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Scorpio Man Love, Lust, and ObsessionScorpio Man Love, Lust, and Obsession by Nikita Gharat
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think she has described, the Scorpio man point blank. What I liked is the fact that she has elaborated the Scorpio stare.

She let's the girl in love with a Scorpio man distinguish between love and lust. It is true that Scorpio men are known for the loyalty but they can also be brutal heartbreakers. This book helps in finding out whether you are with a keeper or breaker. Also, there are additional chapters such as Scorpio man and eros signs, which help in knowing "what triggers the particular scorpio man".

The book has detailed insight, I loved reading it. Recommended for those in love with a Scorpio man and also for those who are Scorpio themselves.

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Nodes of The Moon: Your Past Life Talents, Love And Present Life's Duty

Most people wonder why the nodes of the moon are considered to be so important in natal, synastry and composite charts. There is an argument that nodes are imaginary points and not real bodies. Still, in a natal chart they can be the biggest players. They carry more information than personal planets or points at times. The nodal axis is the axis of your life path. It actually is your road map, a script of your motivations, existence and goals along with your yearnings. In many cultures, both the South Node and North Node are considered to be bad or evil. However, if you read ancient texts written by some of the astrologers belonging to the same culture, you may find real answers.

In western astrology, North Node is your destiny of the current life or future while South Node is the past life or early life full of presumptions and safety needs. In a way, NN is more adventurous while SN is the safe home that dreads adventure. But NN is the adventure you must undertake to move forward from the insecurities caused by SN patterns. Therefore, SN relationships are usually negative while NN ones are those that take you forward. 

However, this is an incomplete explanation. This rides the SN out of any positivity. No planet or point is ever negative. It is just a perception, the effects caused due to the circumstances. In this article I would like to point out the gifts of SN and the destiny path of NN. 

South Node in your chart is the root of past life. It denotes the talents you are born with. It also denotes the "kula" or the family designation and/or caste you were born in. It may be the one of your past life or early part of your current life. It also tells you about your past life's love and marriage. Your biggest comfort zone is your South Node and it is also your treasure chest. The house and sign placement of the South Node tell you where your roots, talents and love lies. 

Yet, to realize these things, you have to take the help of the North Node. The key to open the treasure chest is the NN. Once you figure out how the key works, you can easily unlock the treasure chest and lead a successful and happy life.

To make the process easy, I have listed the functions of the nodal axis below as per the sign/house (h) placement. 

SN Aries/h1 and NN Libra/h7: Your talents carried from the past life are that of warfare, fighting, boxing, military, sports and leadership. You are/were born in a family with a similar background. To complete your victories, you have to come to a successful agreement of truce. A war is not won in the battlefield but in the court of justice or on a piece of paper. Your challenge may be a peaceful resolution. However, try to get it your way by fighting a successful legal battle. 

SN Taurus/h2 and NN Scorpio/h8: Your talents carried from the past life are that of banking, finance, stock market agency, agriculture industry and growth. Wealth building has been your passion and skill. You were/are born in a wealthy family. You need to build wealth by keeping it hidden. You can use your talents to make money by handling other people's money and assets. Using occult methods, tantra vidya, grey methods are also the keys to realize your SN ambitions.

SN Gemini/h3 and NN Sagittarius/h9: Your talents carried from the past life are in writing, media, communication, poetry, music and short travels. You are/were a media anchor, manager or PR agent in the previous birth. You are/were born in a family with the same background. You can realize your dreams by making foreign connections, learning foreign languages and embracing new cultures. Traveling to foreign lands can open the doors of your destiny. Shedding a nervous temperament and allowing a lighthearted universal approach is what you need in this birth.

SN Cancer/h4 and NN Capricorn/h10: Your talents lie in building a home, nurturing, being a home-maker and a mother figure, healing, raising children and protecting them. Your other talents lie in carrying forward your ancestral property, traditions and culture. You are/were born in a family with the same background. A matriarchal family with more women. Your success in this life in balancing the act by allowing the patriarch. Being practical, strict, materialistic and securing future generations through wealth. Doing real-estate business, giving up the old when necessary to lay a solid foundation of the future. Using your skills commercially to create corporations.  

SN Leo/h5 and NN Aquarius/h11: Your talents carried from the past life are in acting, theater, direction, music, opera, gambling, dancing and circus. Your other talents are in politics, ruling and being a star and royalty. You are/were born in a royal lineage. You can realize your goals by being less eccentric and a team player. Internet, group of friends, social media, social networking, activism, benevolence can help you get success in life.

SN Virgo/h6 and NN Pisces/h12:  Your talents lie in precision, using surgical equipment, cleaning, hygiene, medicine, analysis, veterinarian, alternative medicines and being a workaholic. Accountancy, health, exercise and devoted service are some of your biggest skills. Money and data management are another. You are/were born in the same background. Your family had/has animals, doctors and healers. Your future lies in escaping the mundane and taking a day off from work. Living a life like a monk and offering your services for a period of time with selflessness. Don't get caught up in duty, take rest and provide your services keeping your health in mind. Spas, sea shores and relaxing professions are best for you.

SN Libra/h7 and NN Aries/h1: Your talents carried from the past life are in law, justice, peace-making, aesthetics, fashion, partnerships, balancing, contracts and counseling. You are/were born in the same background. You can realize your dreams by shedding passivity and embracing action. Partnerships, relationships can be won by taking action. Leading from the front will bring justice to cause.

SN Scorpio/h8 and NN Taurus/h2: Your talents lie in the hidden, psychology, crime investigation, forensics, dark arts, occult, handling other people's money, sex, tantric sex, kundalini yoga, deep passionate mystic, dark priest, black marketer and mafia. You are/were born in the same background. You can realize your goals by accumulating wealth through fair means. Going for banking, finance, stock broking, real estate agency and venture capitalism can help you. Agriculture, architecture, botany- herb magic, scents, beauty essentials, wine, bodily arts and artistic ventures. Prioritize stable income.

SN Sagittarius/h9 and NN Gemini/h3:  Your talents carried from past life are in religion, spirituality, education, foreign travels, foreign culture and languages. You have jovial temperament with great sense of humor. You have carried a charitable, universal and lively attitude from your past life. You are/were born in the same background. Communication, multi-tasking, writing, media and advertising can help you realize your dreams.

SN Capricorn/h10 and NN Cancer/h4: Your talents lie in running a corporation, shrewd business, conventions, orthodox establishment, multiplying your business income and establishing business houses. You have carried a zest for building professional reputation and expertise. You can create a business face for the world to see. You are practical, pragmatic and precise. You were a father figure. You are/were born in the same background. Your family has more men than women. Embracing a nurturing attitude, emotional empathy, healing and family will gain you the success you need.

SN Aquarius/h11 and NN Leo/h5: Your talents carried from the past life are in distance, group activities, team sports, social media, connecting people from distances, science, inventions and forward thinking. You are born with talents in electronics, technology and breaking the convention. You need to think about self at first, get on the center stage to win your revolt. Fighting elections, winning social media music/talent contests.

SN Pisces/h12 and NN Virgo/h6: Your talents lie in dream interpretation, imagination, artistic pursuits, psychic visions, clairvoyance, knowing God. You were a Saint or Monk in the previous birth. An evolved soul, meditative, away from the world. You can realize the talents by connecting with the world. Performing your duties and using your vision for healing. Getting down to business, Ayurveda, alternative medicine and a lot more.


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