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Scorpio Man Love, Lust, and ObsessionScorpio Man Love, Lust, and Obsession by Nikita Gharat
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think she has described, the Scorpio man point blank. What I liked is the fact that she has elaborated the Scorpio stare.

She let's the girl in love with a Scorpio man distinguish between love and lust. It is true that Scorpio men are known for the loyalty but they can also be brutal heartbreakers. This book helps in finding out whether you are with a keeper or breaker. Also, there are additional chapters such as Scorpio man and eros signs, which help in knowing "what triggers the particular scorpio man".

The book has detailed insight, I loved reading it. Recommended for those in love with a Scorpio man and also for those who are Scorpio themselves.

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8th House Synastry: When You Feel It Deeply and Madly!

dracula साठी इमेज परिणाम
When the 8th house is affected in synastry, you will feel the hit truly, madly  and deeply. However, the planet person may not know at all. Most of the times people don't understand that in synastry house overlays, the planet person is not affected. It is the house person who feels the energy of the planet. The same is applicable for the asteroids and points. 

The house person is the host while the planet person is the guest. Until unless it has any friend or enemy belonging to the planet person, there is no way the planet person will feel anything. That is why, unrequited love takes place. There are four sensitive points where planets in synastry can affect us deeply such as the ascendant (mind, personality), IC (soul and past lives), descendant (partnerships and open enemies) and MC (family name, public image and professional status).

Nevertheless, there are other points that can be extremely personal such as 2nd house cusp (security needs), 5th house cusp (romance and procreation) and 8th house (deepest needs, deepest passion, kundalini energy and insecurities).

Even the detached 11th house cusp is about friendship needs. If planets from partner's chart hit these points then you will feel the energy highly. However, even when the planets are placed inside the house it also felt truly. 

Among all the 8th house is the house of deepest passion, security needs, sex, rebirth and death as well as kundalini energy. If the hits to the 2nd house are felt at the heart, then hits at 8th house are felt below, way below the heart inside the hidden corridors. That is why it is called the hidden house, the house of death and rebirth. Sex can be experienced with the 2nd house hits but with 8th house you experience the Kundalini rising that kills you and recreates you. 

The hits to the 8th house can threaten to wake-up our sleeping demons. They can turn us into an obsessive, possessive and crazy dracula in love who wants to drink blood of anyone who threatens the passion fulfilment. This is usually true if there are hits by uranus to the IC or AC or DC, even 5th house. Pluto, Mars and Uranus can be the biggest miscreants while Venus and Moon for men can push them off the edge. In case of women, they can attack men who place the feminine planets in their 8th house.

If Eros, Psyche, Valentine, Amor, Ceres, Juno or Chiron hit the 8th house then too, we can feel the urgency to reach the fulfilment. It's the call to rise our kundalini energy and release emotional tension. It is the long-awaited relief. Your karma wants to clear you and make you a new person. 

The Mummy Movie साठी इमेज परिणाम

You may have been in love before, it may have felt like true love. But this one feels real because it hits all the cords that you had forgotten existed in your ID. Though, the explanation Freud gives about the ID is those which are untamed desires with no control (characterized by Nessus in astrology), the truth is that ID is also raw passion and deep needs. It is also deep seated insecurity, fear and unfulfilled expectations that cries a storm to reach desired end. ID is also Kaali energy which can also be balanced by Shiva (the conscious or ego). 

Therefore, when someone enters our most secret place whose keys we have forgotten then our ID wakes up. That is why, we feel deeply and madly about this person who can get us what we need and not want the most. 

The clash starts when the person is not aware or interested or both in helping you to rise your kundalini energy. That person is least bothered to see if you are finally able to make out the difference between the one you thought was your true love and the one who actually is your real love.  8th house hits take you back to the roots of all the roots. When your kundalini is rising you feel the hit at the base root, the root of your oldest past life the one that made the real you. Therefore, when you see the planet person, you see yourself in him or her. A part that was either lost or long forgotten about. It initiates catharsis. When someone puts a stellium of personal planets then you feel that you are peeping into that deep well of souls. You see yourself at the bottom and want to jump right in to meet yourself.  

Even if the two personal planets/ ruler of ac,ic,5th,dc,8th or mc hit your ac/ic/5th/dc/8th/mc you will feel the same. Sometimes hits to 2nd and 12th also contribute in giving an urgent feeling. For example, if two planets such as moon and uranus hit the 8th while mars venus hit the IC then too you will experience a deep urge to merge with the planet person. 

Let's take a look at how planet and asteroid overlays to 8th house can make you feel as the house person. 

Sun in your 8th house: The light comes to the dark den of Pluto and suddenly it's illuminated. You see your hidden personality in the light. Your pride and goals are reflected back to you. This person is extremely handsome and magnetic. You see your royal side in him or her and pulled towards him/her. You admire this person and want to merge with his/her brightly shining soul and body.

Moon in your 8th house: A soul of light comes to the dark world. It has the power of controlling the tides and thus, pulls in your deepest emotions. There is a deep volcanic storm in your heart especially if that persons other personal planets/ ruler of ac,ic,5th,dc,8th or mc hit your ac/ic/5th/dc/mc or 12th house. 

