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Scorpio Man Love, Lust, and ObsessionScorpio Man Love, Lust, and Obsession by Nikita Gharat
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think she has described, the Scorpio man point blank. What I liked is the fact that she has elaborated the Scorpio stare.

She let's the girl in love with a Scorpio man distinguish between love and lust. It is true that Scorpio men are known for the loyalty but they can also be brutal heartbreakers. This book helps in finding out whether you are with a keeper or breaker. Also, there are additional chapters such as Scorpio man and eros signs, which help in knowing "what triggers the particular scorpio man".

The book has detailed insight, I loved reading it. Recommended for those in love with a Scorpio man and also for those who are Scorpio themselves.

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Transiting Pluto Conjunct Your Descendant: Evil Partners or Passionate Relationships?

So, Cancer ascendants you have either faced  this or are about to face this condition in your life. This something that will happen to you sooner or later. A plutonic person will walk in your life and it will never be the same after that incident. It can be a male for female and female for a male but he/she will leave you with unanswered questions. These questions shake the earth underneath you and ask you to "transform" your perspective of "relationships". 
Pluto's deep (scorpionic) stare at Persephone

Whether you are in a marriage or considering to marry, this man/woman will snatch the rose colored glasses of your eyes. Pluto is deep, earthshaking force that creates the strongest of tornadoes and leaves you eroded once it passes you. It changes the scene drastically and permanently for better or for worse. When this planet conjuncts your descendant by +- 4 degree orb, you may meet a partner with a heavy Scorpio or Pluto in his/her chart. In a moment's time, you will be magnetically drawn towards this person and will think of loving them from the innermost depths of your heart. The funny and strange thing is that this transit makes you aware of the hidden depths of your soul that you didn't know before. 

The more information I tried to gather around this transit over the internet, the less satisfied I grew about it. This transit is not about breaking laws, divorcing your existing partners or loving the violent types. Whether the fair world that claims righteousness accepts it or not, Pluto is the unparalleled lover of the cosmic world. Known as Shiva in India, the god of destruction is the most loving husband. His affection towards his better half "Shakti" translated in English as the "Strength" better known as the Divine Feminine is unsurpassed. Shiva said that without "Shakti" he was "Shava" meaning dead body. 

In Greek and roman mythology, both Hades and Persephone were ultimate lovers. Zeus who was the "good" god was bad with women and troubled his wife "Juno" to a great extent due to his adulterous activities. This puts things in perspective and we can conclude that this transit is not dreadful as it seems. 

On the contrary, this transit is a reality check and perhaps, that's why it is dreaded the most. Nobody wants to know that their marriage partner of many years actually has no real feelings towards them. They have been believing it till Pluto hit their descendant and now suddenly the "nasty" planet changes things for "worse" - as per them! It makes them believe that their husband/wife would have a ready option if they decide to separate or if something happens to them. They realize it in a hard-hitting way, a way that rips them apart and turns them upside down. While they are learning about their partner's secret, a new partner with plutonic intensity storms into their life without any notice. In fact, this person enters rather silently just like the silence before a deadly storm. He/she forces you to compare and analyze whether or not your existing partner is worth your affection. He/she compels you to change your very perception of true love and true relationship by piercing a deep dagger in your heart. The dagger reaches your soul and bleeds out the old dead relationships or perceptions. 

Why most astrologers consider Pluto bad on the descendant is because of this "pain" that he causes mercilessly. But as per my observation, this deep pain sets you on the right path if you understand what Pluto is trying to tell you. He isn't asking you to do an extramarital affair or to  have a parallel relationship with an evil person. He is not trying to tell you to cheat on your husband or wife. He is trying to tell you that love is not platonic or ideal. He is trying to tell you that relationships are not contracts. They are written in blood. He is trying to tell you that  marriage wows are not agreements but soulful acceptance of your innermost integrity. 

He is trying to tell you that in a relationship you must completely accept the other from your heart, body, soul and mind. There is no place for superficiality in life and anything superficial must die. Only the real and the deep rooted must stay. Not vanity but honesty must stay. Only the truth must remain and the false must die. 

But truth is bitter and so is this transit bitter. If you are not in a love relationship, you will get into one very soon. Of course, this person will be Pluto and he/she will bring out your most plutonic traits. Don't obsess over things, people or anything that you cannot control. Pluto is asking you to let go of things or people. Let it be and you will see a new dawn. This dawn will either strengthen your bonds or will create stronger bonds with new partners. 

How will Your Partners Be?

Pluto in the 7th house Transit: A date with Hades
Both men and women with a Cancer Ascendant need to be alert considering this transit. Pluto is in Capricorn and opposing Jupiter in Cancer.  This adds to the mythology between Zeus (Jupiter) and Hades (Pluto) the two brothers on the opposite sides of the coin. Zeus tells you to feel good and live a merry life that is considered right as per the world. While Pluto will pull you towards your deepest needs and will compel you to touch the "taboo".  People introduced by Jupiter will be good, religious, rich, spiritual, graceful, travel loving and joyful. But one thing they will be not, "loyal and deep".  On the other hand, people introduced by Pluto will be bad, atheist, violent, sexually charged, taboo loving, greedy, power hungry, tormenting but one thing they will be not, "disloyal and detached". Pluto in Capricorn will bring in ambitious lovers that will work their way on the top by using your love as their weapon. Pluto here is stern, undemonstrative but the one that builds long-lasting foundations rather Sky-scraping castles. He will bring in money that will grow everyday and will build your professional future. Otherwise, he will bring such partners in your life. 

It is the Pluto person that can die for love. It is a Pluto person that will conquer the world and put it at the feet of his/her lover. It is the Pluto person that can rise from the ashes of lowest sexual promiscuity to highest spiritual love.  

- Kiss from a Rose Song (above) by Seal from Batman Movie describes Pluto on the 7th Partnership

Please read the much awaited Part-2 of this article here

Anyone who orders the #fulllovecompatibility reading will get a personalized report with the following subtitles: natal and synastry charts of the couple, couple's overall compatibility, what brought them together, sexual compatibility, emotional compatibility, growth compatibility, durability, compatibility percentage and remedies. It is a 12 pages report, please go through the entire report before making any comments. Each report is personal and NOT made using any software, except for the charts. If you don't understand anything then please get in touch with me via PM on my FB page.

