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Scorpio Man Love, Lust, and ObsessionScorpio Man Love, Lust, and Obsession by Nikita Gharat
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think she has described, the Scorpio man point blank. What I liked is the fact that she has elaborated the Scorpio stare.

She let's the girl in love with a Scorpio man distinguish between love and lust. It is true that Scorpio men are known for the loyalty but they can also be brutal heartbreakers. This book helps in finding out whether you are with a keeper or breaker. Also, there are additional chapters such as Scorpio man and eros signs, which help in knowing "what triggers the particular scorpio man".

The book has detailed insight, I loved reading it. Recommended for those in love with a Scorpio man and also for those who are Scorpio themselves.

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Scorpio Man: Love, Lust, Obsession and Insanity -1

You must have read many articles written on Scorpio man's love. Most articles speak about his mystery and strong determination of getting the one he desires. His dedication, perseverance and loyalty. Although all these things are true. There are many sides to this mystery man who may boost about being the most loyal of all zodiac signs. In reality, Scorpio man can be the most loyal and the most disloyal. He can be the least bothered to the most obsessed of all lovers.

Linda Goodman quotes in her Scorpio Man chapter of "Sun Signs" book about the first impression of this man as, "He has got you thinking that he is either good or extremely wicked, he is neither or maybe he is both".

The fact is that as girl in love with a Scorpio; you must know whether he is in love or is it lust. You may not find another article online that has such detailing.

Let's see how he will react in both situations:

Love: Steady gaze. However, the stare will be hypnotizing, deep, mysterious but placid. Remember Jack Dawson's eyes as he makes Rose's painting in Titanic. Leonardo has given the character a Scorpion touch. Jack is focused on his goal. But he is passionately in love; he just has the lid on; just!

When a Scorpio man is staring at you, he will never break the stare first. He will have his eyes locked with yours. This is one of the most important techniques of judging his seriousness for you. 

Less amount of words. Deadly persuasion. I mean "deadly". He'll find you even if you are hiding at one end of the Universe. Yes, but only if you have reciprocated to his feelings. A Scorpio man can either die for you or can kill you (only to repent) when he is pursuing you.  

He wants all the love and gives you all the love, money, fame and happiness. See so many things in return of  just one thing! There is no halfheartedness, no thinking and no realization of right or wrong. It is all futile. He only knows and believes that he wants you. There is no other thing on his mind. Call it madness. It is Scorpio love.  

Lust: Lot's of giggle. Lot's of cheesy talk. Dirty stares and dirty talk. Quick responses to your moves. No restriction and no control. Don't think keeping a Scorpio man means lot's of "you know what". It will only keep him tied to your bed for sometime. Then at his will, he will move on. You can't hold him. He is a strong willed person who only listens to his own will. 

At the most, you'll be his favorite friend. But nothing more than that. If you have no intelligence, no challenge and no purity of soul to offer; he has no patience to offer.  If you lack in any two of these departments and have at least one then he may be interested in you. 

Nevertheless, it will be a fragile interest. He will hold on a bit longer if you have "profit" to offer. Something that will help him attain his present goal (they have endless goals). This is Scorpio Lust!

Scorpion men are great at breaking hearts and they are the most lustful of all men. You will find him changing girlfriends like he changes his clothes. The same old story will be repeated time and on. Till the time he finds the one who fits in the three departments. She may, too, bring on the profit! But it's not at all a compulsion. Scorpio taste is high so the girl he loves is usually the "most wanted" of all. Therefore, he may soar on great seas of wealth when she comes in his life. One such example is, Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri. 

Gauri brought lots of luck in the Scorpion King's life. She was a pretty teenager when he fell in love with her. Very pretty indeed!

Let's see the next chapter: Scorpio Man: Obsession and Insanity


It is live now on Amazon and Kindle! Anyone who writes a verified review of the book gets a 3- Aspect Love Compatibility reading for FREE!


Anyone who orders the #fulllovecompatibility reading will get a personalized report with the following subtitles: natal and synastry charts of the couple, couple's overall compatibility, what brought them together, sexual compatibility, emotional compatibility, growth compatibility, durability, compatibility percentage and remedies. It is a 12 pages report, please go through the entire report before making any comments. Each report is personal and NOT made using any software, except for the charts. If you don't understand anything then please get in touch with me via PM on my FB page.

P.S: You may face delay in getting the reading, but you will get it. I understand that relationships are fragile things that contain a lot of emotional energy and can lead to emotional illness. So, have faith. I am here to help. Good chi to you!