Venus in your 8th house: The voluptuous goddess of love or handsome adonis knocks at your hidden corner of passion and transformation. You are attracted to her/him with your deepest desire and passion wanting to merge with her/him for transformation. You see your real love and love needs in this person. It is someone that can give you a soulful connection that feels more than just right. It connects to your deepest root and releases your tension. 

Mars in your 8th house: The sexual drive planet storms inside your secret hidden chamber and finds you exposed. Mars hits your most carnal desires with his fiery attempts to rock your underworld. He may be a cop who wants aggressively uncover your secrets but you don't get worked up by him. Instead, he arouses you to fire your kundalini fire and let a battle for love take place. The win is the merger of your innermost fire with blazing drive of love, so be it. Still, for a man with the 8th house energy and woman with the mars, it  can become a frustrating tussel where the man will burn but the woman won't cower down.

Mercury in your 8th house: The messenger gets in your house of shadow. The person who puts his/her mercury in your 8th house can take out secret information from you quite easily. You speak to him/her about all topics that can be taboo or much revealing about your innermost core. You feel extreme urge to reveal all that is on your mind to this person. It is highly risky, but 8th house is about losing control.

Jupiter in your 8th house: This person increases your appetite for deep love. You want to expand in all directions and gain knowledge about touching the base of the root of the roots. You will not want to hesitate in knowing everything and the hunger is ever increasing. If this person responses well to you then this can be great love. However, if not then it can be an extremely disturbing experience.

Saturn in your 8th house:  You don't want this karmic teacher here. The first reaction is that this person dries you up sexually and totally. Simply, you cannot experience love with this person. It is karma. The old master may bore you totally. You just want to get this person out of the secret hideout.

Uranus in your 8th house: A lightning strikes out one day, one night or one moment out of the blue. Your hidden place is blown up. Your secrets are out. They are tumbling uncontrollably and you can only helplessly watch. However, instead of getting angry, this UFO excites you and you want to merge unconditionally. You will never be the same person again. Being a generational planet this can be a risky planet. Still, if this person receives energy from you too then, it can be exciting unusual love.

Neptune in your 8th house:  A romance from the neverland opens the core of your cores. This person is the ideal soulmate from the past life that awakens hidden feelings . You meet this person and feel a psychic connection. You know them from some lifetime. Again, it is essential that this person feels the energy from you as well.

Pluto in your 8th house: There is nothing more transformative than this one. Your heart is wrenched out. You experience metamorphosis. This person will change you and make you erupt your deepest fears, insecurities, passions and intimate needs on the surface. This person comes with an opportunity either to you help you rise your kundalini energy like a Yogi or become a venomous deadly serpent. 


Unknown said…
I am so confused because I have Pluto in the 8th and everybody my age has their Pluto in my 8th house. What does it mean?
If you have Pluto in your 8th house and everyone in your generation is putting their Pluto in your 8th then you will feel the one with the tightest orb. Secondly, you can handle the energy as it's generational.

You are highly powerful yourself with the Pluto sitting in his own house. You can attract a lot of wealth and wealthy partners that satisfy you deeply. Just don't let your drive explode and meditate frequently. Surround yourself with white things because you've Plutonic energy.

For most people, you will be the one to experience Past life dreams and regressions. Lot of karmic energy to handle, just keep calm.
Justin W said…
I've read several Synastry books, and most agree that it's often the Planet person who feels more the pull and attraction when their Planet falls in another person's 1st, 5th, 7th, and 8th Houses. One example is E.W. Neville's "Planets In Synastry" (which is one of the "classics").

It can be somewhat mutual too, and a lot depends on the attunement of the individuals involved, and other inter-aspects and other House placements in the mutual sense. Then of course, it also depends on the Planets and houses involved.

I happen to think that 7th House placements tend to be the most mutual, because you're often pairing one person's Ascendant sign, with the other person's planetary placements in opposite Signs. There is an intense attraction between opposite Signs between charts of two people in general, as opposite Signs are like the north and south poles of a magnet. The points don't even have to be in actual direct aspect, but it will be stronger and more immediate if they are.

5th House tends to be somewhat mutual, especially when the Ascendant and the other person's Planet(s) are in an actual trine relationship. But the person's whose planets are "captured" in the 5th House, will tend to feel the more romantic, beauty idealization, and/or sexual aspect of it.

I'll give an example of the above in actual real practice. My brother had a friend who was absolutely obsessed with him sexually and romantically. She is Aries Sun, Rising, and Mars. He is Virgo Rising, Venus, and Mars, with Libra Sun.

His chart captured her Sun, Rising, and Mars in his 8th, and her strong Aries is in a general, inconjunct, 8th House connection to his strong Virgo (i.e. not just his Ascendant, but also his Virgo Venus and Mars conjunction).

He had a bit of an attraction to her, but it wasn't nearly as strong as her attraction to him, which was deeply obsessive and compulsive in nature. She did capture his Scorpio Moon in her 8th, I believe, but again, it wasn't nearly as strong.

It probably didn't help that he is unusually good looking, charming, and magnetic in general, and she isn't particularly attractive nor strongly feminine in looks. There might have been more mutual attraction if she was much more physically attractive.

