with a Scorpio man distinguish between love and lust. It is true that Scorpio men are known for the loyalty but they can also be brutal heartbreakers. This book helps in finding out whether you are with a keeper or breaker. Also, there are additional chapters such as Scorpio man and eros signs, which help in knowing "what triggers the particular scorpio man".

The book has detailed insight, I loved reading it. Recommended for those in love with a Scorpio man and also for those who are Scorpio themselves.

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Scorpio Male Love With Pisces Female

Explore Scorpio male love with Pisces female! Strange admiration from Pisces woman to a Scorpio man often leads to love followed by marriage. If not, then it usually leads to strong and unforgettable relationship. As one of few opportunities she will not resist the first admiration, which would lead to a long friendship.

Those two are created for each other. Well, it may seem sad, but sometimes Pisces and Scorpios secretly fear and allow the postponement of decisions from day to day overshadow the joy that could be reached together. If they did not open their eyes on time, then the couple fall apart. A few reasons could lead to such a tragedy.

Exploring Scorpio male love with Pisces female further, the first reason for not being together is that someone of them (or both) may belong to another, when they meet for the first time and know each other. And then one of them (or both) may not have the courage to admit response from their hearts, because the sense of compunction will interrupt. Sometimes it is wrong feeling, because fidelity is kept, at the end it will lead to loss, because is not easy to be in relationship with someone whose heart does not belong to you, and it is really very sad. This is not a word in defense of adultery or divorce. It is an attempt to give a piece of advice, to these two man and woman help them to avoid mistakes
Sometimes children or other considerations hinder them to be together, and the relationship should be terminated. When it comes to Pisces and Scorpios, the pain is very severe, such severe that even the time cannot heal it. Some come out of this situation through the increased integrity. Some stay where they are.

Female Pisces and male Scorpio, who do not face these problems (or solve them together), have an excellent opportunity of long-term relationship in which there is no space for boredom. However, another warning must be placed: if the above named causes and disharmony has been avoided, these two have opportunity to check if they are meant to each other, and they may be forced to overcome a strong temptation to a variety of lures, which is a potential danger to Scorpio male love with Pisces female.

Once these men and women have their feeling tested, and if the harmony has no obstacle from the very beginning, their lives become as a symphony of joy and serenity, peace and pleasure. Of course, there will be some difficulties, but they are going to be very slight. Scorpio man has a strong, deep feelings and convictions, and he will vigorously resist any attempts to deflect him to where he does not want to go. He will also stay trying to have his girlfriend trusted him unconditionally. It's very selfish. But the Pisces woman won’t offend the double standard of male domination, as might the other woman could offend it. 

Typical Pisces woman will not panic because of the periodic manifestations of Scorpio man selfishness. In any case, she will deal well. While he believes that he is on his way, she would tenderly and gently push him even closer to the deceptively fragile network. 

Developing further Scorpio male love with Pisces female, one quality that cannot attract him to her, it is his habit to nag: not blatantly and openly. Woman-Pisces doesn’t do so. She strikes you with a feather, nags little by little, almost gently, unobtrusively. It unobtrusively to the majority of men, but senses of Scorpio so sensitive that he can discern subtle nuances what the other men are not given. 

Like water, dripping all the time at regular intervals, she can overcome resistance to the representative of any other zodiac sign , so that  it be hardly noticed by him. Sagittarius, however, will notice it and give green light to anger. He may destroy their love, because the Scorpio deliver the unpleasant and harsh words that  cripple her pride. She will pay back, she may plunge him into despair and make him feel all the futility of their suffering through heavy tears, fears and reticence, despite its mystery and inscrutability. If she, the sea monster creates serious threat to his masculinity, he will leave her, even if it breaks his heart.

However if she learns this lesson, he will come back. He could go back to any other woman but this woman doesn’t  give him rest, even in a dream. Separation and reconciliation can take several hours or days, weeks, or months, sometimes years. This is a long time, but Pisces, Scorpio, are patient and ready to be the victims in need to find the most important thing. The sense of unity and ecstasy, they are experiencing at the time of physical proximity, imperceptibly brings Pisces and Scorpios together, allowing Scorpio male love with Pisces female.


It is live now on Amazon and Kindle! Anyone who writes a verified review of the book gets a 3- Aspect Love Compatibility reading for FREE!

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Anonymous said…
It would appear you have plagiarised Linda Goodman? Best to reference her.
sashmita, gwalior said…
wow, this is so true ! the part about being with someone else when we first met !
I met this scorpio guy about a year back and he was sooo right for me, smart & funny, had this amazing personality ! n sexy ! ;-) when we started talking I felt we were friends our whole life, the connection was so good.

but I was with someone else for last 2 years and so I didn't tell him about my feelings. now I realize the guy I am with is a mistake, I was impulsive in moving in with him.
but the scorpio guy is gone from my life. :-(
I would never find another like him. :-(
Scorpio Woman said…
To Anonymous, I am not the author of this article. It has been pasted from another site. Yes, it appears to be plagiarized to me. But the content makes sense and I am a fan of Linda Goodman.
Pisces Woman said…
To Sashmita, Gwalior

