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Scorpio Man Love, Lust, and ObsessionScorpio Man Love, Lust, and Obsession by Nikita Gharat
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think she has described, the Scorpio man point blank. What I liked is the fact that she has elaborated the Scorpio stare.

She let's the girl in love with a Scorpio man distinguish between love and lust. It is true that Scorpio men are known for the loyalty but they can also be brutal heartbreakers. This book helps in finding out whether you are with a keeper or breaker. Also, there are additional chapters such as Scorpio man and eros signs, which help in knowing "what triggers the particular scorpio man".

The book has detailed insight, I loved reading it. Recommended for those in love with a Scorpio man and also for those who are Scorpio themselves.

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Scorpio Man: Love, Lust, Obsession and Insanity -2

In the previous article we spoke about Scorpio Man's Love and Lust. In this article, we'll speak about his Obsession and Insanity. You will find many topics on Scorpio Man's love. But about his obsession and insanity there might be very less information. 

So, Let's see what is the much talked about Obsession and Insanity of  a Scorpio Man:

Obsession: He is something who will be obsessed about the one who he loves. If he is a typical Scorpio he will be passionate about everything about his lover and everyone related to her. Scorpions are known for their possessiveness. However, possessiveness is not just about control. His possessiveness is about knowing everything about his lover. He wants to control all of it. He's driven by everything that relates to his lover.

You might find it chilling and suffocating. But this is how they are. A scorpio man wants to own his lover. She is his property. He is unwilling to give any space to her. Reason? He is suspicious and insecure.  A scorpio man is vulnerable in love. Unlike he's image; he is not strong when it comes to emotions. He may pretend to be brash, harsh and cold. But his emotions run deep and dark. A good way to avoid the dark is by keeping him secure.  Keeping him secure means giving him respect and lot's of emotional support. Yet,  she should hold her ground. 

You might find your Scorpio lover dropping in without giving you the slightest hint of his coming. You might be  bugged by constant phone calls that have a frequent, "Where are you?" tag line!

There is no need to get bugged; he is the only man who can sleep with only one woman all his life. If you have gained Scorpio Man's trust and love- let him get obsessed.

If he is not obsessed about you, and takes things very casually. Then he is not interested in you. This doesn't mean that you should torture him with various questions. It simply means that if he is not stalking your phone, hacking your emails, twitter or facebook then he might not be that serious. On the other hand, it can also mean that "He trusts you". Yet, he will be suspicious and ask you questions in a sugar coated manner.

An obsessive scorpio lover will take care of you like a mother. All water sign men are women at heart. I hear Sagittarians, Leos and Arians laughing along with Cappys. Well, this doesn't imply that they are less "Masculine". In fact, they are the real men of the zodiac. They are the gentlemen and most macho of all 12 signs.

Why? A Superhero like Batman or Superman never let's a woman do any work. He does them all. He saves his love and risks his life for her. Spiderman Peter Parker has his entire life revolving around his sweetheart.

He can bring her the world's greatest treasures and still not complain. He will shower her with  a regular "thank you" and lot's of adulation. A scorpio man's woman is a superhero's girlfriend. She is the envy of all women.

So, anymore gregarious Sagittarius laughter? Where is the lion hiding ? Leos, you too, do the same but wouldn't risk your life for one women, would ya? No, I know, the King has many queens. Let alone chauvinistic Aries and Cappys.

Now, let's get back to the topic of Obsession of the Scorpio.

Scorpio does everything to the extreme. So, he'll love to the extreme. The eighth house of  Sex, Mystery and Death  is ruled by Scorpio. Therefore, they are the sexiest, mysterious and deadliest of all men.

If you don't calm his nerves on time then he might show you Scorpio Man's Insanity - are next sub-topic!

Insanity of a Scorpio - Scorpio is not known for his cute sense of humor like that of the Saggitarius. But you have heard about the poisonous sarcastic sense of humor. He will wound you with it if you have hurt him. Don't expect that an angry scorpio man finds it below dignity to hit you. He will  definitely do it.