Thank you for your comment and sharing of the experience. Now, to what you've mentioned. Let me tell you that the natal houses represent your psychological and physiological areas. So, 8th house is your reproductive system, kundalini area and deepest psyche or your ID. When planets are put there they stir the most hidden desires and waters of your psyche.

If someone puts Sun, then there is unsettling feeling there which we may or may not want to acknowledge. It can be scary. The Sun person wanders into the dark corners which he or she also may or may not want to see. However, if someone puts the ascendant, then it's his personal point, mind, identity into the 8th house of the another. That can create a fascinating attraction towards the 8th house person.

When someone puts the Mars then for the 8th house person, it's not a welcome intrusion. Mars is heat and 8th house is water, it can burn out his or her deepest waters or psyche. Nevertheless, there will be an impact that one may loathe yet desire. The reason why you feel she felt it more is because she was fire sign while he was earth.

Fire burns and explodes while earth stays grounded and reacts thoughtfully. Another thing is that his feminine planet, moon landed in her 8th house. That must have unsettled her. Moon is the soul. When man's moon is in a female's 8th house, she looks aggressive because it's pluto's house. Therefore, the man may want to end it than continue it. That must have driven her crazy.
Anonymous said…
This article is so accurately true! My ex's Mars was in my 4th house I always cried for him, I wanted a home with him we had a beautiful baby girl together...I loved him so much with over whelmed feelings he was like my baby...he hurt my feelings alot until I went cold on him and we broke second ex Mars was in my 5th house, I felt so confident with her..we had so much fun..she would always ask why you don't get jealous over me, because I was so confident in our relationship with her..the sex was amazing, so fun...a fling, one night stand had his Venus in my 8th I became obsessed with him...I wanted to merge with him...he was so beautiful and sexy to me..but became very uninterested because I felt like he wasn't giving like I was giving to him when it came to sex and money...he was broke most of the times and sex was boring with him..big BIG turn off...and I felt I was uncovering secrets about him..I got away from him FAST..BIG TURN OFF...I feel like the house person brings the energy and the planet person reacts to that energy..sun, confident wise, moon feelings wise, Venus love wise etc..the planet person FEEDS it that energy..
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry..I meant the HOUSE PERSON feeds the planet person that person..
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry..I meant the HOUSE PERSON feeds the planet person that energy...doing ten things at one time here guys... LOL
Kitty said…
I have my 8th house Sun and Juno (and Mercury) in this man's 8th house, and I feel so drawn to him and cannot get him out of my head. But I'm still not sure how he feels about me. He doesn't seem to be interested in me as much as I to him.
Anonymous said…
His Sun, Moon, and Mercury are in my 8th house and my Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Neptune are in his 8th house. We just started dating, but he is still living with an ex partner and there are a lot of issues to work through. Is it worth it?
I would like to see both whole charts to know if it's worth it. You need to have IC and MC overlays for it to work. But if your Saturn in his 8th can be a bit troublesome. Saturn is a dry planet and 8th house is about passion.
Anonymous said…
This topic always leaves me perplexed. Who feels what? I always hear it is the planet person and to be honest sometimes I do feel a bit lunatic with this. I guess one way or another both ppl are feeling some type of energy, whether it be attraction or repulsion. I was magnetically drawn to my bf. My moon and mars fall in his 8th house, a few degrees before his 9th. His venus on the other side in his 9th conjuncts my moon. My mars exactly trines his pluto. What do you think about that? His moon mars conjunction fall in my 3rd.
Aishwarya said…
Dear the planet person goes in the 8th house almost unknowingly. He or She doesn't do it on purpose. There's a pull but not attraction unless there's a personal planet or ac/ic/dc/mc or 5th/8th conjunction.

The house person feels the energy of the planet and the planet may find him/her creepy at times.
Anonymous said…
“for a man with the 8th house energy and woman with the mars, it  can become a frustrating tussel where the man will burn but the woman won't cower down.”

ummm can you pls explain that more?
I didn’t get that part ,my mars in Cancer is in his 8th ,and his lilith is there in the 8th
Lilith conjunct Mars is obsessive love. You have your Mars in his 8th where his Lilith is then it's double the taboo and obsession. Now, coming to the part that I've written, it means that if you decide to say no to him, the anger will result into a battle. The eight house person burns for the mars but, if the mars decides no then it will go on forever.
Anonymous said…
“The eight house person burns for the mars”

Sorry English is not my first language,
When you say (burns for the mars)you mean his desire right? He the 8th house person feel a desire for the mars and will not take no as an answer for his desire ,and in the case of a relationship the argument between them will be hard and turns into battle due to the mars in the 8th right?

In our case Who feel obsessed more? Me or him ? or both of us for each other?
You can get one question free reading, if you share the post on social media and subscribe to the blog. 2 question reading for 2 shares and one subscription.

Mars in 8th house anonymous yes. His Lilith contacts you so you must be obsessed as well. But he's the 8th house, so it must be a wild energy for him.
Anonymous said…

What do you mean by wild energy for him?

What I understand is thats i am the one feeling more obsessed due to his lilith contact to my mars in his 8th? But Its not a conjunction cuz my mars is 21 degree and his lilith 5 degree

Dear, why don't you buy the 8 the house synastry report from the website? I will give you a personalized report with detailed analysis. You can ask me questions after that. I will be available to answer all.
Anonymous said…
Is it okay if i don’t have our time of birth for the report ? I guessed ours by our demeanour
Sure, it won't be 100% accurate. But if you know the birth dates, we'll make it up to 80%.
Anonymous said…

“The house person is the host while the planet person is the guest.”