P.S: You may face delay in getting the reading, but you will get it. I understand that relationships are fragile things that contain a lot of emotional energy and can lead to emotional illness. So, have faith. I am here to help. Good chi to you!


Anonymous said…
Best Pluto transit 7H article I read. I also hv natal venus opp asc. so ...After years of being 'nice' , its now time to be 'authentic'.
thks keep visiting 4 more articles :)
Anonymous said…
OMG!!! This is exactly what happened to me! I'm blown away by this text. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
OMG!!! This is exactly what happened to me! I'm blown away by this text. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Hi , I am another anonymous....pluto conjunct ed my descendant in march for the first time around that time I was already in the process of leaving my husband for a divorve on the grounds that he doesn't love me or is sincere .....around the time it hit my descendant another person entered my life very silently who was hoping that my marriage will end.he has tight pluto square mars in his chart while mine is a bit lose pluto square I have divorced but I keep wondering roght now pluto is in this new persons 6th house even if we do get married in about ten years time pluto will hit his seventh I have a reason to worry? My ex husband was a cheater and I went through alot of emotional pain....I need a sincere partner and I can't afford to lose my marriage a second time plz advise
another anonymous, I think there is a reason to worry. But if you give me your full details I can do a reading for you n ur pluto man! Please follow my blog so that we can keep in touch :)
Anonymous said…
Hi ash
Can I please have your email address
Anonymous said…
Hi ashwariya

my dob is 9th nov 1984 in karachi pakistan at 9:20 pm
he is 18 nov 1984 in faisalabad pakistan at around 5 pm btw i am not too sure about his birthtime, he seems like leo or taurus rising and thats what scares me because if hes leo rising it means pluto will hit is seventh house in some years.btw disregarding the birthtimes do u see this as a match?
i am going thru exact same situation as described above even a jupiter (saggitarius) is chasing me like mad despite my repeated attempts to stop him while this plutonian is very shy.i just went thrugh a divorce.i wanna know if i can find happily married life with scorpio.he seems to try to talk but then something keeps blocking us
and when will i get rid of jupiter lol
Unknown said…
Hi I just finished reading your blog on pluto transiting 7th. I don't have cancer rising however I am a gemini rising (29 degrees) and I do have Pluto transiting in my 7th house and it co. I don't have a relationship however I did have an affair with a married man for about 4 years on and off, superficially. (the affair started before he got married; not that that's an excuse. Please don't judge.) He ended the the affair with me earlier this year and I still love him. What your blog did help me understand is that "... love is not platonic or ideal." and "There is no place for superficiality in life and anything superficial must die. Only the real and the deep rooted must stay. Not vanity but honesty must stay. Only the truth must remain and the false must die." I really did try to keep that relationship on the surface and superficial. I was afraid to make it real because the truth of the matter is that he married her and not me. I was scared of getting hurt. And at the end, I did get hurt probably more than I can ever imagine. I So lesson learned. Next time I will delve into a relationship and tell that person that I do love them no matter how scary it is.
Unknown said…
oh that transiting pluto conjunct my mars in 7th house. Luckily pluto will not go back to the same degrees as my natal mars.
Anonymous said…
Wow, thanks for writing this! I have 13 degrees Cancer Asc and husbands moon EXACT conjunct it, so Pluto conj descendant same time as HE has it opposite his moon. In March he started drifting away more and I began to travel too much. Bomb drop just a few weeks ago when Pluto went declinate. I also have a Uranus op natal Uranus while he has uranus square moon. Good gawd if we survive this next 18 mos astrologically we'll be married till we're 100 apparently but it is the worst, most painful ride while we try to work through these aspects and two people searching their souls in their 40's simultaneously. Luckily I'm Jupiter ruled so I typically am the more optimistic one. But this reads like my life, he is now atheist, biker bad boy after years of being a surface "family man". Big argument this week resulting in us deciding NOT to divorce yet and just try to be friends first before all the other stuff. My prayers go out to anyone else facing this transit, it's a doozy. Hopefully in a year I'll come back to say it only made us stronger
Please add me to Google circles, and like this page, I will give you free consultation! Take Care!
good luck! In a year, you will grow stronger and resilient. I don't know if it is alright with you to be a bit pro-Pagan, but Lord Shiva was a great Yogi if you can adopt meditation it will help you a lot.
two scorpios, it's a fatal combo, also both of you'll are No.9s so it will be extreme reactions. I will come back with a full reading, he is a Leo rising if he has curly hair and too much of it. He should have features somewhere like Imran Khan, a taurus rising has an earthy calm appearance with a venus smile but a strong bullish built. please like this page
Anonymous said…
Hi Aishwarya,
Interesting article...
I am a Cancer rising and will have Pluto transit my descendant in March of next year...
Two questions if that's ok:
Can the experience of the transit happen a year before the actual transit? (I mean it is because of computers right..?)
My second question:
Is this transit in anyway associated with becoming a parent? Just wondering because in my natal chart I have Pluto in Libra(4th sign) conjunct the 5th cusp...just wondering...
Thank you!
Bozo said…
Hi. I had this happen to me. Im Cancer Sun 28° & Asc 8°. A 5 planet Scorp + Asc Woman invaded my thoughts, ways and attention. My marriage was faltering because l couldnt 'do' my religion anymore. My thoughts and actions were not faithful to my wife. I decided to divorce. The Scorpio attraction ultimately ended. But now l am in a relationship with 4 planet Scorp- l knew l would get a Scorpio. I am amazed at the accuracy of this as Pluto is now 12°. This happened in the last 8mths of 2013 right when it was conjuncting my Cancer Asc.
Bozo said…
Will this also affect my Cancer Sun at almost 28° when it gets there?
Anonymous said…
hallo aishwarya, thank you for your article. I get the exact opposition on my ascendant on febr2015(my birthday days)and one year later pluto squares my natal one (16 of libra). My relationship is a "half-one" (neither with or without the partner) from the start of it in feb 2012, no particular reason. Just couldnt bond it, couldnt break it. Jupiter's (or neptune's) image i think is much more like him. But seems to me that the relationship itself gets more and more plutonian characteristics. This "cant cement-cant break" thing? And on the proccess, many separations and reunions with different feelings getting deeper and deeper. But. This on and off is affecting many many different parts of my life and i cant get any sight of the end of it- bonding or breaking. So. I m thinking to go-change residence. A lot of change.and i can get no idea yet for what is next.
Yes, maybe this now refers to the square to my natal pluto affecting my natal asc-pluto square that is not the subject of this article, but ..if you could say some worlds about all these-and about the possibility of a plutonian relationship with a non plutonian person...please.Thank you for your insight, generally...
Anonymous said…
hmm,hallo again, i'm the..last anonymus, wrote you just before, but then i searched better and saw i made a mistake on my relationship's starting, it was feb 11, no feb 12. And i realized it was just when chiron was conjucting my sun. And then all of the chiron's passings (D & R) over my sun and venus where significant points in the relationship, mainly positive ones, except last transiting chiron over my natal venus on dec 2013. At that point i tried to end it (altough in love), and maybe from then we never really found track again, till april 2014 (pluto stationing 1 degree from my descendant) when i left home (not really my choise). A pitty we cannot manage it... With such movement around my chart for two years more(2015 pluto conj desc, and 2016 neptune conj venus), maybe a "chiron" person would be-should be a blessing for me?? My name is ismene.

