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Scorpio Man Love, Lust, and ObsessionScorpio Man Love, Lust, and Obsession by Nikita Gharat
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think she has described, the Scorpio man point blank. What I liked is the fact that she has elaborated the Scorpio stare.

She let's the girl in love with a Scorpio man distinguish between love and lust. It is true that Scorpio men are known for the loyalty but they can also be brutal heartbreakers. This book helps in finding out whether you are with a keeper or breaker. Also, there are additional chapters such as Scorpio man and eros signs, which help in knowing "what triggers the particular scorpio man".

The book has detailed insight, I loved reading it. Recommended for those in love with a Scorpio man and also for those who are Scorpio themselves.

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Tiger साठी इमेज परिणाम

There are fourteen Yonis in 27 Nakshatras. These 14 Yonis mean, 14 types of sexual organs that denote your personality and nature thus, deciding your compatibility. It is one of the most important matchmaking aspects in the Yoni koota having 4 points against it. We have already covered the ganas in the previous article, this article is solely for the nature of Yonis.

The fourteen yonis are ashwa, gaj, mesha, sarpa, shwan, marjar, mooshak, gow, mahish, vyaghra, mrig, vanar, simha and nakul. 

Nakshatra (Male)Nakshatra (Female)Yoni (Sanskrit)Yoni (English)Inimical
PushyamiKrittikaMeshaSheep (Goat)Monkey
JyeshtaAnuradhaMrigaDeer (Hare)Dog
The above table is taken from Saravali

horse साठी इमेज परिणाम

Horse or Ashwa Yoni: 

This can be called as the unstoppable. Horse Yoni people are aggressive, adventurous and out-going. They run to their limits which are unlimited. These are fast and furious people who will overthrow any obstacle with speed. You cannot restrict the horse mind once they have setup goals they will reach at all costs. The male of this Yoni has the longest reproductive organ. The males are angry young men, gunning after the cause they believe in. They are loyal to their masters making extremely worthy military men and corporate CEOs. They approach everything with gusto, enthusiasm and burst with optimism. 

Gaja or Elephant Yoni: 

The Gaja Yoni person is extremely sensual. However, he or she is slow to open up and appear to be somewhat shy. The Gaj Yoni individual is also peace loving and will avoid fights. However, once crossed these people display extreme outrage and may become hard to control. They love to eat and enjoy fruits. They are massive and large with high memory retention. Their sense of humor is Jupiter and have a philosophical approach. They are sharp minded and will grab knowledge wherever available.

ram साठी इमेज परिणाम

Mesh or Ram Yoni: 

The fighter, warrior but most misunderstood people are born in this Yoni. Mesh or Ram Yoni people find themselves on the wrong side of the authority or father-figures. They are martian in nature and take initiatives to lead. They usually end up staying away from their mother and father's tend to misunderstand them due to their aggressive nature. The males are very much attractive to the opposite sex due to their utter masculine nature. They are rebellious having qualities like Kartik Swami. Chattrapati Sambhaji was born in this Yoni.

Sarpa or Serpent Yoni: 

The people born in this Yoni are suspicious by nature. They are vengeful and will not forget any insult. They brood for a long time and they when the opportunity strikes will throw their venom. They also are capable of going through several transformations. Sarp yoni people are fond of sex and mystery. They are slithering in dark and believe in hidden attacks rather than direct confrontation. They are master strategists and manipulators. They are also good at fashion and love to wear new skins as per the time.

Shwan or Dog Yoni: 

Just like the Horse Yoni people Shwan Yoni people will show loyalty to authority and masters. They are guardians and will protect their families from all attacks fiercely. They will be soft-hearted and loyal servants. They will never go against their masters and will make extremely reliable officers in government and corporate. As husbands and wives also they are loyal and dependable. They don't stray from the path and always come back home to hearth. They are loving and caring as parents.

Marjar or Cat Yoni: 

The people of this Yoni are agile and flexible. They like to do fashion and have a superior air to themselves. They are also somewhat self-centered. They love to indulge and are not loyal to anyone. They are opportunists. They love to socialize and will have a lot of followers. They can make extremely good gymnasts. Don't expect them to remember your obligations. They are social climbers and will reach the top with quick brains. They have a very appealing appearance and will purr in the bedroom to gain attention.

Mushak or Mouse Yoni: 

The people born in this Yoni are extremely clever, quick and intelligent. They are think on their feet and have brilliant presence of mind. They are capable of creating a living space for them even in the most dire conditions. Mouse people are hard-working people but they can be crazy when not controlled. You cannot really hold onto them for a longtime. They can read your mind and will slide out at any sign of danger. They can make great career in computers, gadgets and software. In love, they are quick and sharp. They love light humor and not depth.

Gow or Cow Yoni: 

These people are mothers at heart. They are not really in any hurry in moving ahead in life. In love too, they make slow and deliberate attempts. Once they believe in something, it is extremely difficult to divert them from the path. They are extremely fertile and believe in growth. A Gow Yoni person can create million dollars from a single one. They love farming, lands and are attached to their community. They are also family oriented and love to live an organic life. They are protective of their loved ones and can hit by the horns who tries to harm them.