“However, the planet person may not know at all. Most of the times people don't understand that in synastry house overlays, the planet person is not affected. It is the house person who feels the energy of the planet”

Hmmmm idk how it’s the plant person who may not know it at all ?! Its the other way around
they are the one with the energy (plant person)they are the one with the feelings.

its up to the (house person)to accept the energy of the (planet person) ether open the door or close it

the (planet person)have no power or effect over the(house person).
(planet person) are the one who wants to enter the (house person)
(House person) have more control and power;ether open or close the door
Thank you for the comment, but it's not the other way round. Until, unless there's a conjunction, opposition or square there's no way the planet person feels the energy.

Easy aspects are not full of in the face energy.

I'll explain it. When you enter a haunted house, you don't do it on purpose. You are drawn to it, knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly. However, the ghost that stays there knows you. He or she may or not desire your energy but can't stop its effect on him or her. You discover the secrets of the house and may choose to leave. But the host may not want you to leave after you discover his or her secrets.
Anonymous said…

You just explain it to me beautifully, 8th house is different than any other house and bringing the hunted house example made me understand the whole article better cuz I couldn’t grasp that the planet person doesn’t feel any thing

also the mentioning of the effect of hard aspect to the (planet person) while setting in the 8th house of the other person are the cause why they feel it also as a (planet person) not the (house person) alone ;so hard aspect can make this mutual right?

“But the host may not want you to leave after you discover his or her secrets.”

What kind of Scenario that could explain this part? doesn’t want the gust to leave out of fear of losing the person? or the fear that they know something deep no one else knows? or out of lust and obsession? or what? i didn’t get that

so there is no love I guess right? you kind want to kill that person? they know ur secrets..
Cheryl 🥀 said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cheryl 🥀 said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cheryl 🥀 said…
What an Intriguing topic !
In this story I'm the planet person and it's like I'm the only who feel this
See I have [venus conjuct mars +juno] at scorpio which falls in his 8th house and conj his [lilith &juno] at scorpio at the 8th house ..

Also his Neptune falls in my 8th house at capricorn.idk if it does anything remarkable since lot of people have that

I'm trying to figure astrology because I have no clue why I am falling for him deeply and I have the desire to fall even more .. it doesn't make sense to me.
I don't know him any well, it's been long time since I knew him[four years on this way,separated!],and ever since he lives in my head.although we aren't in a relationship and There's long periods where I had no idea if he still alive or not(that mean I'm almost like a stranger)but I kept thinking about him
it's just too confusing to me I don't know why I'm still into him, he doesn't show his feelings but
Anyway I don't think he's influenced by this as much as me. Almost like I had a feeling at the beginning that I'm suppose to be In his life knowing his past and deepest secrets and for many reasons I couldn't(we don't live in the same continent) and I couldn't ignore it either.

Can you tell me things about this ?why and should I follow these desires or not? Will all of this end as soon as I fulfill this insistent curiosity if I may say ?
Anonymous said…
The house person is the one who feels the attraction but you also have to look at other aspects that the planet person may also be attracted to you. Don't rely on just one aspect. You can also look if you have trine, sextile or conjunct that's a harmonious relationship. Moons that are trine sextile or conjunct gives a harmonious and long lasting relationships. Mars and Venus trines are also harmonious attraction but doesn't guarantee a long lasting relationship unless you're moons are trine, sextile or conjunct. The sun is our energy, Our public profile while the Moon is our inner self. Our private side It will describe on how a person would love depending on their style of zodiac sign and the house is the application that represents the areas of our lives.
Anonymous said…
And also, I want to add that the trine, sextile or conjunctions etc. of the planets will only take effect if you are lovers, or partners, husband and wife.

Do you mind sending me your birth details? Also, send his. I'm not sure if you have have his birthday, birthplace and birthtime correct.

You are naturally intense person and sometimes it can be due to hit to your ven/Mars, sun/moon, moon/Venus, ven/Pluto midpoints.

If your Venus and Mars fall in his 8th house, he cannot ignore you. As a planet person, you might be the curious one but he'll always be the one to notice you. He can be like a ghost who is there but may be not visible till the trigger hits. Nevertheless, I would want to check the synastry.
Cheryl 🥀 said…
I'd love to send you the details
Mine is on December 16th/2002
Birth time is unsure [some where between 4 till 6 p.m ,I am not sure because I didn't relate to a certain house placement specifically only the 1st house Saturn it described big part of me] so I assumed my birth time is at 4:30p.m in Najaf-Iraq

His birthday+place I'm Sure of
19th November 1998 - Tunisia~Tunis
He said his birth was from midnight till 1p.m so I assume it's 1p.m

I have a feeling that he's dealing with past traumas/wounds right now he isn't in a place dealing with this energy,idk
Anonymous said…
What about me 😂😂?

“But the host may not want you to leave after you discover his or her secrets.”