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Anonymous said…
Scorpio men are quite manly, but the other water signs,Pisces and Cancer, are definitely not. And I a, Taurus, gladly laugh with the Leos, Sags, Aries and Cappies.

In fact I pity men who are born under Cancer/Pisces. They might as well castrate themselves, they are even more sensitive and bitchy than women. Female Cancer/Pisces are lovely though. :)

At least Scorpio men compensate their sensitivity with other manly qualities. Whereas
Cancer and Pisces men might as well have vaginas.
Anonymous said…
Had a bad experience with a Cancer or Pisces, per chance?
Anonymous said…
I know a Cancer man who is oozing with Manliness. He is strong and super SEXY... My brother is a Pieces and he is wonderfully manly. You are wrong to say those signs aren't real men!
I agree with the latter comments. I know Scorpio Men are "real men" but that doesn't men other water sign men are not. The sun sign is an overall picture, however, mars, venus and asteroids decided the overall make-up. Also, the angles AC, IC, MC and DC are very important.
Anonymous said…
Lol. So true. Im a taurus.
Anonymous said…
I accept that scorpio is very obseesive on me. And hi is too insanity towards me because of his insanity i feel afraid of him he might be torture me but in sexual relationship he is very honest
can u tell me your zodiac sign? N thx, yes, they can get to the point of being insane in love. But most of the times, a Scorpio walks away being afraid of their own storm of emotions. So, need to keep them calm and reassured is the key to a stable relationship!
Anonymous said…
I know a scorpio man who once said that he is not in love with me. And he was happy that I also am not in love.
But one day he saw me and was stalking me like crazy on that night. Why do they act like that?
The reason why he said that is that he is afraid of losing control in this relationship. He doesn't want you to get any hints from his side because he doesn't want you to get involved. He likes you very much but is in argument with himself. Scorpio men hate to lose control over their emotions because they are suspicious, scared to the point of being neurotic. He'll go away from you and will learn quite late that he actually wants you.
Anonymous said…
He actually told me twice that he is not in love with me and that I should not expect anything from his side.
he always answers my texts an hour late.
but is still nice to me and flirts. He never asks mr out.
so should I move on? I think he is playing games with me...
I think something is fishy here, he is probably hiding something from you. It is always better to move on in such circumstances, but like very few people know, Scorpio Men do come back especially if you have moved on he will come back to realize that he actually has feelings for you. At that time, don't take decision out of emotions,gauge and move forward only if it is sure and permanent!
Anonymous said…
I agree, Pisces and cancer are sentimental at the core, so you need to baby them to make them feel loved.
Blueball said…
I am a Pisces girl (Mar17) and my Scorpio boy is (Oct28) which we have already broken up. He said he needed some space so now I met another Scorpio boy (Nov20) who seems to be interested in me. We have been texting but he doesn't seem to be rushing into things like my first Scorpio but rather texts me when he has time. He observes me a lot and is very touchy when he is with me alone but doesn't want his friends to question him so he doesn't want me to post any pictures of us on social media. Do you think my EX will want me back after he has his "space" even though we broke up and he says he still loves me but thinks we should take a few years break? What about my Nov 20 Scorpio? What are his thoughts of us?
Sure, the pisces girl who posted a comment before mine. I will give you a reading. Please give your complete birth details (time, place, year) n also of the Scorpio boy you like. Please also follow the blog.
Anonymous said…
may i know your email address cause i have some question about scorpio man and its very long story.