Anonymous from July 16th thanks for your comments!
Hello, Anonymous are you Another Anonymous or new one asking for my email? I cannot give you my email but you can add me on Google. Also, everyone kindly become a member of Smartyoungsters, you will find the button just above the "Subscribe to" button. I will be soon starting a forum for giving free consultation and readings. You can make your posts too!
Also, everyone kindly become a member of Smartyoungsters, you will find the button just above the "Subscribe to" button. I will be soon starting a forum for giving free consultation and readings. You can make your posts too!
Ok to the following comment:

Anonymous said...
Hi Aishwarya,
Interesting article...
I am a Cancer rising and will have Pluto transit my descendant in March of next year...
Two questions if that's ok:
Can the experience of the transit happen a year before the actual transit? (I mean it is because of computers right..?)
My second question:
Is this transit in anyway associated with becoming a parent? Just wondering because in my natal chart I have Pluto in Libra(4th sign) conjunct the 5th cusp...just wondering...
Thank you!

Here is my reply,

Pluto transit to your desc/asc or any angle is felt +4 or -4 degrees. So, it can be 1-2 or more years before it actually hits on an exact basis. In fact, when pluto exacts, you will get the real picture. Either you'll join or fall apart. But remember if pluto pierces your heart, don't run after for a reconciliation. Learn the lesson, pluto will take you ahead! About becoming a parent, you might be wanting to, badly. The time feels right and family and creativity are all set in. But without sounding horrific, pluto is a transformer. So, just wait, he might pull the rug. Remember one thing he will hit you hard, he is not Venus to make things rosy!
Dalia, I think I didn't answer your question, so let me do it. I think your experience is exactly what Pluto conjunct descendant does. As he is transiting your 7th house, expect a re-birth, renewal in your level of confidence. Pluto will harden you while giving you the power to ascend the ladder of success (Capricorn). You will move upwards giving up on old beliefs, relationships and systems that no longer make sense. Only the truth and power remains. Your gut wrenching experience will give you the strongest power- the power of emotions to form stronger more rewarding relations both professionally n personally.
Bozo, thank you for sharing your experience. Yes, this is what happens. Pluto gets you in touch with reality with a severe gut-wrenching transformation. Have you done a synastry and composite reading for you 4-planet scorpio partner?
Bozo said…
Hi AG. No l havnt yet. A very significant date was 20/9/13 with the Plutonic Scorp. It was when Pluto went direct for the 2nd time- l tried to turn the hot flirtation into a relationship. Anyway its a bit shaky with my 4planet Scorp. She is last minutes Libra or early minutes Scorp sun. Can you tell me if this will affect me again when Pluto conjuncts my Sun in about 2022?
bozo, I am giving free synastry and composite readings. If you want I can give you. Please subscribe to the blog and connect via Google friends connect, see the right hand side to subscribe. It is all free, no payment needed anywhere!
Anonymous said…
Hello I'm a Capricorn sun with a pisces rising experiencing a pluto opposite ascendant transit. I don't really know what to do about my relationship and would like a synastry and composite reading
Anonymous said…
Hello Aishwarya,

Let's call me Anonymous ABC! ;)

My solar return for 2015 has sun conjunct pluto conjunct DC by 1 degree. In the 7th house (though NOT conjunct the DC, the sun or pluto) is venus conjunct mercury. I am basically expecting the worst. I am divorced (14 years) and am currently not in a relationship. I am, however, having 'fun' with a man who is dating someone else. I am not expecting him to commit, and I am not in love with him. Does this aspect have anything to do with my ex husband? He is still in my life as we have a child. OR could this mean something positive. Pluto seems so ominous especially conjunct the sun conjunct the DC.

Any insight will be helpful. Thank you in advance.
Ok guyz I'm back was a bit busy. Anyways, to the Anonymous with Capricorn Sun and Pisces rising, you are not having Pluto opposite Ascendant transit, because Ascendant and Rising sign are two names of the same thing. You might be having Sun opposite Pluto but I will need your birth details to know exact degrees.

Also, for the FREE synastry and composite reading, kindly become a member of Smartyoungsters, you will find the button just above the "Subscribe to" button. Then paste your username in this comment section to confirm that it's you. It is all free, no payment anywhere! Take Care!
Ok, Anonymous ABC, I cannot give you any full comments until I see your chart. For that purpose, I will need your birth details. However, as of now I can say that Pluto will cut-off anything superficial or half-hearted. Transiting in Capricorn, he will build only strong lasting empires in case of 7th house relationships for love and business partnerships for those looking for moving ahead career wise. Also, you will be tortured and made to react so that you know the price of stability (capricorn)and public position (capricorn). Don't hide, come in light with power!
Anonymous said…
Hallo Aishwara, Happy New Year to you and all of us. I am Ismene, wrote you as Anonymous on 5 & 6 december. You never gave me a reply...
Hey Ismene, sorry for not replying. But it will be difficult for me to tell you exactly what is wrong with your relationship until unless you tell me your ascendant degree.

