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Scorpio Man Love, Lust, and ObsessionScorpio Man Love, Lust, and Obsession by Nikita Gharat
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think she has described, the Scorpio man point blank. What I liked is the fact that she has elaborated the Scorpio stare.

She let's the girl in love with a Scorpio man distinguish between love and lust. It is true that Scorpio men are known for the loyalty but they can also be brutal heartbreakers. This book helps in finding out whether you are with a keeper or breaker. Also, there are additional chapters such as Scorpio man and eros signs, which help in knowing "what triggers the particular scorpio man".

The book has detailed insight, I loved reading it. Recommended for those in love with a Scorpio man and also for those who are Scorpio themselves.

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Mee Radhika: Book 3:The Starry Night At Shaniwarwada

                              Mee Radhika- Book 3

                                The Starry Night At Shaniwarwada

"Don't pay attention to Shrimant's mother. Nobody and nothing can harm shrimant. You know how he fought both Sindkheda and Udgir battles. But if you don't do shringar then he'll get angry with you."

Radhikabai remembered that Shrimant Vishwasrao had sent half of the nation's silk sarees, gold jewelery, hair accessories and beauty products to her.

He particularly took interest in her dressing and shringar. His aunt, Parvatibai, wife of Shrimant Sadashivrao knew that.

Parvatibai was the most fashionable  of all Peshwa women. Along with being the only one to be trained in warfare and administration. She had the make-up and the defense kit with her. In her spare time, she would practice her defence lessons using her collection of shamshirs, firangis and other talwars. Perhaps, she was the only one who knew how to use the katari.

So, as much as Bhausaheb admired her for her beauty, his heart was pierced by her katari. Still, it could only be nursed back by her love and nothing else.

Many women be them women of honour or courtesans known for their charms admired the exemplary looks and bravado of Sadashivrao. But there was only one woman who held the light that melted his macho but deeply emotional heart. That woman was Parvatibai.

She walked swiftly and gracefully. She cheered for her husband and his passion for a proficient Hindavi Swarajya. Parvatibai focused on supporting her husband's endeavors right, left and center. For that, she would put forward her best diplomatic skills to break the ice.

She had these qualities, since, childhood and that's why both Peshwa Bajirao and Chimaji Appasaheb had made her the first choice for the young Sadashivrao.

Even though, it had not been possible then, Radhabaisaheb and Nanasaheb had fulfilled their wish later. Both of them took pride in their decision as Parvatibai added another gem, Radhikabai to fuel the Swarajya dream.

Now, the night before the entourage left for Panipat, Parvatibai decided to cheer up her niece. Gopikabai's words seemed like an ill-omen to her. So, to add positivity she dressed up Radhikabai. She dressed her up beautifully and fashionably, royally but gracefully. 

Putting lali and kajal to her beautiful face she said, "Dear, you look so pretty, when Shrimant sees you he won't be able to take his eyes off you."

Radhikabai blushed looking down. She said, "But he's in a meeting with Mamanji (Bhausaheb) and Tirtharup Nanasaheb."

"When he comes out, I'll call him to see you."

"But, what if Sasubaisaheb finds out? She'll object!"

"On what basis?" asked Parvatibai curiously.

"I don't know. However, she never allows Shrimant to look at me, talk to me or even come near me." said the 13- year-old brown eyed Radhikabai with a sad look.

"Hmm... But does Shrimant follow her orders?" asked Parvatibai.

"No, never! In fact, he told me in front of her, you don't need to listen to anyone here but me. No one can tell you what to do other than me.  You are answerable only to me and no one else. " said Radhikabai with a relieved smile.

"So, there you are! I'll call him and ask him if he wants you to wear this same saree tomorrow." Parvatibai said with a broad smile.

"Okay, (Radhikabai blushed) but Sasubaisaheb told me that I shouldn't go near him because that will spol the tirthayatra."

Parvatibai became grim. She understood that this was one of Gopikabai's ploy to keep the two lovers apart. She was worried that Shrimant Vishwasrao was a short- tempered young man. He was very sure of himself and his choices. He worked round-the-clock and understood his responsibilities well. However, in his spare time or during breaks he thought only of Radhika.