Mahish or Ox Yoni:  

These people are highly-sexed with extreme fertility. They come under medium long size reproductive organs. They have many children and are over-the-top lustful. Mahishasur probably had this Yoni, they can never back down once they have set their eyes on someone or something. These people can grow from rags to riches due to their steely, unbending, unrelenting and highly aggressive attitude. Mahish Yoni people are stubborn and will stay adamant to their belief system. They are also in love with rich indulgences.  They hard-working and patient. They never give-up and use their adrenaline over brains. Still, due to their determination they make it to the top. You can be on a bumpy ride taming the Ox.

Vyaghra or Tiger Yoni:  

Tiger साठी इमेज परिणामHere comes the "Rajah of The Jungle". He is royal, aggressive, proud to the T and highly intelligent. Courage is written on his body and heart. One thing he shares in common with the Mahish is that, he is also bad at following instruction. In fact, his or her majesty will not listen to anyone but himself or herself. These people stay alone on the top. They bend in front of no one but will have an audience bending in front of them. They are brave and will lead from the front. They have strategic minds and can camouflage themselves when the situation needs it. They move patiently but surely towards their dreams and goals. They need long hours of rest after an exhausting day of work. They are handsome males and beautiful females. Their gait is their main attraction, it is always powerful and royal. It takes a royalty to win a tigers heart. They passionate and fearless in sex and love but only for the worthy partner. They love to cuddle and have fierce eyes. Politics is their forte.

deer साठी इमेज परिणाम

Mriga or Deer Yoni: 

The docile, beautiful, fertile and sharp eyed creature that appeals to many. The deer people are swift and light on their feet. They can become great dancers and athletes. They are graceful and flexible but appear to be timid. Many people try to rip-off them as they seem naive. However, the deer has good esp and they can scan your intentions therefore, they run before you catch them. They represented the pure hearted and spiritually evolved individuals whose pious looks attract many. Deer people have expressive eyes which attract attention of the opposite gender. They may have lovers falling over them and it might get difficult to save themselves from aggression. Deer women gain aggressive attention from males. They are intelligent and have a saint like aura which attracts even the ferocious ones. They have the shortest reproductive organs.

Vanar or Monkey Yoni: 

The Monkey Yoni person is extremely naughty, crazy and wild. The monkey yoni person loves fun and will help you come out of tricky situations. The monkey mind is sharp and agile more than what a superhuman computer can think like. These are the people who can get totally revengeful and burn out your castle if you mess with them. On the other hand, they can play with you like a child and bring the stars at your feet. They are fit for extreme sports that require speed, flexibility and quick-thinking. They are also the breakthrough minds that fast forward science and technology. They are highly curious will break and change anything that ticks their curiosity. In love, they are all or nothing. You cannot predict them but you will always have good time with them.

Simha or Lion Yoni: 

The people with this yoni are ferocious, aggressive, angry and lazy. They like to lead and be the talk of the town. The lion Yoni people like things served on their platter. They love to be treated like a royalty. They give orders and never take one. The lion's gait is proud and sensual. They are aggressive in bed and have a high drive. They hunt down their goals and love partners. They rest a little bit more than their tiger friends. They love long naps. They make highly protective parents. If you are a Lion (f) yoni person, then you will be a lioness at heart giving all your love to your offsprings and not distinguishing between yours and others. However, if you are a Lion (m) yoni person then you will be selfish, loving only your own offsprings but will teach your kids to hunt at an early age. Eyes are attractive.

Nakul or Mongoose Yoni:  

The people born in this Yoni can kill snakes. You can understand that this makes them highly courageous and intelligent. These people are impulsive by nature but they also have thorough solutions to problems at hand. They never get hyper or jittery when the situation becomes poisonous or scandalous. They can sense the darkest move and blow the cover of the culprit. Best suited professions for this petit but smart people are the spy networks. They are also good policemen and innovators. You cannot kill them with venom, meaning they will rise from the fall no matter how great it has been. They work day and night. In love, they are also unpredictable like the monkeys but they can be dependable.

So, now this is the end of the two parts of the WHAT GANAS AND YONIS IN VEDIC ASTROLOGY SPEAK OF YOUR NATURE article considering Ashtakoota and Ashtakoot matchmaking.  I wanted elaborate the qualities so that people understand astrology as a psychological tool to know why you are compatible with certain people. It also helps you to know yourself better.

Check out the first part of this article - WHAT GANAS AND YONIS IN VEDIC ASTROLOGY SPEAK OF YOUR NATURE 


divineroma444 said…
I haven't found anything regarding Ceres, Lilith, North Node, or Midheaven in the 8th house synastry, is it irrelevant?
No dear, l will include it in the e-book along with conjunctions.
Transits Blog said…
Thanks for sharing the best information and suggestions, it is very nice and very useful to us. I appreciate the work that you have shared in this post. Keep sharing these types of articles here.
Transits Blog

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