For now, I can only say that it seems to be a karmic relationship and so it has a lesson to it.
All those who want a free reading synastry or natal please leave your full birth details in the comments section.
Anonymous said…
Hi! Im Anonymous of Oct 15, guess Ill be Rose.

We are now 3 mos further, he ended relationship with OW and we are leaving country for vacation in a few weeks. Pluto D hits my Descendant TOMORROW morning, oddly things are going really well and we have put off divorce and agreed to reconcile. But some rough transits with HIS chart to come scaring me bad. My chart seems to be leveling out but Pluto rehits us both my Desc and his Moon (pluto opp his moon that is conjunct my asc...strong attraction)

His DOB 12/7/68 about 8am Libertyville IL, USA, mine 9/4/71 3:11am in Sydney, NSW, Australia. i forgot the exact time but i do remember his moon came out to about 14 degree Cancer

any advice? Things are slowly improving and he wants to renew vows around his bday this year, which is about when Pluto finishes my transit. Am i up for more turmoil possibly or was this the worst of it?

still hoping to be married to 100 but these transits arent helping
Anonymous said…
Oh BTW I am tolerant in religion will check out Lord Shiva. I am Christian he is follower of Aasatru/Norse faith now. Hard to accept but not a dealbreaker. My own faith has grown way way stronger from this ordeal..prob the Pluto. But my self esteem is in the toilet after being compared to a younger stripper without chronic illness like i have. Oddly im quite pretty just he went with a complete 180 of me...a bad girl not so moral or devout. Just..waiting for this stronger me to emerge :/ -Rose
Anonymous said…
Hello I am Anna :)

I have a question quite different..

A little info first..
I have been in a lot of pain..
(I wish it had to do with my love life only.. but no.. I lost a parent of mine after so much time in hospital with him (2011-2013) and I have health problems.. (2009 2010 & 2013 2015)
So.. dissapointments in love hurt me but I am so used to it..
I don't want any more karmic lessons etc..
I can't stand anymore pain..
All these made me a worse person.. and weaker in my opinion.. I've caught myself wishing so many times that I could just die peacefully in my sleep.. I am dreaming of it as it's the best thing that can happen to my life and save me forever..
I don't feel like I've learn anything new than I've already knew before bad transits happen.. I feel that all these ruined my life..

I've lost interest in anything much time ago..
and I feel empty..
Ohh.. and useless because of my health problems (heart & stomach)..

So Transit Pluto is already in conjuction with my ASC..
Last time I met someone (a Scorpio man as always) was in 5 September of 2012.. but Pluto was 7 to 8 degrees far from my ASC..
so I guess It was not him the one that Pluto transit is going to send me..
In fact it wasn't even a real relationship..
It was a platonic one.. (I've never been in a real relationship anyway and for some reason I think I'll never be able to be in one)
So I guess it wasn't him..

Now that I know that there will be pain and loss with the one that transit Pluto is going to send me.. I 'll avoid anyone..
It's really easy for me to do so.. my health problems are making it even easier..

My question is how much time does this transit lasts? If I'll avoid anyone until 2019
I'll be "safe" from this transit?

I also wish you could read my chart and tell me if you see anything positive coming after those 5 black years of my life in terms of health or money.. or whatever you can see.. even if it's something really bad..

Thanks in advance :)

I am born in 2 July 1991, 06:35 a.m ,
Athens Greece..
Anonymous said…
Hallo Aishwara :-), i m Ismene and
my ascendant is on 14.27 of cancer. If you could see and tell me something more knowing this..

from what I've understood from your synastry reading is that it is more of a difficult transit for your partner and it is reflecting on yourself. He is having a pluto transit in his 4th house (progressed chart) and in the 5th house in the natal chart. As pluto moves towards his sun, that will be in the coming years, it will become even more difficult for him. You have a natal Pluto in the 7th house, which means you are a possessive partner. I can only say, let it lose for now. Try evolving, he is looking for absolute transformation. He wants passion of the deepest kind. He wants to kill superficiality and experience sort of a taboo. Let him do that, even if it makes you worry. If you resist it, he will try to free himself dangerously so. Here's a short synastry reading for you two. I think it is a passionate match.

Both of you'll feel that you "belong" to each other. There is a extremely strong emotional and passionate bond between you'll. Your partner really feels good to be with you.

In the end, I can say, yes go to Lord Shiva as he is for the "Soulmates". Meditate, feel free with him, he is the god who never restricts or judges you. Release your energy, Pluto transforms in an extreme way. Let him heal you, the best power is Pluto power! Because it is born out of the Kundalini energy, extreme love!
Hello, Anna

First and foremost, I would like you to take to meditation or develop any creative hobby. Now, this is not easy, I know. But just a develop a hobby and don't expect anything. Just do it for your satisfaction. This will put away the pain and negativity out of your life. Surround yourself with beautiful things. I would suggest you to visit or read about Lord Shiva, he was a great Yogi. But it depends upon your faith.