Anonymous said…
I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already ;) Cheers!
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25 yr old male scorpio said…
wow ! this is incredible ! it feels as if you were standing beside me all my life as I went through it.

u r rt about the capture with sex, we may not say no to the sex but we won't get caught by it if other demands are not fulfilled.

bad idea to catch a scorpio male with sex.
Scorpio Man said…
To Sabina,

Thank you, for liking the post. I am a good blogger but not famous as yet.
Pisces Woman said…
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Anonymous said…
Excellent post, thanks for sharing this. I now know to work gently but firmly with this current Scorpio.
I am glad you liked my post and found it to be helpful anonymous! You need to wrap Scorpio Men around your "emerald earrings" as Linda Goodman states, I quite agree with her. Watch out for my book... Scorpio Man, Love, Lust and Obsession.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hello, Fatima, please elaborate to tell me what exactly you mean by lust and how long have you been engaged with this guy. I will be able to help you out.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
hi ashwarya
i have been engage to him for 3 months now.he had an ex fiance for 5 years. i broke up with him 2 times already. i dont like the way he flirts with his other girlfriends.
he told me he wont n thn stopped. but recently again i checked his phone is was flirting with his one very good friends. i told him again. he said he is not going anywhere n tht he is mine..he is just having a lil fun here n there.. n tht i should chill abt it. i dont kw how far will i be chil abt it.
Fatima, there is one way to test a Scorpio's loyalty. Does he want to walk an extra mile for you? Does he give you unrelenting attention when he is with you? Can you sense his emotions or he is light and flirty with you too?

If he is possessive about you then he is surely saying the truth when he says that he is only yours. Scorpios are big flirts and they flirt around with lot of girls but they come home only to the one who is a strong independent woman. If he says he is not into anything believe him. But examine if he wants to bring the world at your feet and feels fiercely protective about you. His stare must tell you about his passion for you and it need not be demonstrative. Just a silent deep stare will tell you if he is yours or not. Take care, try not to nudge him or he'll freak out.
Anonymous said…
Aishwarya hi, he is light n flirty with me too. Earlier v had loads of discussion on me questioning on his loyalty, he always got hyper n explained me in depth for hours n convenience me. Yeah he is possessive abt me tht I knw..but I dont knw abt THT STARE, whether I ever got tht..he wants to.marry me asap thts 1 thing he says
hey please follow my blog! N tell others too, Well In your case I don't there is too much to worry. If he is possessive then it is alright. Scorpions don't get possessive about anyone randomly.
Anonymous said…
Hi, I am a Scorpion man, 26. I read through your blog about scorpion guys. I felt I was reading about myself. Its 100% true. Good job (y)
Hey thanks Anonymous from Dec 20 2014, I am writing a book, will give away free copies. Kindly become a member n keep pouring in your suggestions. It's free to be a member!
Anonymous said…
Everything you say about scorpio's is true. I am a libra and I met my Scorpio in high school. We were very much in love. He went into the service and we broke up. 4 years later, he tried to get me back, but I rejected him every time, he tried alot. 19 years later, we met randomly and spoke for a bit. Unknown to him, my marriage at this point was on the rocks, and he looked like a knight on a white horse. I didn't see him again. 10 years later, he is at my best friend in high school, Dad's wake. He found me on Facebook and we are together now and I couldn't be happier. He is my true love and he never gave up on me.
09.11.88 said…

I relate to this and your other articles strongly. Very well written.

I have never had an astrology chart read properly, but all online 'chart calculators' prove me to have:

Sun in Scorpio
Moon in Scorpio
Mercury in Scorpio (&)
Pluto in Scorpio

From what i've read, this is a lot. And indeed i believe to feel this a lot.

Any thoughts on what all this scorpio means for me will be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Thank the anonymous from feb 3, thanks for sharing your experience
ok 9 Nov 1988, can you give me your time and place so that I can give you an accurate insight?

