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Scorpio Man Love, Lust, and ObsessionScorpio Man Love, Lust, and Obsession by Nikita Gharat
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think she has described, the Scorpio man point blank. What I liked is the fact that she has elaborated the Scorpio stare.

She let's the girl in love with a Scorpio man distinguish between love and lust. It is true that Scorpio men are known for the loyalty but they can also be brutal heartbreakers. This book helps in finding out whether you are with a keeper or breaker. Also, there are additional chapters such as Scorpio man and eros signs, which help in knowing "what triggers the particular scorpio man".

The book has detailed insight, I loved reading it. Recommended for those in love with a Scorpio man and also for those who are Scorpio themselves.

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Mee Radhika Book 3: Radhikabai's Shrimant Vishwasrao Peshwa Part 2

Radhikabai was a bright child, rather a child prodegy. Her grasping power was amazing and she was good at understanding complex things. Even as a child, she understood life and its unfairness. However, she was an optimist with tremendous faith or Vishwas in god. Although, as a kid she was fond of reason not rituals. She had high IQ and extremely high EQ that made her sensitive. That is why, when her Shrimant took her side so boldly, she felt the thud. 
radhikabai vishwasrao peshwa
Painting Radhikabai Vishwasrao Peshwa

Her intuitive heart told her that she was extremely lucky. Something inside her told her that she had no reason to fear. Somehow, bad luck would never come her way. She had seen her mother's worried face and overheard her conversations. Though she didn't understand the details, she knew her mother shuddered with Gopikabai's name. 

That moment Radhikabai wanted to tell her mother that things would be alright. Shrimant fed her lovingly, morsel after morsel. In the end, Radhikabai planted a kiss on his fair cheek. Shrimant Vishwasrao blushed and then held her hand. He took her to the washroom. This was one ritual that she had began to fall in love with. Shrimant would wash her face and also wipe it with his own handkerchief. Then she'd plant another kiss on his other cheek.

Shrimant Vishwasrao loved nurturing and pampering her. Their bond grew stronger every year. When Radhikabai became wise enough to understand that she was his fiancee, she understood his value even more. 

Till then, her mother's words and worry looked extremely silly to her. Since, her love for her Shrimant grew, Radhikabai began to love even Gopikabai. Although, she never got anything other than spiteful eyes in return.

But Radhikabai loved everyone, she loved those near and dear to her Shrimant even more. This was because she loved him tremendously as she turned 12 years old. Even though, Chakuli was a loving soul. She was not a fool. Her father, Sardar Gupte had made sure that Durga inside her doesn't surrender to her Gauri. 
mee radhika book
At Satara, she received education in administrative affairs and training in martial arts. She was a Yoga expert and expert in archery. So, she was as bold as she was kind. She was as brave as she was shy. Hence, any man would have a tough time dealing with her owing to her boldness and frank opinion. She was motivated for the swarajya like her aunt Parvatibai. 

Radhikabai was aggressive for all her feminity. She balanced both Durga and Gauri well inside her. Still, she was not every man's piece of cake and was capable of smelling a rat from distance.

Hence, she sensed the pure love of her adrenaline charged fiance. The main reason was that, there was nothing foul about him.  

When Radhikabai was 12 years old, her fiance was 16 years old. He was hot, rich, powerful and young. He was handsome above all and too tall for his age. A perfect target for any woman or other woman who leaves every strand of shame behind to achieve his kind of men. 

Yet, Shrimant Vishwasrao never flickered not even a bit. During the Sindakheda Mohim, when Nanasaheb assigned him the leadership, he led from the front. He captured the mughal enemy and slayed Bhosle who back-stabbed at the end moment. Actually, he had created a chakravyuvaha for Shrimant, but since he was good at breaking them due to his fascination for Shatranj and practical knowledge, he broke it. Defeated the enemy and put Bhosle under elephant's feet.
vishwasrao ballal peshwa
Sketch of Shreemant Vishwasrao Peshwa

Vishwasrao wanted to walk on his grandfather's foot steps. So, he always took responsibility. He worked hard from a very tender age. He took education and excelled in it. He mastered martial arts, built an iron-clad muscular body and gained expertise in archery. He was always ready to learn new things. He was ready to live under any conditions, lavish or not. The young lad built stamina, did kawaiti and worked round-the-clock.

He believed genuinely, that his grandfather Peshwa Bajirao should be made proud. His grandfather's dream of Hindavi Swarajya, the dream of Chattrapati Shivaji had to be completed. So, he must take responsibility and not let any diversion disturb his mission on earth.

Radhikabai sensed her fiance's deep passion and compulsive need to take responsibility. She was a proud girl. After he returned from the Sindhakheda mohim, she had seen enthusiasm on his face. He had fought keeping all the precautions given by very protective Nanasaheb behind.