At such a time any refusal from her would break him down and unleash his volcanic anger. Therefore, she decided to pull out Radhikabai from the phobia that Gopikabai had instilled in her.

"Dear chakuli, shonuli, you are contradicting yourself. Shrimant has strictly told you that you're answerable only to him then remove other thoughts. Do you want to hurt him? Can you see him hurt?"

Radhikabai's heart filled  or rather started overflowing  with love for her shrimant. There were big pearl like tears in her eyes.

"No, the last thing in the world that I want to do is to hurt him. I'll always listen to him. He's my swami. I know he loves me very much. He knows what's good for me. I trust him completely."

Parvatibai smiled and hugged Radhikabai . She wiped her tears and called for her favorite servant. She gave her a letter and told her to give it only to Shrimant Vishwasrao. She warned her that if anyone caught her then  she should eat the letter.

For around 15 minutes, Radhikabai waited nervously for the servant to come with the news that Shrimant was here. Parvatibai, was also becoming anxious. However, she was not showing it on her face. Finally, Bhausaheb's servant came and he handed over a letter to Parvatibai. Still, there was no news from Shrimant. Parvatibai opened the letter, read and kept it aside. Radhikabai was now visibly nervous. She sat down on her aunt's bed and said, "Kaku, remove these earrings they are hurting me."

Just then a deep strong boyish but manly voice whispered in her ear," But why you want to remove them? They are looking so beautiful on you."

Radhikabai, recognized it was her shrimant and feeling deeply shy she covered her face with her colored hands.

Shrimant Vishwasrao smiled, putting both his hands on her two hands, he pulled them away from her face. Then he sat in front of her and moving his one hand in her face said," You thought that I won't come?"

Radhikabai looked down and nodded in a "yes".

Shrimant smiled and said,"Whenever you'll call me, I'll come!"

Shrimant Vishwasrao Peshwa Sketch

" No matter where I'm, I'll be there!"

"But Shrimant, Sasubaisaheb, said that I'm not good for you. She said that my coming near you can harm you. Is that really so? " said the teenager with tears in her eyes.

Shrimant Vishwasrao's face became red. It was not new for Shrimant to learn of Gopikabai's tricks to keep Radhikabai away from him.  She never understood him let alone his love. Somehow Gopikabai wanted Shrimant to leave Radhika and get married to another girl of her choice.

To Shrimant, the other girl was the junior version of his power obsessed control freak mother Gopikabai. While, Radhikabai was his beautiful doll with a loving heart, sharp intellect, fire and passion for Swarajya like his aunt Parvatibai. In his view, his uncle Sadashivrao had become extremely lucky and happy after marrying her.

Along with stunning beauty, fully grown body and golden complexion, Radhikabai had a melodious voice. She took her singing lessons as seriously as her archery and administration lessons.  That added more grace to her charms, her babbling sounded like hustling rivers.

Therefore, whenever Shrimant wanted to hear a melodious song, he would ask her to sing.

She was fit as a fiddle, expert in yoga and her every step was perfect like that of an ace dancer's.

Shrimant Vishwasrao had found his world in her and Gopikabai felt threatened. Radhika made her extremely insecure. Everyone was fond of her, Nanasaheb, Bhausaheb and her most favorite son was smitten by her. Even Raghunath Rao was happy with the match, although Vishwasrao never paid attention to him, he still was happy.

She detested the way her handsome to-be Peshwa son looked captivated by the 13- year-old girl. The other girl was from Gopikabai's own league. Unlike, Radhikabai who was from the Chandraseniye community. Hence, for her, that other girl was more affordable. Since, if such a match took place, then Shrimant would never have any interest in her. Therefore, Gopikabai would have all the power over him. Unlike Kashibai, she would never have to sacrifice it or surrender it in front of the new Peshwinbai.

However, she didn't understand that her son was an able leader just like he was an able warrior. Hence, he saw through the scheming and caprice of everyone including his mother.