Hi, I know the connection is terribly awesome. I felt that too, a year and a half back. I am a Pisces like you.If you don't mind I would like to offer you a free tarot reading to see if this Scorpio man will come back or may be if you'll meet another one like him!! Also, if you have birth chart details then it would be even better. I would analyze ur chart for free and let u know :)
Anonymous said…
some really bad typos in the article. in the para on nagging, it's HER habit to nag, not his.

also, "scorpio will notice" and NOT sagitarrius will notice.
pisces girl Sashmita said…
I am a march 15 pisces born in 1986. He is a november scorpio 2 years older than me. pls pls tell me if I can find my way into his caring arms. :-( I really miss his funny ways and how he took care of me when I was upset(as a friend but I knew he had feelings for me). :-(

I broke up with my BF last week. he was just too cold and distant, is that normal for capricorns ? I felt he stringed me along just to keep someone around, had no feelings for me. when he said he loved was just an act he put up, the creep !
Tarot and Life said…

I can give you a free reading just choose 3 numbers between 1 to 36. I will let you the results. Anyways, Capricorns are a complete no-no for Pisces women. Don't ever go for a Capri, they will make your life hell. The reason is that they are chauvinistic and try to control a pisces woman by being dry towards her. It is not that they are not interested but they want to keep a pisces in control. They use cold tactics to do so.
Anonymous said…
She was born3/7/61he 11/9/59.

Anonymous said…
I wouldd like to know if Mt Scorpio male will come back to me
Unknown said…
Interesting! I am a pisces and have run into many encounters with a couple scorpios in the past or at least I tend to flock toward them. Currently I am seeing one that I feel like we have a very strong underlying connection together and it's only been a couple dates and I already forsee that it might actually last. Its interesting to think that he actually might be the one.
Hello Katelyn,

Do you mind giving me yours and your beloved's birth details? I will give you a Free Synastry and Composite Analysis with asteroid interpretation as well. Thank you for liking the post :) You can look for Scorpio Man love lust and obsession posts here on my blog!
Hello Katelyn,

Do you mind giving me yours and your beloved's birth details? I will give you a Free Synastry and Composite Analysis with asteroid interpretation as well. Thank you for liking the post :) You can look for Scorpio Man love lust and obsession posts here on my blog!
to anonymous, please specify your birth details :) I will give you an insight
Unknown said…
Hi, I was wondering if you could do a reading for me. I was with a November Scorpio 3 years ago, and I've never been able to forget him. I'm a March 13 pisces. I still feel add if there is a strong connection with him, but I want to be sure before I attempt to pursue

Katherine, I will do it for you, can you please give me your details and his details or else if you don't have his please gimme the timing of your first or significant meeting with this guy.

Katherine, I will do it for you, can you please give me your details and his details or else if you don't have his please gimme the timing of your first or significant meeting with this guy.
Unknown said…
Aishwarya I appologize for this long overdue reply. I lost the link to the blog and just not stumbled back into it. He is 11/03/1988 and i 03/13/1989. Our first significant meeting was February 20th of 2010. I remember it as if it were just yesterday
hey I will just do a reading for you :) I will post the details.
Unknown said…
Ok i will take that =] thank you
Nita said…
Can you do an article on Cancer woman and Scorpio man?
Sure Nita, I will soon write one blog post for Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man. Kindly become a member of Smartyoungsters community, it's free!
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
can you help me out: my Scorpio 11/15/1977 and I'm a Pisces 3/5/80 we are in a situation where nether wants to let go he has cheated and moved on, we were together for a 1yr 13-14 but tends to Rome back and forth causing my emotions to flair up what to do.
Hey guyz I'm really busy sorry for not being around for too long. What you guyz think of having a "Smartyoungsters Blog Forum"? That will be easier for all of us. You can post your questions and natal details so that I can give you'll a free reading!

Right now, you can subscribe to my blog and become a member, it's all FREE!
Katherine, I will give you the reading, just subscribe to my blog and also become a member. I have been busy, sorry for the inconvenience!
Kathleen, share ur birth details, Hey guyz I'm really busy sorry for not being around for too long.

Right now, you can subscribe to my blog and become a member, it's all FREE!
Rainepisces said…
Hi im just looking for an advice can you help me?
I wanna know if this scorpio guy like me or do i have a chance to be together with him i met him last year in our school assembly and i fell in love pls help me
Rainepisces said…
Hi can you give some advise pls
Anonymous said…
This is almost copied straight from Linda Goodman's Love Signs. Sad that this blog is nominated for an award yet the work isn't original. Sad... For those of you looking for more information, Linda Goodman is basically where this blog is copying from.
Unknown said…
The writer here is accurate because s/he copied from Linda Goodman's Love Signs. As the other person commented, she should be referenced here. She was an amazing writer and her work deserves to be credited. It's pitiful that you basically re-worded everything she said...
For all those with negative comments. Kindly read the article properly. There is a linkback to this site using anchor text which does not exist now. I don't claim the authorship. In any case, it is not plagiarized. I respect Linda Goodman as any good astrologer would. She is the Kohinoor and nobody has mastered up in recent times to her level.

I am not copying from her or anyone else and you can check the rest of the blog. It is essential to first check before you make such comments and mislead others.

Anonymous said…
Hi I've been dealing with a Scorpio guy for 3 months and I need insite my birthday is 3/15 his is 10/24
Dear Dm me on my page, . I need all the details to give you the free insight.



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