Thank you before
Anonymous said…
may i know your emailad.d cause i have some question about scorpio man..
thanks before
I am starting a forum in this week. You can inbox me. I will post the link.
Rachael__ said…
The Scorpio man I'm talking to now is very confusing. It's only been the second week that I've been talking to him but I feel this deep connection that I've never felt before. The first week he was showing me how much he cared and everything then the weekend came and bam! He was distant due to the fact that I didn't reply to his "yeah" text message. I didn't know how to respond. Ever since then it's been bumpy and I'm really trying to work things out. He also got upset with me for "rather texting someone else instead of facetiming him". He completely misunderstood the situation. I had to plug my phone in because it was dying. So that lead to another argument, that led to him becoming a little more distant. I think asked him what he wanted, because I definitely want something serious. He told me he did too and that how does he know that I'm not talking to other guys and vise versa (he's in the marine corps) help!
Rachael__ said…
The Scorpio man I'm talking to now is very confusing. It's only been the second week that I've been talking to him but I feel this deep connection that I've never felt before. The first week he was showing me how much he cared and everything then the weekend came and bam! He was distant due to the fact that I didn't reply to his "yeah" text message. I didn't know how to respond. Ever since then it's been bumpy and I'm really trying to work things out. He also got upset with me for "rather texting someone else instead of facetiming him". He completely misunderstood the situation. I had to plug my phone in because it was dying. So that lead to another argument, that led to him becoming a little more distant. I think asked him what he wanted, because I definitely want something serious. He told me he did too and that how does he know that I'm not talking to other guys and vise versa (he's in the marine corps) help!
Anybody who has any questions, can like my page and inbox me here, Kindly also subscribe and follow the blog- It's FREE :)
Ds said…
Hi. I'm dating a Scorpio man since a year now. He asked me out and proposed to me. He would chase me and say loving things to me all the time. But we had some differences but we worked them out. But after that he retracted. Now he doesn't show he loves me. He sometimes doesn't reply. He doesn't initiate conversations. We are in s long distance relationship. But he gets possessive. He protects me too. Once. A while he says he loves me. But that attraction he showed earlier , he doesn't show now. What is he feeling reAlly?


I can answer your questions, I can see there is some transit issue here. Please get in touch with me via inbox your birth details n ur love's too! I will give you a free short reading. Subscribe and follow my blog for FREE :)
Anonymous said…
Scorpio men are fucking intense. I have been with one for a year and a half. No matter what I do or say he won't let me go. He warned me about 9 months in that he was dedicated to me and that no matter what I did he would still be with me and warned me not to take advantage of it. Well time came when I wanted to move on (I'm a cancer by the way with a Gemini venus. He's a Scorpio with Scorpio venus.) And he didn't care if he was a second choice and said he'd be my protector and best friend. He obviously couldn't do that and started getting suicidal and insane over me. He was even investigating my new boyfriend crazily. Well me and the other guy didn't work out and my Scorpio just snapped back like nothing happened and said he'd never let another guy in the picture again no. Matter. What. Well I need someone as consistent as him and there's no one I'm closer to. But wow I never knew someone could revolve around someone else this intensely and obsessively. I tell him I'm not in love with him anymore but he believes he can change that. He doesn't live for any other reason but me...
Unknown said…
He won't find it below his dignity to hit you?!! Wait what?!?

How did you reach that conclusion? :D
Thank you for reading the article, it is a metaphor. It means that when a Scorpio man is angry he is not thinking so you shouldn't make him angry on purpose. However, but if he loves you truly then he will shatter the earth beneath you but hold your hand as you slip. He will (even when he is drunk) never raise his hand on his lady love. He may look scary but he will assure you safety. But if he wants to get rid off you, he won't care to think. He will either scare you away or simply delete you!
Anonymous above Sonia,

"Revolving" is the word.
Anonymous said…
Omg!! So true! I'm a Taurus too and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who felt that way about them!
Unknown said…
I'm in love with Scorpio guy for 2 years , his love is so intense that I don't know how to deal with it ! I'm a Capricorn girl , I used to dated so many types of guys but this guy is something else ...he's nurturing me like a child . You were 100% right about Scorpio men . But recently i have a fight with him , and he left me all alone . I feel so hollow cause i know I can't love anyone else except this guy . Where you could find a lover like that ? I really want to win him back this time !! Can you help me
Hurraystay said…
The main fear of Scorpio, that he will have to overcome in the course of his life, is the fear of being weak and unable to influence the situation. Scorpio wants to know that he can control the world – it gives him a sense of self importance and security. Scorpio is afraid to show weakness in general or weakness in certain areas of life.

Phoenix, I saw your comment now. Please visit my page and get in touch with me.

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