Yes, there is too much scorpio in your chart and if all of them are in one house then you will deal with the responsibilities of that house in the most intense scorpionic way!
09.11.88 said…
Thanks. It was (as far as mum remembers) 2:30pm and in Melbourne Australia :)
I read your chart you have Sun conjunct moon and pluto in the 9th house (Scorpio). I am guessing you have deep hypnotic liquid eyes. As a powerhouse, your emotions run deep and you have an obsessive desire to understand and take knowledge. If you try Kundalini yoga, you will know more about it than anyone else other than the creator has ever known. There is a thirst of a compulsive kind for "quest" inside you. You want to know, discover and move beyond what is established. Ancient treasures, mysteries, religions, beliefs and adventures related to that thrill you and you feel deeply about unraveling them!
09.11.88 said…
Yes that sums me up, I am interested in all of those things. I have never tried yoga so will look into it! however, i have practiced Qi Gong; which is spontaneous movement meditation.

Fascinating what you have written, I haven't trusted anyone to ask about this until now. Many thanks, you may hear from me again.

091188 said…
Also how can you prove your comment about the Kundalini yoga?
Hey Thank you 9 Nov 1988. You can do a bit of research on Kundalini Yoga before you get into it because it is very powerful. Read books etc. You will come across interesting discoveries.
Anonymous said…
The Scorpio tells me outright that I'm his and yet doesn't give me the focused attention that is highly spoken of. Whenever I suggest that we would be better off having a casual relationship, he tells me that it's a committed relationship or nothing. He's told me in a drunken state to leave him alone, but when I ask if that's what he really wants, he said no like a child. He acts so lonely, but I'm very dedicated to him. I'm sensitive to his need for reassurance as well as his need for freedom. I only weep if he makes me a promise and tries to break it. Then he's the most devoted. This is why I would prefer the casual relationship. His promises wouldn't mean anything to me and I wouldn't cry. I would take him lightly, as someone who is not serious about me. Whenever I start to act that way, because he acts like our relationship isn't important, then he responds like he doesn't believe me when I express my affection. It's not constant and he is only consistent about one thing, that he doesn't want me to be anything but his woman. He even gave me a book on marriage to read. The only problem is, with his tendency to demand attention and loyalty on the spot, but become detached at his convenience...I don't want to marry him. He's not husband material for me. My husband needs to be as dedicated as I am on some level. Once he told me that I basically was everything he wants in a woman (independent, compassionate, fun, funny, strong, etc) and he asked me if he was everything I wanted in a man. I felt bad, because I couldn't say yes. I just said, "I'm still trying to find that out. I haven't determined that yet". We've only been together 4 months. I truly love him and I think he might really love me, but his Scorpio way of demanding his needs then detaching once they are fulfilled is very selfish and is the one thing that is ruining our relationship. Right now he is working out of town. He still can't keep in touch in a way that is satisfying to me. He contacts me daily, but it's so casual with jokes only. Then when he gets in the mood, he always wants to know exactly what I'm doing. I'm having fun with friends and building my business while he's out of town. He responds to this with joy that I'm not sitting around, but I can also tell that it scares him. I don't understand this that I see in and fear at the same time when I've NEVER failed him. He would definitely say that I've never failed him. He's already failed me several times. Yet, I don't scream. I express, then give him the option and grace to recover. It's always his choice and so far he always chooses to recover. Is this going to be our love relationship forever? Me devoted and keeping time with his moods, responding appropriately, because I'm able and him just being all over the place? I'm a Pisces...a young looking 41. He is a Scorpio beyond his years, a very mature 33. He LOVES older women. He always has, so that's not the issue. I adore younger men, so that's not the issue either. We are both experienced in the age difference relationships.
that is okay, I would first ask you to relax. If you can, practice meditation and it will restore a lot of peace to your mind. See the thing with your guy is he is just playing casual. There is a difference between acting casual and being casual. He is actually irritated with himself and that he is passing on to you. Can you tell me what has decided about your and his future? Does he have this passionate desire to do a lot to please you?
Anonymous said…
I have been seeing a Scorpio man for months, it took him nearly 2 months before he decided he was ready to call it what it was that we are in a committed relationship. But when we are together and drinking he always talks about these plans for our future. I mean he talks about us moving in together, getting married, me having his child. My only problem is that he only talks about this when we drink, otherwise it's like he never said those things and we weren't just planning our future just the night before..... Please advise