What kind of Scenario that could explain this part? doesn’t want the gust to leave out of fear of losing the person? or the fear that they know something deep no one else knows? or out of lust and obsession? or what? i didn’t get that

so there is no love I guess right? you kind want to kill that person? they know ur secrets..
elena said…
My chiron falls in his 8th house i don‘t why how that should effect me but im kinda scared could you please share some infos about this and his chiron falls in my 12th house
elena said…
what if his eros falls in her 1st house
his chiron in her 12th house
her eros and chiron falls in his 8th house
Anonymous said…
I find this whole discussion fascinating. I think what Aishwayra states about the 8th house person feeling but the planet person not noticing anything makes sense in theory. However, all those comments of people saying that they feel the other way around when they have their planets in their partner's 8th house, make me think that we should dig a little deeper to understand the 8th house effect. The 8th house of a person is ruled by his/her Pluto, so depending on the position of Pluto and how strong is in his/her own chart, the 8th house might be like a magnet for the planet person, a trap impossible to scape from until the 8th house person (if it is really plutonian) decides to to set him/her free.
vootman said…
I have venus, saturn,chiron and my north node in my love interests 8th house.Venus opposed her pluto by 2 degrees...what do you make of this?
Anonymous said…

for the Anonymous who talked about what
Aishwayra states about the 8th house person feeling but the planet person not noticing anything makes sense in theory

She did explain why the planet person may feel something ,and thats when there planet in there partner 8th house have a strong aspect of other planet from the 8th house person ,and thats explain a lot of why the planet person feel strongly :)
Cheryl 🥀 said…
For what the last comment by Anonymous said, me as a planet person I got with someone the poorest-aspected synatry you'll ever see.
The only aspect to my planets in thier 8th is Uranus sequire. So I think now that when the planet person feels very strongly because they're already have a tendency to fall for the dark 8th house. I have venus and mars in scorpio and fall in that person's 8th house with 1 Uranus aspect besides lilith conj. So the reason I sensed that energy and felt it because of my natal
Also maybe the reason for the house person doesn't feel much when a planet falls in their8th because they already experienced intense relationships etc.(or exactly the opposite that they wouldn't notice the energy) That they need a strong astrological influence to feel towards someone more than just a planet falls in thier 8th.
Example this person I am talking about have Pluto conj thier most personal planets (sun moon mercury mc and venus!)
Maybe this doesn't make sense but I start feeling that this the deal

Your Chiron falling in his 8th house is not enough for you to feel the pull. There must be some Nessus,deja aspect, Pluto or Lilith aspect. Eros also makes you feel out of your mind.

See, Eigth house is like a suspense movie or paranormal movie that gives you goosebumps. It's effect stays on your psyche for days sometimes it leaves an impact on your sub-conscious mind. It feels unsolved and entangled. That's fascinating in a dark way.

However, for the 8th house person it's like a hit on their most deep seated psyche especially if that person is unaware of any such side. It becomes a nagging pain they can't get rid of. It triggers their ID and they lose their normal sense.
Cheryl you are right, if you have Scorpio tones in your chart then you will be drawn towards Pluto types. Whereas, people with intense Scorpio or Pluto or 8th house aspects are prone to intense relationships.

Along with 8th house, when IC/DC/Asc and 5th, nodes,asteroid Karma, valentine, Eros,psyche,Deja, Nessus,Chiron are hit, such a person will be highly affected.

Also, most people ignore draconic charts and synastry. Draconic hits go to the core of cores.

Cheryl, do you mind giving testimonial?
Cheryl 🥀 said…
Thank you Aishwarya for the clarification

Are you talking about draconic×draconic or draconic×natal too ?
This one is pretty interesting

I am sorry I didn't understand your request
How do I do that?
Stephanie said…
This is a very captivating article that I can understand intuitively. I'm curious as to what does it mean for two people who have sun in 8th double whammy. He is a capricorn ascendant and I am a cancer ascendant. His sun is in aquarius and mine is in virgo. I know normally the two suns don't have much in common but somehow we feel so connected and fated. We met a year ago and had a huge blow up and took a break for like 9 we're back in each others lives and all the same feelings are still there but there are subtle differences now for the better. Our moons square...but his moon is in virgo which is not exactly conjunct my sun in virgo and my moon is in sagg. I feel like with him we could have an amazing life but am I kidding myself since our moons square? Is the 8th house dw duping me into thinking it's fated?
Anonymous said…
Interesting discussion, I would like to contribute my experience.
My apologies, might be a long comment.

I had my venus in pisces (1st house) and mars in aquarius (1st house) fall in the 8th house of a person (or rather get trapped there, because this is how it feels) - he has scorpio mars and capricorn venus (don't remember his houses in natal but he doesn't have any 8th houses natally).
We also had mutually trine and sextile venus and pluto and his mars tightly conjuncted my pluto (I'm pluto scorpio generation)

It was probably the most intense relationship I ever had in my life and I kind of wish I won't have such an experience again. To say there was an obsession is to say nothing.

A special mention goes out to this venus/pluto mutual aspect we had - you know the myth about hades and persephone? So I literally sensed this feeling of being taken away, stolen by him(I broke my 4 year committed relationship for this person). At first I mentioned that we should just be friends but the mutual urge just to be around each other was exhilarating and it got out of hand very quickly.