I would like to tell you that there cannot be a "Safe" way out. Pluto puts you to test, the worst nightmares come true. But the way out is to let pluto know that you will hang on! He is there for those who are powerful and resilient. You show him that you have the power to heal, to rise like a "Phoenix" the bird that symbolizes the sign of Scorpio. You should show him that you can rise like an eagle. The transit is there to turn you into a fighter who controls. Do something that you love absolutely, but if you face resistance or total breakdown- heal don't bang against it. I would like to read your natal chart.
Hi, Ismene

Can you give me your birth details? It is a difficult time ahead for you. Your home and love life will be challenged. You can get into confusion. But don't resist the change, let go of anything that feels heavy on your heart.
Anonymous said…
Your article is very haunting as I am a cancer ascendant and experienced this realization. It was bad timing however. Soon after my marriage last year I felt it was built on superficiality. The more I felt this, the more I realized I left my true mate 10 years ago (whom I left for superficial reasons). Unfortunately he passed away just before my engagement and this feeling is very sad and haunting.
Anonymous said…
Interesting. Where can I read more about Hades and Persephone mythology.
Anonymous said…
I posted the comment earlier (time stamp of 1:06 am). What should this transit feel like? I have never felt the need to isolate myself as much as now in my life. It is hard to be around people. Did you say that you do chart readings?
Anonymous said…
hallo aishwara, ismene again. my birth data is: twenty-one of february, 1978, 2.10 p.m., aigina, greece. (yes..another greek around-hallo anna) home and love life challenged? but..already i feel homeless and loveless (or loving and loved only in a phantastical world)
What i feel is that i need to take more risks in my life, mostly in the direction of creating for me a base (and i need decissiveness to do that), so as to feel more grounded in this world or that my life gets more shaped..
Anonymous said…
Thamk you for your reply :)
What should I do so you natal chart please?
Hey guyz I'm really busy sorry for not being around for too long. What you guyz think of having a "Smartyoungsters Blog Forum"? That will be easier for all of us. You can post your questions and natal details so that I can give you'll a free reading!

Right now, you can subscribe to my blog and become a member, it's all FREE!
Anonymous said…
hallo aishwara ,i dont feel well my dob on the blog,..please.., could it be that my comment with that info "errased" somehow?.. please, i dont feel it well... thanks for article and all litle "consultations" for all of us :-)
Anonymous said…
Yeah the forum sounds great. Are you able to do a free reading for me? Sept 14/1980, 1am

Unknown said…
Nice article :-)

You can experience this in 3 ways. Having the natal aspect, experiencing the transit, or relocating to a Pluto dc line. (Keep in mind that even if you have Pluto on your dsc your Pluto line in the globe may be further away, they are both valid).

It is the best aspect for relationships for the simple reason that it lasts the longest than anything else. While the natal aspect and global Pluto line are ever active, the transit it is indeed the longest that one can receive in relationships. Usually relationship patterns start when a planet enters the 7th house and they seize when it leaves.

However, I want to add an important touch here. Venus has to be included. Either by transit or natal aspect and the interesting thing is that doesn't matter if it is a sextile or a square or a conjunction. But it has to be strong and exact. Pluto has a sweeping force that does not stop unless it encounters the rarest and most beautiful of all flowers. Similarly the Pluto DC line has to have a touch of Venus. Loving but firm.

And yes if you combine all that then the mythic ever lasting, deep, love will indeed be reminiscent of Hades and Persephone, the vampire and the maden, shiva and shakti, Aphrodite and Adonis

P.S. It also applies to gay men and women.
Hey thank you all, sorry for keeping you'll waiting. I am very busy. But I will starting a forum for you people to comment and post your questions. It can be related to the articles or based on my explanation and your experience anything! Thank you once again. May predictions will be here soon!
Anonymous said…
Your article has been the most insightful and accurate that I have come across so far...thank you so much for writing it. I find its accuracy applies more to Pluto in the 7th opposite Jupiter in the 1st than Pluto on the decendant though.
I met someone (a scorpio) exactly when Jupiter was in my first house within a .23 orb opposite Pluto in the 7th conjunct my natal north node...I still carry pain and confusion now, long after we have went our separate ways..but it was 7degrees past my decendant.
Anonymous said…
I have dreaded this for years and now it's coming.

Asc 17 Cancer (I'm Libra Sun with Moon in Sag, Sun-Uranus conj, Pluto-Moon Square, Venus in Scorpio in the 5th)

Just came out of crazy turbulent relationship with a Scorpio (she has 4 planets in 8th house and 4 planets in Scorpio). Lo and behold: I suddenly meet a new Scorpio again - her Venus is exact conj my Sun, just like my ex. Unbelievable!!!

Not only that; she has also Sun-Neptune conj, and Mercury in Scorpio (just like my ex). Crazy, huh?


Her Mars is exact conjunct my descendant, and we will both be experiencing the Pluto conj. transit simultaneously. Whoah, mercy.... Any comment?

Yes, thx for the article, so much needed on the internet
Anonymous said…
It is within three degrees of my wife's descendant, who, for the past few years has been finding life difficult. We have grown apart, she turned to drink as an escape. I had an affair, my own 'escape', I suppose. Pluto is squaring my sun saturn conjunction it the 7th. I had an affair as Uranus passed over my Sun Saturn. It came to an end. It exploded. I said, 'No more booze!" She found out about the other woman. She knows she's a threat. She's right to feel threatened. The other woman and I connect at a deep level. We have synastry Sun Mercury Venus conjunction n the fifth. I can't let go of her. I don't know what I should be letting go of. My marriage or the other woman. It's hugely difficult. The most difficult time of my life. Arggggghhhhhh!!!!
My wife is feeling better now, after six weeks of anit depressants. Transformed, one might say. However, I don't know if we shoudl be together "for the sake of the kids" Life's too short.
Anonymous said…
I am Cancer Rising at 12degrees (ASC)- with a Gemini Sun in the 12th house.
Pluto has finally moved to 4degrees "away" from my descendant (DC). After coming and going in dreadfully slow fashion , for the last 5 years or so..... I look back on it all now and see the metamorphosis. How young I was. Albeit already being a mother of two. Peacefully married with a childhood sweetheart - who I nonetheless always knew not to have had the deepest bond with. We had a lot of fun together - but the bad times always had me complaining about how IMPOSSIBLE it was for us to communicate at a substantial level - and work our way out of our problems together/ and although I saw this "frightening" transit coming - and searched for articles that could shed some light on the experiences that were to come - nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to experience. So In came the Plutonian 4 1/2 years ago- and I have not been the same ever since. I have been reborn at the deepest of levels. I ve killed all my taboos - the sensitive little girl I once was is now full of tattoos - has taken part in group sex and cannot feel the emotion I once remember calling "jealousy". I uncreated destroyed and deleted my falseties about love - my insecurities and fear of being alone. . And now the storm has passed. My husband and I are separated - and the Plutonian and I live together - along with my children. After all that passion and mind-blowing-obsession I had for him however - we are NOT a couple. Our love stronger than any i ve ever known - but is now platonic - and we are both seeing other people - that in turn cannot understand how the Plutonian and I manage to live with one another - while we both have other love-mates. . It's getting harder for me to explain to my new "traditional" guy how such a bond was created between us. And he now wants the PLutonian to move out of my home - so we can have a "normal" respectful relationship. Do I even know what that means anymore??
Can you tell me when he walked in your life, the exact time? This is Pluto on your descendant transit and I can only say, you are reborn. Also, if the guy living with you wants to move out, let him do it. I despise saying this but Pluto never leaves. He stays invisibly, somewhere in the dark corner, loathing the strong passion he is experiencing.