I have to tell you that a drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts. If your Scorpio man mentioned about moving together and getting married then he surely has you on his mind. But he will resent being vulnerable during the day. A Scorpio man is most uncomfortable in accepting the fact that he feels vulnerable in love and he thinks by admitting it he will be giving his partner the power. Pluto is power and Scorpio is pluto. Think how annoying he must be feeling to give in his power to someone else. Yes, in his heart he plans but it will take a while for him to come up in the open. But the good part is that there is a start. How are your moon, chart ruler, 5th, 8th and 7th house ruler aspects in synastry?
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your encouraging message. I'm not sure of our charts. I know he has fears about what he had told me, as he has flat out told me. I have fears also, but I know in my heart and mind I do love him, and he is good for me. I was wondering if it possible for another persons presence can help or cure another of medical conditions? I ask because since we've been together the anxiety and hives I've dealt with all my life has completely disappeared and the pains I have been suffering from due to car accident also disappear when I'm with him but reappear when we are apart. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
It is true that a person can have a positive influence on you. It is also true that a person can have a negative influence on you. Actually, it is about the energy the person carries. Even when that person is not physically present, his or her energy affects your auric field. It is actually the principal behind the "reiki" practice. But what most of us don't know is it is not an extraordinary thing. "Healing touch" is very much a reality and ordinary thing. By thoughts also you attract the energy of that person. Good or bad, it cures or destroys you. So, your experience is true. You must do a synastry chart. I believe their must be good jupiter, moon and venus connections.
Anonymous said…
I have been with my Scorpio man going on 4.5 months we have been talking about the future and he is realizing that he has to give more to me than he has, but last weekend (his birthday weekend) I took off work to spend with him. He was being confrontational all night Friday into Saturday morning. We had our good moments though during the night too. He mentioned that he spends more time with his dog and fish than he does me, I responded well of course the live with you I don't, he said now isn't saying something. I asked what he meant by that but he just said forget it, then went on to tell me how much he loved my knees, my legs, my feet. I started laughing as I never thought my knees or feet were ever very sexy. He then said I don't think your woman enough. I was so hurt I got up changed out of his shirt back into my clothes and grabbed my drink and purse and started walking out. He stopped me by saying so your just going to leave me like that, I told him why should I stay if I'm not woman enough then walked out and drove home. He told me I was not welcome there and bye. I responded with fine then jeez, bye. Later Saturday I told him I have to go there Sunday morning to drop off his birthday present (cowboy bible I inscribed with words of love and devotion in Spanish as he is learning Spanish now). After I drove over and dropped off his present Sunday on his porch bench I texted him happy birthday. He responded (finally) and said thank u. I sent him a text letting him know I had dropped off his present and hoped he liked it. 10 minutes later he said it was great. Other than that he had been freezing me out. Well after texting and only one word responses if any. I gave up trying and told him the ball is in his court. Nothing from him so the rest of Tuesday night and all Wednesday I didn't call or text him. 6:30 am Thursday morning he messaged me asking how work was. I didn't respond, figured I'd make him work to get me talking again. 2.5 hours later he says okay I won't bother you. I finally responded told him my son was home sick with scarlet fever all week and I was busy with him. He was concerned about him asking about it, then nothing since noon. I finally text him again saying hope your day was good, good night. He responded quickly Nite, do you know how long the carnival is in town. I told him probably through the weekend then it's over. He asked if me and my kids would go, but not to tell them and get their hopes up in case he can't go. I explained I wouldn't get paid till next week but thanked him for the invite. He said if we go he'd pay, I asked if we could discuss it further tomorrow and now I haven't heard from him. I'm so confused, first he tells me I'm not welcome back at his place and bye then freezes me out, then he thinks my gift for his birthday was great (though he got mad when I told him that I had got him something and said he didn't want our need anything) then freezes me out again, but I disappear for about a day and half and I'm the first in his mind when he wakes up only to shut me out when I start talking again. Now he wants to take me and my kids to the fair and pay for it all to nothing when I ask to talk about it the next day.... What is going on? I'm scared to even being up the fact we haven't talked about last weekend and what happened or where we stand anymore. I know that him talking at all is a good sign. Speaking of signs the song he dedicated to me was playing on the news Thursday morning, on my drive home from work the song I have for his messages starts playing, my daughter is wearing the shirt he gave her, then I buy a diet it coke and the name in it (share with) is his...... all this the same day he started talking to me again LOL....So I'm not much of believing in the universe giving me signs, but that was a bit much in one day on that day

I don't think there is any need for you to worry. Just play it cool, he said that you are not feminine enough because above everything Scorpios are self-protective. If you want a deeper insight then I will have to look into your charts. If you are fine with giving the details here, then you can you give me his n your birth details. Otherwise, inbox me on my fb page