Anyways, when all the houses and synastry aspects kicked in in full force - I don't think I ever had such a raw sexual desire for anyone in my life, neither have I ever fell that madly in love. And mind that aquarius mars is rather detached by nature so here when I got trapped into his 8th house - my own sexual and spiritual urges became scorpionic. And then there was so much fear and jealousy and possession from my side - it was after all for a reason, he was not honest from the beginning.

But from the very first days he wanted to merge with me and devour me at the same time (talk about pluto/venus aspects here). All these intense emotions were maybe too much for him - he's Capricorn stellium (sun, moon, mercury and venus) - they all conjuncted my Capricorn ascendant, he called me his dream girl. He sent me love letters and crossed an ocean to see me.

I can tell you that having your personal planets, especially venus and mars in another person's 8th house is way too intense, for both people. For me it was much much more, we were equally in love but my love became an obsession. Also having this 8th house and being in a long distance relationship is a terrible match. In the end I was very suspicious and jealous - for a reason! He was hiding things from me - which 8th house won't tolerate - you become an open book and you expect another person to be the same way.

8th house is also very hard to break off, I saw red flags throughout the relationship but couldn't let go of that person even when he was mistreating me. You know that japanese film "Empire of senses" about two lovers : a woman is so obsessed with her man she chops of his dick in the end so she could keep it. That's the 8th house synastry in a nutshell. And being the planet person in this case is no fun.

I do believe it was a karmic connection, and it was definitely about teaching me a lesson about love and obsession and your own boundaries (8th house crashes all of them and Pluto transforms your ideals). It ended not so long ago, a bit before pandemic, I've realised that transit Pluto is conjuncting my natal Saturn at 0 orb since october. I do believe that this Pluto transit also brought me this person (even though we met last summer) - to have a plutonian transformative relationship that would shake me and my belief system to the core.

Now I'm talking to someone and my sun is in his 8th house. I guess Pluto still got some lessons for me to learn but having experienced 8th house synastry madness prior to this new encounter, I'm keeping my distance.
Anonymous said…
The last comment ur crazy obsession is due to his stellium in ur ace and 1 house not cuz of ur mars and venus in his 8th , and that stellium in ur first explain why it affected you deeply if you understand the first house and what it means
Anonymous said…
Thanks for reply, actually I don't really understand the first house influence. Would you be so kind to elaborate? And from what I understood first house is also felt both ways? To me it really felt like 8th house, sexual drive was over the top. I had it before with someone, also an 8th house overlay, it was rapturous but not as hardcore as this last encounter.

I'm Aries with Capricorn rising, also Saturn in Capricorn in 1st house, and Mars + Venus + North Node all in 1st house. I don't know if my natal sun in aries square saturn in capricorn should be taken in consideration.

I project Capricorn calm and collected demeanour and I can be practical, ambitious, reserved and sarcastic - but this is all just a persona. My Moon is Sagittarius in 12th house so I'm much more restless and emotional.

So let's say I project this image mask onto the world (capricorn ascendant) and then another person with this stellium comes in and his actual ego, emotions, love and communication are all in this sign - so then he's the one who should feel understood and loved more then ever before at least on a superficial level because Ascendant person "pretends" to everything he ever wanted. But then of course the Moon comes in and in my case it's fiery, and it's the opposite of what that other person expected.
Yana said…
Aishwarya, thank you for finally explaining about who in the house/planet relationship feels the feelings and who creates them. Your answer resonates with my understanding, because the house is supposed to be your outlook on different matters, it was not making sense to believe that the person with the planets would be the one feeling the intensity of the house. Can you please explain how would my Lilith in Aries affect my boyfriend, since it is falling in his 8 house? I also have Venus, Mercury there. He once said he was obsessed with me, but I don’t take it seriously, he is somewhat detached not very touchy, kissy.
Anonymous said…
Hello Aishwarya,

i’ve read your entire thread and am amazed at how insightful you are. I do have a question, i’ve only been madly in love once, i have my mars in his 8th house along with uranus and neptune, and he has his moon, pluto, lilith in sagittarius in my 8th, and chiron and mars in my 7th, in scorpio. hes never been in a relationship, and is a pretty cold guy, he’s sooo emotionally distant in a way that drives me crazy, but he always says that he’s not someone who knows how to commit, and we’ve tried to work things out before but he seems to retreat easily. he claims that i’m the only person he’ll ever love, even though he can’t commit to anyone. is there a reason for this? and do you think what he’s saying is true? he’s a cancer rising leo sun , sag moon, leo mercury and leo venus, with a scorpio mars (so sexy.) i’m a sag sun with scorpio moon, mercury, venus, and taurus rising.

Hello, Yana

If it's your Lilith with Venus and Mercury in his 8th, it must be true that he's obsessed. Lilith makes men uncomfortable. Therefore, he might not be coming in too strong.

In fact, it's your Lilith that makes your disbelieve. Lilith is the independent woman who believes that "Nobody dies for anyone but on stage." Hence, you might be able to see his obsession.
Would you like an 8th house synastry report?