Many of my clients who are or will be experiencing this transit come to me with questions. My question is have learned the lesson? Now, this sound rude. But think, you may have all your life thought about others, putting the world ahead of your needs. Has this transit made you a person who is now more in tune with self? This doesn't mean become a hippie or a selfish person. It simply means live your life your way. Transform, to become fearless you have to face the fears. They may be nightmares but you will be handsomely rewarded once you conquer them. Remember, nothing is "normal" about Pluto. You turn upside down and so does your world. But he is not evil, he is graceful and deeply loving. You can get in touch with me for a free short reading via my FB page:

I am writing an ebook on this transit and will be giving away free copies along with my book Scorpio man love, lust, obsession and insanity.
Anonymous said…
I had NO IDEA....Pluto transiting my descendant ... just starting ... so in the past few months I've called time on my 6 year steady relationship with a gorgeous guy (not perfect, but nice! Caring! Loyal! Honest!!) and a secretive Pisces with Pluto conjunct Uranus opposite his Sun has silently, almost undetectably entered my life...and totally turned me inside out. My only consolation is, he has never experienced this level of desire before (i'm 39, he's 48!!)...thanks for the article and for all your comments...a bit reassuring...though I'm no less apprehensive.
Anonymous said…
Hi! I can relate myself to this article. Im Cancer asc.and moon, with Taurus sun. My natal pluto is in Scorpio and my Capricorn is in seventh house. I met this guy with Mars in Scorpio 28° and Sagittarius sun. Is been now 3years that we met and we stay more separate than together. At that time that we met he pulled me out of my insecurities. I keep on telling him 100 hundred reasons why we cant be together and he keep on calling me and saying that he loves me. I really dont trust him very much,but deep in my hurt when he hug me i can feel his love.thank you for this article it was spot on.
You are welcome, thank you for sharing your experience. You can follow the blog and like my page if you want.

I would be happy to give you a free insight on your synastry.
Anonymous said…
Hi, I have my asc in cancer, believe it to be 12 degrees so Pluto crossed my descendant recently and moved on. I have experienced nothing! I haven't noticed anything and certainly haven't met anyone. I don't understand.
Anonymous said…

Thank you for your article. As I sit here, I am scouring the internet for pluto capricorn 7th house wisdom. My heart is absolutely broken. Pluto just entered my seventh house it's about 3 degrees in and yes, my ascendant is cancer. Pluto is currently opposing my moon and venus in the first house. Your article hit home to what I have just experienced. A man entered my life very quietly. And he just broke it off with me not giving me much reason and not wanting to see me to explain things in person. He just made up a whole bunch of excuses. And granted we have only been together a short time, but man, he really shook up my whole world. I really liked him and became slightnly obsessed for a few days not wanting to feel the loss of him in my life. We were just coming to a point that we were growing closer and he just broke it off... So I have been looking at our astrology to make sense of this, and as it turns out, he is very plutonian in nature wanting to control everything even his emotions. His venus and mars are in scorpio, the natural ruler of pluto. And his ascendant conjuncts my descendant. And so, while pluto is transiting my 7th house, it is transiting his 1st house. I have noticed a few people who have come into my life over the last few years all have asc opposed my asc... it must be the pull of pluto... so thank you for your advice. I did get a little obsessed for a day, but now I can have faith that if the relationship is in fact not right, I can let go and if it is right, he will be back, but I don't need to do anything except love myself. namaste ;)
Anonymous said…
This is all new for me, but Pluto is dangerous! Started transiting my descendant this year...and I have also met a Pluto person - his Pluto opposite his sun, and he works in the secretive tax arm of the police force - snooping on illegal activity. This guy..we both have Pluto opposite Mars in our synastry; vertex contacts with ascendant; moon/mars double whammy; venus conjunct mars; his lilith conjunct my sun, mine conjunct his ascendant. I was completely confused when I finally agreed to meet him (it's been coming for 6 years) because of the intensity I felt, literally never felt anything like it, and seriously it wasn't just physical...we went out for 4 months before sleeping together...I turned to astrology in an effort to understand what was going on, and found we have major aspects...north node conjunct south node and pluto too...damn...
So - secret relationship aside - this year so far I've got married (long story); broke up with long term relationship (obv); started going to the gym; and going to dance class. I don't really know what's happening to me...or where I'll end up. Had no idea about Pluto's effect on our lives...glad to read other people's stories...stay strong...thanks for the original post
Anonymous said…
Hi, this article is great! My ascendant is at 24 Cancer so Pluto is yet to conjunct my descendant. However, I feel like everything you described has already happened. Recently met a very plutonic person, his moon is in scorpio and conjuncts his Venus, also has other pluto contacts. This has totally thrown my life upside down. Has made me question my relationship with my husband and whether I'm truly in love with him. I have totally fallen for this guy and have felt emotions i never even knew i was capable of. Even though we are not seeing each other anymore, I still can't get him out of my head. We still keep I'm touch and i wonder why he hasn't fully cut me off as he was always so in control of where the relationship was leading and very in control of his emotions. I was wondering if this can occur before a closer pluto/descendant conjunction or if someone else might come into the picture. I really can't go through this again, it has been way too painful.
Jack Flash said…
I'm the pluto person for someone whose descendant is in Capricorn.

15/9/1973 21:55, maldon, essex, UK.

She is 21/01/74 15:15, Swansea, UK.