I will give you a FREE short reading. Remember, one thing Scorpio men are not easy to understand that is why they are the "mystery men" of the zodiac!
Anonymous said…
We have both lost our birth records but I can tell you I was born 8/4/1977 (times unknown) born in Frederick, Maryland USA, he was born 11/1/1972 born in Kentucky USA (also his times and city unknown). I don't know how much that will help without the times and his birth city....any insight is greatly appreciated
It is alright I will take a look
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much!! An update to the situation is on Saturday he asked me to stop at his place once I got off work. When I was there he told me he knows he wants to marry me but his mind is not yet where his heart is. He also told me that he has the ring and wants my ring size so he can have it fitted. He tried to show it to me but I refused and told him show it to me when you're ready to use it. He hesitated as I walked out of the room and back into the living room then followed behind me. He was all I love you, you're beautiful, you're pretty, you're cute all day..... but what got my attention, that I tried to seem unfazed by, was while showering he poked his head in on me and said I love you, you're the love of my life.

I think you have mentioned birth dates in mm/dd/yy method. Is that correct?
Anonymous said…
Yes that is correct
ok then I will take a look.
Anonymous said…
Thank you
hey hi all,

I have been busy for two weeks continuously and now a bit unwell. I haven't got time to look into the free short readings and even some of my paid consultations and reports are waiting.

I will start working from today. New article on Pluto,Mars and Moon transit and natal aspects coming up!!
Anonymous said…
I was wondering if you had a chance to look into our charts yet, I only ask because he proposed to me on Friday night as I was leaving to go to work. Thank you
Anonymous said…

I was searching for previous comment but lost my way. Anyways,glad for this one. I found your synastry quite appealing. It is ideal for a romantic movie. Love and passion, mutual respect and comfort. You seem to be the high-strung one while he seems to be the more refined one. His emotions are in tune with his action and you can channelize his actions in the forward direction. You also feel sympathetic towards his pain and offer him nurturing. There is a psychic link between the two of you. Something like the "heart knows". This is a healing relationship with strong karmic forces. But it can be an upheaval relationship with strong undercurrents. There is a see-saw pattern to it which can be very disturbing the long-term.

You too can be easily addicted to each other and can never erase each other out of your mind. This is the case even if there has been a bitter fight or an upsetting incident. There is intoxication, like a love drug.

Conclusion: I don't think it's wrong to accept his proposal at all!
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much, that put alot of my mind at ease as I had already accepted the proposal but this only reaffirms my decision. Thank you again so much for all your insight.
Dolly said…
Hey i am an aries born on 8 april 1999 hyd can u plz look into mychart time would be around9pm this guy who is a scorpio born nov16 would stare at me always and all of a sudden stopped staring nor he directly approached me i find these scorpios complicated man !

Dolly said…
And i also wanted to knw abt my love life plz...... And even abt him what he thought abt me ?my name is dolly
Happy for you :)

Please like


Kindly like this page, you can message me there as well.
Dolly said…
Can u give detailed description of my love life please..
Unknown said…
I was hoping you could do a chart reading for me and the guy I've been seeing for about 8 months now....I just found a box with a ring while cleaning his place. I was born August 4 1977 in Prince Georges, Maryland USA at 11:23am he was born in Cleveland, Ohio USA at 6:01pm
Unknown said…
I'm a Libra 30 mines is only 22 but he was the same way at first it's been two years i quit chasing him and he began chasing me now he I completely obsessed which I love And hate it's a gift and a curse loving a Scorpio I will tell you that they can read your every thought don't ever doubt they know something you maybe hiding which is why they pull away just be honest and assertive of your feelings if he don't return them walk away if he does not chase you he doesn't love you
Unknown said…
I'm a Libra 30 mines is only 22 but he was the same way at first it's been two years i quit chasing him and he began chasing me now he I completely obsessed which I love And hate it's a gift and a curse loving a Scorpio I will tell you that they can read your every thought don't ever doubt they know something you maybe hiding which is why they pull away just be honest and assertive of your feelings if he don't return them walk away if he does not chase you he doesn't love you
Unknown said…
Hey am new here and I'm a scorpio an we never give up on what we set our mind to..
Welcome Sheldon, much like a Scorpio.
Unknown said…
I am a scorpion.
Some how I landed here.
But I wanna say that whatever you have written seems the story of mine.
Even I can't describe myself in this much detail.

Nice to read it.

Aishwarya said…
Thank you Naveen. You can take a look at the book. It is available for free for KDP subscribers. The title is Scorpio Man, Love, Lust and Obsession.

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