So, when his love, Radhikabai expressed her concern about Gopikabai's reservation about her.; he controlled his anger. Then, he said, "Dear you love me right?"

Radhika nodded in  a yes.

"So, how is love poison?" asked the handsome Peshwa prince with a charming smile moving his hand through her lovely long tresses.

Radhikabai looked puzzled. "If it's not poison then how can it harm me?"

"So, you mean that I can stay near you as much as I like?" asked Radhikabai with a shy but enthusiastic smile.

"Yes! Is there any doubt? You know I have allowed you to come anywhere anytime. No one can ever stop you from coming near me.  This is your wada, and everyone here has to listen to you. You are mine, Radhika and I'm all yours. It's going to be that way forever. No one can break us apart."

Radhikabai gave him a tight hug. The way she gave him from the age of 8 years, when she fell in love with him.

Shrimant picked her up, wrapped her legs around his strong masculine waist and put her head on his broad muscular shoulder.

Just then, Parvatibai, coughed. "I'm still there in the room."

Shrimant blushed, "Maafi kaku, aamhi hyana ghevun  Meghdambari dakhvaila zaato(sorry aunt, I will take her to show Meghdambari). Aamchya, ajobanchya, Ajinkya Shrimant Bajirao Ballal Peshwe hyanchi tasveer dakhvato ani dandavat karto ( To show her my grandfather, the ever victorious great Bajirao Ballal Peshwa's painting and to bow down for his blessings). Tyancha aashirwad asava. Aaj teh aste, tar tyanna Radhika nakkich khup avdli asti (If he would've been alive, he would've definitely loved Radhika very much)!

to be contd...

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Anonymous said…
Extremely nice description of the juvenile love between the courageous and handsome Peshwa prince Shrikant Vishwasrao and beautiful Radgdhikabai
Rashmi Poojary said…
Had no idea that Gopikabai was such a cunning person. Such a nice flow of story. Two young and passionate but dutibound or dutiful lovers.
Nikita Gharat said…
Thank you anonymous, wait for the book and book series to be out. I'm happy that you liked the sample chapter.
Nikita Gharat said…
Rashmi Poojary,

Thank you, the intention is not to malign anyone. Just to bring forward the reality that have been hidden from the spotlight for unknown reasons. Radhikabai was a beautiful, bright, talented, warrior and intelligent girl with a very big heart. However, Gopikabai never understood that. She never trusted the love of her most beloved son, Shrimant Vishwasrao Peshwa. Neither was she concerned that when Radhikabai was little, it was Chhatrapati Shahu 1 who selected her owing to her bright intellect and beauty to be the next Peshwa queen. Likewise, Nanasaheb willingly agreed with Shahu Maharaj so did Sadashivrao. But Gopikabai was too power obsessed and narrow-minded to trust anyone other than herself.

Thank you for your review. Hopefully, you will like the book and book series too!
bhavna said…
Beautiful description waiting for this book release. Nice couple, Radhika bai and Vishwasrao Peshwa
Nikita Gharat said…
Thank you anonymous for your interest. Shrimant Vishwasrao Peshwa was indeed very handsome, "Purshaat Dekhne" and courageous. His love, Radhikabai was extremely charming and intelligent with motivation for hindavi swarajya. Wait for the book...
Nikita Gharat said…
Thank you Bhavna, very nice young couple Radhikabai and Vishwasrao Peshwa.
Lavanya said…
Loved the way you have put the love between between Radhikabai and Vishwasrao into words.
Nikita Gharat said…
Thank you Lavanya, more to come. I'm really glad that you liked the true love story of Radhikabai and Shrimant Vishwasrao Peshwe so far. I'm just trying to express their real emotions.
Ananya Chitnis said…
Wow, he was so adorable! When is the next chapter coming and book too! I'm really excited. When is it releasing? I love Radhikabai, she so pretty and so naive. She was multitalented too, I guess. Please, write more about Vishwasrao. I have read that he was very handsome and dashing. Even Abdali's forces praised his bravado.

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