In any case, again it's his Lilith that makes him push away commitment. Mars in someone's 7th house is not good for relationships although it's not end of everything. However, your Mars in his 8th house makes him more uncomfortable than you ought to believe. His moon in your 8th house drives out your deepest emotions.
J said…
Oh wow I hope you still read and reply to this. If his Pluto falls in my 8th house, does that mean I’m the house person? Also does that mean my synastry is considered as 8TH synastry? Thank you for your reply in advance!

If you have Pluto in 8th house, you are an 8th house person.

When someone puts their personal planets in your 8th house then it will be an intense relationship. Consider conjunctions.
Anonymous said…
Hello Aishwarya,
My Pluto, uranus, valentine and vesta all fall into his 8th house. How would you interpret this?

Warm Regards.
Dana said…
My (female) 8th house venus, mercury, jupiter, saturn and pluto are in the 8th house of my partner (male). While I feel him like a soul mate, he likes me but never admits he loves me (although I can sense it). What's the issue here? He is a capricorn ascendant, a scientist by prefession. I'm an aquarius ascendant, a lawyer and interested in healing and meditation.
Anonymous said…
Hello can i ask you about lilith aspect with personal planet ? If its a man lilith conjunct the women mars and opposite her sun , how this will play out? Who is more affected by it ? I am confused cuz no one seems to say one thing about lilith and planets aspect in synastry , and i really like the way you explain things 🙏

Do your planets conjunct anything in his 8th house? Also, Capricorn ascendant might make him put up a poker face. In whatever case, of course, your so many planets in his 8th will make him uneasy. It's the house nobody wants to own up.
Which Lilith are u talking abt? Lilith in aan's chart is the woman he can't resist but one he can't handle. If it conjuncts your Mars then it will be very hot. He might hate to like you and like to hate you.

If it opposes your Sun, then his wild untamed feminine side admires as well as repels your personality.
Sara said…
Amazing article and I love this discussion. Very interesting.

My Pisces Mars falls into his 8th house and let me tell you my story. I'm Aries sun, Taurus moon and Taurus Venus. He is Capricorn sun Gemini moon, Leo rising and saggitarius Venus. My Mars trines his moon and sextiles his pluto. His sun falls into my 7th house and his Mars in my 5th. My Venus falls into his 10th house and both my Mercury and Mars in his 8th. We also have several vertex conjunctions. The first time I saw him it felt like I knew him. It was strange and familiar at the same time. He wasn't the type I'd usually fall for but I felt insanely attracted to him. I couldn't really put my finger on it because I didn't consider him beautiful or handsome. Regardless, we hit it off instantly and it got sexual pretty quickly eventhough I'm usually not the type to give in to those urges before I know and like someone. Anyway, it was like nothing I'd ever experienced before and we started texting eachother 24/7. I told him I wanted to take things slow but things got intense pretty fast and we told eachother things we wouldn't normally tell people. He even got emotional on the phone. Figure that when he's the typical hard-shell and cold exterior Capricorn man. He told me I made him feel like he could be himself with me and I that I made him calm. Fast forward 3 months we decided to end it because it was too much for the both of us. He started dating another girl that liked him pretty much a couple of weeks later and we didn't talk for 3 months. It was weird because during the time I felt him thinking about me. He showed up in my dreams I saw double digits everywhere, it was driving me nuts. Yesterday I heard him ask a dozen questions about me to our mutual friends while being in a "happy" relationship. He even asked "do you think we would make a good couple?" About me and him. I feel like whatever I try or do to forget him has no use in the end, because I'm pulled back to him. It's like we can't fully let go of eachother. It's so strange and my Aries sun likes a bit of a rough ride and a challenge but this is just too much and I hate that I can't control myself when it comes to him. So as the planet person I do feel it intensely. But we have many aspects that could explain why there is such an attractive so I'm not sure what it is exactly. We have some huge bad aspects as well. For example, his Venus squares my Saturn and his moon is in opposition to my pluto.

Anyway good lucky getting over your 8th house partner. It hasn't worked for me :(
Robert steveson said…
I am grateful that I was able to learn something useful from this article about mangalik dosha remedies. After reading it, I believe you possess excellent expertise. Thank you for sharing that. Keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
Great explanation, thank you!

However, isn't 8th house synastry felt mutually due to the nature of the house? Meaning, wouldn't it feel almost like a pluto conjunction for the planet person?
Laura Bush said…
This article provided me with a wealth of information. The article is both educational and helpful. Thank you for providing this information. Keep up the good work. capricorn man
Anonymous said…
I was wondering what could Chiron or IC conjunct someone's 8th house mean?
Anonymous said…
This discussion has illuminated so much synastry in my experience. I have stelliums in Virgo (Sun, Venus, Mercury, etc.. and Virgo Rising exactly Conjunct my Venus) and Scorpio (Moon, Mars, etc...). My Saturn is in Aries in my 8th House. I am only interested in deep loving relationships. I have looked up charts of 2 men that I have met and liked (in different ways). The first was divorced with an Aries Sun, Mercury and Mars (all in my 8th) with a Virgo Moon in my 2nd House exactly Conjunct my Uranus. His Pluto Conjunct my sun in my 1st House. He was Scorpio Rising. My 3 Scorpio planets were in his first house. I instantly liked him the moment he appeared. We worked together in an office and he was friendly, kind and sweet. One day he suddenly came up to me and tried to kiss me in an office. I backed away a step and the back of my head hit the wall as I felt cornered, uncomfortable and surprised. Ouch! After that, I’m sure he felt rejected and he completely cooled it.

