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Scorpio Man Love, Lust, and ObsessionScorpio Man Love, Lust, and Obsession by Nikita Gharat
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think she has described, the Scorpio man point blank. What I liked is the fact that she has elaborated the Scorpio stare.

She let's the girl in love with a Scorpio man distinguish between love and lust. It is true that Scorpio men are known for the loyalty but they can also be brutal heartbreakers. This book helps in finding out whether you are with a keeper or breaker. Also, there are additional chapters such as Scorpio man and eros signs, which help in knowing "what triggers the particular scorpio man".

The book has detailed insight, I loved reading it. Recommended for those in love with a Scorpio man and also for those who are Scorpio themselves.

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The Captivating Alibaug: The Mini Goa Sans The Chaos

If Mumbai is Charismatic ,it’s neighbor Alibaug is captivating

Akshay Khanna Farm 2.jpg

How can you completely know the city of dreams without exploring its neighbouring places? Just located at a distance of approximately 108 kms from Mumbai,is a beautiful village town called Alibaug.

Alibaug is  full of tranquil  greenery dotted with coconut and mango trees, serene beaches and delectable Maharashtrian coastal cuisine.

You are sure to get a one-of-a-kind experience in Alibaug. In  this historic beach town majestic forts meet the  pure surf. Whether you wish to explore the forts  or surf the  water , Alibaug  offers you everything to make your vacation  unforgettable!

According to  the legend, Alibaug was named after a  Bene Israel named Ali, who had a big tract of mango and coconut orchards.

The most ideal way to visit Alibaug is through Ferry boats from Gate of India to Mandwa . It is the most fabulous way to explore  Alibaug which has the most wide -ranging stretch of a coastline.

Beaches full of white sand, picturesque views , water sports , majestic forts, delicious food , in Alibaug you can get almost everything that too, at a reasonable rate. The Maharashtra state’s tourism is in the process of making Alibaug, the Goa of Maharashtra.

Some of the Attractions in Alibaug  are:

Alibaug fort.jpg

1.Alibaug Fort

In an offbeat  place, there is always a fort with  an impressive moat,a grand  history and a spectacular view.The Kulaba fort also known as Alibaug fort  is one such ancient fortress  amidst the sea and overlooking  the Alibaug beach.Every visitor is certain to  find this ancient  chief naval station of Shivaji Maharaj breathtaking and marvelous.

2.Kankeshwar Temple

Perhaps, the most famous Shiv temple, in Alibaug ,is right on the top of the hill. The  nearest village is  Mapgaon. Kankeshwar Temple was established  in 1764 by King Ramdeorai Yadav.

It is a  definitely  a memorable example of an ancient  shrine  due to its Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh Kund, a beautiful tank of  natural water for devotees to bathe. It is also surrounded by dense forests and also has a breathtaking view of the Arabian sea.

3. Karmarkar Museum 

Alibaug is known for its forts  and food, but there’s more to this spectacular  village  than just plantations, beaches and cool climate. This wonderful place is also   a home to one of India’s  finest  sculptures, Mr. Vinayak. P. Karmarkar.Therefore , the most compelling reason to visit Saswane village in Alibaug is to see his great work.

Regardless of the fact whether you love art or not, the Karmarkar museum is a  place you must never miss on your trip to Alibaug.The museum has about 200 beautiful sculptures out of which ‘Hira Kolin’ or Hira Fisherwoman and Shankh Dhwani are the most popular ones.

Mumbai Sea-2.jpg

Other places to visit are Janjira fort, Datta temple, the popular beaches like Saswane, Varsoli, Kihim and other beaches.

Alibaug really captivates with its dazzling beauty and dreamy beaches.Besides, you can stay at a country home, resort or just hire a bungalow, with so many choices, travelling and staying  in Alibaug is pretty easy , isn’t it ?


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