Pluto is exact on her descendant in approx 3 weeks. We are now split up. She chose superficiality. I chose deep love.

Can you have a look at the charts and see if my plutonian interactions with her are finished?


Unknown Pluto person I checked your charts. The thing is that the passion in your relationship is too much for your gf too handle. She cannot imagine such "outrageous passion" that is why she has moved in the opposite direction. She has run for the hills so to say. It will not be any easy affair or neither can get to business as usual.


Yes, I have mentioned in the article that the transit's effect starts at +4 degrees itself. So, if you have started meeting Pluto people, this is just the beginning of self-evolution.
Thank you Anonymous above Anonymous, feels great to hear interesting stories!
Anonymous said…
Dear Aishwarya, I am in deep struggle. Cannot see the lights at the end of the tunnel. Can you help me please, please, please by looking at the chart of me and my Love? :(((
Thank you ♡
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this good article which finally makes me boyfriend lives at present this transit! Already 3 years ago he felt in love with a person for whom he wanted to leave out children and me. But this person manipulated and lied tout him (sheitan was married) and now he wants to get married with me next month. Since his adventure I donc not more trust him. I was cured with difficulty but because of this transit i am afraid that he begins again! Hes born 5 feb on 1970 15:15 at paris and I, 11 nov on 1976 17:35 in Paris France. Am i right to be scared???
To Anonymous on Nov 13,

I would like to help you. Kindly like my page and subscribe to my blog for free-

Also, message me your details on my FB page.
You are welcome Anonymous Nov 17,

Message me your details on my FB page. Before that, I urge you to relax.
Kindly like my page and subscribe to my blog for free-

I would be happy to help :)
Goodlife said…
Anonymous nov17. Thanks for your advices
Anonymous said…
Oh fucking shit cunts, I've met some ugly shit cunt that's changed my life. I really can't believe it. Really looking forward to the future of beautiful love and happiness. I'm ready to run into the hills and live happily ever after.
Anonymous said…
Pluto is just approaching my descendant. This year I ... split up with my partner of 5 years (not easy); married a family friend for tax reasons; started a passionate (secret) relationship with a very plutonian pisces man; and been in a severe earthquake which has damaged my home and sent many of my friends away. Pluto will be crossing my descendant until 2019...
Anonymous said…
Pluto is grinding away at venus 12 mars 14 and jupiter 19 in CAN as it approaches my DEC in CAP. Im already feeling it and feel like im being ground down. By the time pluto gets to conjunct my moon in 8' aquarius - will i be alive?
Anonymous said…
MY ego has been smashed to pieces...well that's my experience anyway. No ego no problem...Big better get ready.
That is right, actually it is not about ego. It is more about your identity and transformation. It is a process to recreate you.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for such a wonderful article. It read like my life for last few years and pluto still have to cross my descendant:( This is so true and scary. I am feeling it to the depths of soul. Cancer ascendant (23 degrees) with Leo Sun. Even when I get thru this, pluto will be opposite my should I just gave up my hope to save my 22 years of marriage? It has transformed me to the core and plutonian, (pluto in Scorpio) is on third person. How can I get a reading with you please? Really need it.
Anonymous said…
On top of that, have moon and Venus in early cancer along with my going thru this bulshit for quiet a long time..
Hi Dear Come up on my page I will give you a free insight.Calm down, meditate, take lord Shiva's name.
Anonymous said…
My Ascendant/descendant axis is at 15 degrees Cancer/Capricorn and my sun is 22 Cancer exactly opposite Moon at 22 Capricorn. Pluto is headed for a conjunction to my Moon over the next few years and is currently on my Descendant. I just divorced, September 12 after trying to save my marriage to no avail. This article describes everything I've been going through. My husband has proven to be less than honest and has seemingly found someone else. I have loved him unconditionally for many years beginning in 2008 when Pluto first entered Capricorn. We had dreams of having a child together but everything has fallen apart,just everything. Is there any hope of a reconciliation or should I just let go and move on? I am experiencing hesitation in letting go. I don't have a Facebook account, are you able to help me another way??
Anonymous said…
My Ascendant/descendant axis is at 15 degrees Cancer/Capricorn and my sun is 22 Cancer exactly opposite Moon at 22 Capricorn. Pluto is headed for a conjunction to my Moon over the next few years and is currently on my Descendant. I just divorced, September 12 after trying to save my marriage to no avail. This article describes everything I've been going through. My husband has proven to be less than honest and has seemingly found someone else. I have loved him unconditionally for many years beginning in 2008 when Pluto first entered Capricorn. We had dreams of having a child together but everything has fallen apart, just everything. Is there any hope of a reconciliation or should I just let go and move on? I am experiencing hesitation in letting go. I don't have a Facebook account, are you able to help me another way??
Anonymous said…
Hey, I just found this article online. I am currently experiencing this transit, but I have Cap Rising and Can Desc at 8 degrees. Everything is exactly as the article says for now. I just want to know, will it last, my relationship with this Plutonian man?
hey the article for cap pluto transit would be coming. What you are experiencing is a landslide. subscribe to my blog and come on page dm me ur details
I guess u have posted 2 comments. I will be adding a contact form. You can also contact me on Instagram. @dancingdivaniki
Anonymous said…
Hi Aishwarya,
I'm Anonymous September 15, 2017 at 11:31 AM.
I've sent you a message on FB, kindly reply it when you have time.
Thank you. :)
Hey got it will respond. Give me 2 days :)
Anonymous said…
Hello! thanks for writing this.
I am very scare because today Pluto started going direct and well I'm Cancer ASC 21ยบ15', so I guess I will be hit by Pluto sooner than later...
My husband has a stellium in Scorpio so he is very Plutonic and now that Jupiter is going to enter Scorpio ... well I don't know what is going to happen.
We will see what happens...
msleah said…
Very interesting read, this. I have a 21 degree Cancer ascendant, so transiting Pluto is right on my descendant now. I also have a 6th house Saturn and am experiencing my second Saturn return. For the past nine years, I was involved in an extramarital relationship with the full knowledge of my husband. Got into it in 2009 when transiting Chiron, Jupiter, and Neptune were all on my Aquarius Venus in the 8th house. Yeah, this astrology stuff really works! Ours was a long distance relationship, which is probably why it lasted so long. I found out recently that my long-distance boyfriend had been lying to me and another woman (someone who lives in his same town) for a couple of years now, telling both of us we were the love of his life, while keeping both of us completely in the dark (negative Pluto) about each other. Obviously, not ethical non-monogamy at all. After the situation came to light, he completely vanished and ceased contact with both of us. And--more Pluto--I can't get this situation out of my head. I obsess over it constantly (well, I only found out about it 3 months ago) trying to figure out what the lesson might be. I've tried many times to contact the guy for closure, but he won't give it. Obviously I have to go deeper into my own heart and work through my life-long abandonment issues. Very, very Pluto. Thanks so much for this fine article.
SunVenusAries said…
Hello Aishwarya,
I have Pluto going over my ascendant since Dec 2017, hits again Sep/Oct 2018. I’ve been involved with a man going on 5 years in July..but he has never wanted to commit. Cut a long story short, I hardly ever see him anyway (he’s very career driven, as am I...), but he never lets me go. He has done 95% of the chasing...we fight like cat & dog..but always find it hard to let go of each other.
Saturn has just entered his 12th house..& Pluto is in midst of entering my 7th house. We have Pluto conjuncting Venus in our composite chart. Do you think we are destined to be with each other? He tries to make an effort, but I end up pushing him away, as I need him to say he’s committed to me. He is in midst of fighting the war overseas, & doesn’t plan on coming back for two years.
I’ve said to him to either be honest with me about his feelings or to leave me alone.
My date of birth is 16/4/1973 10:18am Iruma, Saitama Japan.
His date of birth is 9/7/1974 6:13pm Engadine, Australia.
Please advise. Namaskar.
SunVenusAries said…
Is this thread still active?..
Will you provide an answer Aishwarya!??
Hi, Amy