The second is from my town, but lives in another state. He is married and is a prominent self-made man. He is a Gemini Sun with Scorpio Rising and 5th House Aries Moon/Eros/Saturn Conjunct my 8th House Saturn opposite his 11th house Mars in my 2nd House. His Pluto Conjuncts my Sun in my 1st House with his part fortune. My Scorpio Stellium conjuncts his Scorpio Asc/1st House. My Virgo Stellium crowds his 10th House with my Venus/Asc Conjunct his MC. We have very close angle overlays.. His Cancer Venus, Mercury and Jupiter Stellium is in my 11th House. His Venus conjuncts my anti-vertex, trines my Scorpio Stellium /IC. Our Chirons in my 8th house/his 4th-5th trine his Venus and my Mars. His Cupid conjuncts my N.N./Lilith. We met for a gathering at a restaurant with friends. He appeared at my side straight away, introduced himself and offered to buy me a drink/food. I had just eaten, so I was not interested and declined, but he was nice, polite and seemed fascinated with me. He reminded me of my mother as he was very complimentary to me. I felt comfortable with him —not usually the case. He felt like a friend— even family to me. He made the effort to spend most of his time with me the next day at another gathering, I was chatting with a woman later and he came up, turned deftly and blocked her from me. Not a word was spoken and I was cornered against the porch railing.. The woman left and he seemed very insecure and emotionally upset. He asked me my opinion of him. My response allayed his fears and uplifted him. He complimented me and came in slowly for a hug. I gingerly gave him a hug, but having seen the manipulation tactic and the intense look in his eyes, I chatted about something and he seemed a little off put by it and excused himself. I have Pluto Conjunct my Sun. I don’t like being messed with and I observe even subtle things. I thought he was overly emotional (too many drinks?) and manipulative.

Each time the guy corners me, but it goes nowhere. My Saturn and Pluto do not like to give up control.

I looked at Ava Gardner/Frank Sinatra’s Synastry chart and his Mars is in her 2nd House with his Moon in her 8th. His Pluto opposes her Sun. He manipulated her by tearfully calling her and threatening to commit suicide if she left him. She would run to his side at the false alarm. On the brighter side, Paul McCartney/Linda Eastman’s Synastry chart. Their Neptunes Conjunct his Asc and her planets at his MC. Lots of planet/angle contacts. Similarities in both charts, so a real mixed bag. Moon/Saturn is powerful as is Pluto/Sun. In my case, 5th/8th house overlays and conjunctions seem to really make an impact —especially with the guys.
Anonymous said…
I will add my Neptune/IC conjuncts Guy 2’s Neptune on the ASC and his Venus trine my Moon/Mars/Neptune/IC. Our suns are in each other’s 10th house. Venus is his 7th house ruler and Venus is on my ASC. My 7th house ruler is Neptune which is in House 3 (Gemini ruled) and Neptune conjuncts his ASC and my Neptune. I liked his company before the sudden emotions and manipulation, but he was very into me. He felt a lot more than I did. It felt friendly and comfortable for me. I know it caused very deep feelings for him. So interesting to be able to study a Synastry chart afterwards and say “Aha! That makes sense.” Sinatra’s Neptune/MC conjunct Ava’s ASC and her Neptune was much further in her 1st house. Sinatra stayed extremely protective of Ava and Sinatra was her favorite husband (compared to her previous 2 marriages). At least with this one, they had love for each other despite going their own ways.
Your insights and stories are very helpful. Thank you for sharing them. Eight house and Scorpio overlays are always magnetic, uncontrolled and gut wrenching. They are hidden waiting to come out
Anonymous said…
Thank you, Aishwarya for the feedback. It is very helpful to find similar experiences shared by others. What had you confused before now is explained in black & white. The 8th House and Scorpio overlays are intense, but also as you note “uncontrolled” and “hidden waiting to come out” — very unexpected in the manner that they manifest. Everything is quietly churning beneath the surface cool until you experience a sudden eruption!
Anonymous said…
Hello what if my venus is in his 5th houE and his venus in my 8th house knoing that his venus id trining my lilith and his mars in my7th house but his mars is capricorn and my 8th house is capricorn and his mars is squaring my Lilith too mu mc trine his mc and his mc conjunct my ascendant i his pluto is in my7th then his pluto is trining my venus and moon opposing my mercury
But my venus trining his pluto too
I wish tjat u could tell me if he feel the same as i did cuz i'm obsessed knoIng that i have no planet in his 8th house but his eros is squaring my venus trine jupiter and mars and his juno squaring my venus trine mars and jupiter i want to know if he is obsessed too knoing that his juno is scorpio in my 6th house and my juno in virgo in his 6th house too that my juno trining his mc and my eros squaring his mars and i feel obsessed i'm in love Ith him secrztly more than 10 years and i'm askiinh if he is too i'm cancer woman venus leo in 3rd house my mc is pisces and h's a pisces man born in 5thmarch his 4th abd 5th house if cancer his venus is aquarius in 11th house and we have both the same moon is aries i wish that u could tell me if he is obsessed or not to my lilith is conjuncting his ASC thank u

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