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Scorpio Man Love, Lust, and ObsessionScorpio Man Love, Lust, and Obsession by Nikita Gharat
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think she has described, the Scorpio man point blank. What I liked is the fact that she has elaborated the Scorpio stare.

She let's the girl in love with a Scorpio man distinguish between love and lust. It is true that Scorpio men are known for the loyalty but they can also be brutal heartbreakers. This book helps in finding out whether you are with a keeper or breaker. Also, there are additional chapters such as Scorpio man and eros signs, which help in knowing "what triggers the particular scorpio man".

The book has detailed insight, I loved reading it. Recommended for those in love with a Scorpio man and also for those who are Scorpio themselves.

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Mahashivratri: Ravana in My Dreams Again -Good, Bad or Ugly? Part 2

But the man that I saw in my dream (first one) was neither of it. He was
tall, extremely fair, soft but firm skinned. He had a mustache but it
was well-trimmed. Yes, it was broad but not long. His brows were thick
but not ugly thick. In fact, he was handsome. He had strong built and
stout body.

Strong muscles and a scintillating aura. The aura that
reflected that this man was indeed extremely intelligent, well-versed
with knowledge and scriptures. The aura that spoke of his daredevil
attitude and administrative intelligence. He looked like a real king
nothing short of it.

He must have ruled all the three worlds with surity
of purpose and determination. He must have been an able king
irrespective of his ill-reputation regarding women. He was mighty and
cool. He had perfectly flat abs and no belly fat. His smile reflected
luster of Venus. Surely he had a strong taurus influence.

He spoke with utter calm and there was some divinity to it when he said I
need not worry of any type of harassment. He had command over his
language and didn't have any vanity. Vanity is something that defines
Ravana for every religious Hindu. He is the symbol of evil. He also
symbolises lust, pervertness and incessant cravings. He is the bad guy
for every woman.

For your reference, I would like to mention that I am a religious but
spiritual Hindu. I love my religion and I love all 33 crore gods that
it boasts of. I don't eat beef and never will. I respect cows and I
believe killing them once they become useless is a symbol of

I love lord Vishnu and I am a great fan of his avatar- Krishna. I
consider Lord Shiva as my celestial father and so complain to him when
things don't go my way. He indeed is a good father so he works on
complains on an immediate basis. Yes, even when I would say, make a
teacher remain absent today; he would fulfill my wish.   I love Bappa,
(lord ganesh) and you will find an article on him on my blog.

Even then, I didn't see anything bad in Ravana. He was not egoistical to me,
neither was he vain. He was sweet and helpful. He still worships lord
Shiva and that shows that he was genuine in his devotion. His Golden
Lanka was not a show-off like they say. He must have been a genuine
lover of art and luxury. He never berefted his people from their rights.

There is a mention of another temple of lord Shiva built by Ravana in
Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. It has a statue of Ravan nearby. You will find
the reference out here,
Ravana Wikipedia.

Kakinada also has a water body nearby. So, I think, my dream has too many
references. It is spooky and scary. I don't know why Ravana chose me to
tell this. As per him, he knows me. Nevertheless, I have no such memory.

My only plea is to consider the great Demon King to be more of King than a
demon. He was not a corrupt politician or a rapist. He respected his
wife Mandodari and never mistreated her. He also respected Sita 's
decision of not choosing him over Ram. He never forced her although he
made regular attempts to impress her. This has nothing to do with
"forcing". He was an intelligent scientist with many inventions to his
credit. He was a King and let us give him his due. Also for Lord Shiva
for whom he was an ardent devotee and nothing else.  

Recent Update:

Last night, my father came back from the shiv temple yesterday. He handed over a template of 12 Jyotirlingas to me. He said that in the temple they had made imitations of 12 Jyotirlingas.

This actually spooked me out! As it means, that Ravana in my dreams was referring to the temple near my house. So, does he stay there? How bizarre can things get? Internet or Google has no answer on these things . Really, strange!

In the morning he had again come in my dreams. He was standing in the premises of the Shiv temple near my house. He was wearing a bhasma on his forehead. It was three strips of red having something in between.

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