The truth of this transit is that it destroys what already is there, if it is lighthearted by any means. But it promises plutonic hardcore relationships. This holds true especially for the Pluto in Capricorn as you'll be drawn to powerful partners who will provoke you or help you to build your own castle.

This is not an easy transit and it needs you to fasten your seat-belts. There is a lot karma, death and rebirth involved in it. Something that you have never imagined knocking at your door and turning your life upside down.

So, if you are pushing him away, ask yourself why?? If he is the one with that deep evolved Pluto who prefers love to war then he'll grow old with you. This is a time when he has to choose to embrace the real power of the cosmos-LOVE or let his mundane self tell him that it's just there in the fairy-tales. Dhanyavaad, Shubham Bhavatu!
SunVenusAries said…
Hi Aishwarya,
Thank you for your response!
I have just been admitted as a lawyer..and in the process of finding a position that pays.
I have a couple of potential prospects..but it needs to actually happen, before I can feel I’m on the right path career wise.
Do you think I will eventually start earning good money?..after years of having none!??..haha could this also be a part of my “transformation” in the serious partnerships area?
Re Matt..yes..his Venus/Neptune to the him always in fairytale land re females...
But yes..that is also what I feel...he needs to either admit that he loves me & commit...or it’s over...
It wouldn’t have lasted this long if I didn’t mean something to him..would it have??
SunVenusAries said…
P.s. when Pluto opposed the ascendant first time in December daughters best friend was killed in a horrific car accident..that killed the whole family...
This absolutely devasted me..& my daughter of daughter is still trying to pick up the pieces..& for me..that marked a very definite turning point in my life...
Zal 2011 said…
As i Read the artical , rolled tears on My face, because as cancer ascendent did i expierence it since Last year. I thought you are telling My story. As i See i am not finished jet and i have to Go through this transit until 2023 and i have My venus 21,44 deg cap. It has changed My live somehow insideout and i would love to experience more change. The feeling i expierenced had changed My prospective toward love. Thank you very much for your artical. With love zal
Hey SunVenAries,

Why don't you take a reading? It will help you get the insights.
Thank you Zal 2011, I'm glad that you felt the article hit the nail. Pluto would be transforming your love life, wealth and possessions. It will turn everything upside down and hidden things from the past will surface. The whole world is going through transformation and the circumstances are uneasy. You need to have faith, Pluto has a deep heart under the icy crust.
SunVenusAries said…
Hi Aishwarya,

Long time no hear! Haha
Well since Pluto entered the 7th house..I have never gone back..Matt tried and tried to see no avail. It’s not just gonna be on his terms anymore. Saturn has now been aspecting my ascendant! & brought even more changes! Haha making or breaking of serious marriage & / or business type partnerships! The first time it hit..Matt came out of the woodwork once again!! But I still did not cave in (Pluto). It’s about to hit second time soon..& last time in December. I wonder if Matt will come back again? Only time will tell. Either way..what will be will be. I actually got scared off when Matt offered to let me stay with him after first time Saturn hit my ascendant!! We ended up in fighting cause he still did not want to say anything about it being bf & we fought & said goodbye. That was 8 weeks ago on Friday..the longest we have ever gone without contact!! I am back with my parents temporarily!!..haha but oh how good it felt to do a massive chuck out, give away and store the rest of my stuff at a gfs place! A new beginning is wise aswell..!
I have just decided I will do a Post Grad Applied Law course, to head in a direction which is more in sync with my soul! Another 6 months of study starting in a few weeks!
I really hope you are right re the wealth, money coming! I could really use it!! Haha I see in my solar return chart for next year a lot of success & money!! hopefully that marks the new beginning...������

What is your email address Aishwarya? So I can get a reading??!
Unknown said…
Hi Aishwarya,

My asc is 20 deg Cancer conjunct Jupiter and Uranus. Pluto transit is opposed exactly. Also, transiting Uranus is conjunct my Sun. I am married, love her but there is little passion. She is a Scorpio and I am a Taurus. I suppose a new beginning with her is possible as there is nobody else in the picture. Any insights would be appreciated. Love your site.

Hi, Sun Ven Aries,

Please fill the contact form given on the side bar or you can directly order a reading from the side bar.

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