Shrimant Vishwasrao, cared for his foot soldiers and their life more than his own. A trait that he had inherited from his grandfather not that Nanasaheb didn't care. But Vishwasrao was extremely emotional and sensitive, a quality that his grandfather gained fame for. He was also outspoken like him. So, he believed in taking charge and fighting on the front lines unlike the mughals.

Despite of being much  like his grandfather, there was one thing that made Vishwasrao different, his pride. No, not the pride of being a royal. He was a democratic person at heart. He genuinely believed in equality. Vishwasrao was proud of the people and things he loved. 

In essentials, he was just like his grandfather extremely proud of his country and culture. He too, believed that no plunderer, dacoit, mughal or any foreigner should ever step on the Indian soil. 

However, he never followed or believed in hard core rituals. Shrimant took a scientific approach to faith and boldly questioned customs he felt were unfair. He believed that every hindu shashtra had a scientific reason and believed in following it only after knowing that. He didn't have blind faith or superstitious beliefs. In the same way, he knew why he loved Radhikabai and why no other woman would ever replace her. 

Therefore, whenever he passed through the dangerous lanes of so-called femme fatals from all parts of the country and world, he never flickered. He passed through them with gallantry, a great one and upright spine. 

Even those women, if not all, at least some praised his loyalty and pride.

Others envied Radhikabai's fate, however, she simply thanked her gods. She knew that her Shrimant Vishwasrao loved only maa bharti more than her. That made her love him even more. She was proud of her love, for in his deep blue eyes she saw his crystal clear heart.

It had no malice, only nobility and pure love.

In these two years of Panipat, as she turned 15 years old. Her love only grew for him truly, madly and deeply.
radhikabai vishwasrao peshwa
Art of Radhikabai Vishwasrao Peshwa

To say, she became his Radhika in a real sense.  There was a true reason for it. Her devotion to him grew by leaps and bounds. The reason was that unlike other chauvinistic men that she saw around, those who flaunted their concubines. The ones who paraded their illegitimate produce at Shreemant Sadashivrao Bhausaheb's cost. The others who went to colourful mehfils of half-naked women, her 19 years old Shrimant Vishwasrao Peshwa sat in his tent doing his work. He woke up at Brahmamuhurta to continue his strenuous circuit-training, warfare practice and increasing the collection of his talwars as well as upgrading his defense skills. All this for his dedication towards his matrabhoomi.  

Before Sunrise, Shrimant would wake up to give adya to the rising sun. On one such morning, Radhikabai followed and hugged him from behind and said, "Shreemant Amhala Tumhi Khup Aavadta!" (Shrimant, I love you very much). Shrimant Vishwasrao turned behind gave her a big charming smile and picked her up like a child. He wrapped her legs around his strong manly waist and planted a kiss on her forehead. Chakuli, gave him a tight hug. In his arms, she found her solace. There was nothing more that she desired other than it.

Read chapters from the book Mee Radhika: The Lost Love of Shrimant Vishwasrao Peshwe

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2. Gopikabai: The Politician

3. Mee Radhika: The Starry Night At Shaniwarwada

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Rohini Godbole said…
This is such a sweet story, I'd no idea about the deep love between Radhikabai and Vishwasrao. Extremely beautiful flow and description. She loved him like real Radha and he was her God. But he was more like Ram I think, loyal and determined. Had read about his bravado, good details here. When's the book coming? The movie Panipat seems lame.
Lavanya said…
Their story is fascinating. Love the way you write. Wish someday someone makes the world aware about Vishwasrao and Radhikabai's real story. Hope Bollywood makes a film on them with the authentic facts and doesn't adulterate it. Keep writing.
Thank you Rohini,
She did love him like a Radha, and he was indeed her ram. It's unfair that his achievements have been undermined. He was not childish looking kid but tall, handsome boy. "Purushat Dekhne Vishwasrao". He fought bravely and efficiently at Sindkheda, Udgir and Panipat but historians prefer to overlook it.
Hi, Lavanya

Thank you, I hope that too. But that's possible only if there are more readers like you.
Akash Kulkarni said…
I think what stands out for me is his dedication towards his responsibility as the next Peshwa. At the same time, he doesn't forget his love for Radhikabai. I read all the chapters and I'm eagerly waiting for the book. It's sad that Gopikabai insulted her most beloved son's love so brutally. She didn't even for moment think what his soul must've felt.

Nikita Gharat said…
Perhaps, Gopikabai Peshwa lacked the sensitivity of a mother as she was so busy being the queen. Or she was too possessive of Shrimant Vishwasrao and so couldn't tolerate being "dethroned" from the position she held in his life. Radhikabai Gupte with her love and open-hearted nature and beauty had replaced quite easily.

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